Slaughterhouse – Our House f. Eminem & Skylar Grey [Extended Version]

blame it on Shake September 13, 2012

Same as what you’ll hear on welcome to: OUR HOUSE, but now features Joe Budden. Shouts to Ice.

  • Eric Cartman

    Wish Joey’s verse was actually on the song. I mean it’s hot but you can obviously tell it was bootlegged in which takes away from the track overall (especially when Joey’s verse ended and before Crooked’s verse started).

  • Pensive

    download? i already bought the deluxe version of the album…

  • Burn your house down.

    Every single song on this album was fucking terrible.

  • haha


  • koke

    Was wondering why Joe Budden wasn’t on the original track

  • pros2ill

    out of all four of the rappers in slaughterhouse buddens is the only one who actually says something when he raps. why the fuck was he taken off a song.

  • iRafy

    ^ Disagree, I actually think Joe is the most overrated…Considering Joell isn’t that great as he was.

  • moo

    @Burn your house down.

    You’re probably trolling. But its trolls like you contributing to the death of real Hip Hop.

  • Tto

    @ moo…how so?

    i loved the first Slaughterhouse album and i like all of these guys as individual artists too, but this new album is an abomination. i’ve tried on three different occasions to listen to the complete album altogether in one sitting, but i just can’t do it. it’s not good. it’s not good at all.

    that being said, i don’t see how what Burn your house down wrote is contributing to the death of real hip hop. whether he was trolling or not, he’s not that far off base. i myself might not go so far as to describe EVERY song as “fucking terrible,” but at the same time i WILL say that for me there isn’t one song on the new album that can stand up to anything on the debut.

    just my 2.5 cents.

  • jwiii

    Budden is the only consistent mc in the group. but they’re all so thirsty for fame and success, which is definitely understandable from 1 perspective, that they’re willing to sell out. Buddne highlights this is in his solo career with tracks like “If All Else Fails.” It’s disappointing that Budden took a shot at certain portion of his fanbase only to the extent that there are legitimate critiques to be made towards the album and to his general career. Part of the reason he isn’t bigger is outside factors such as politics and then part of it is him being cheap – not paying for a better mix. But, if you’re strapped on cash I too would understand this.

    There’s a way to market and make music for those who still buy music without selling out/sacrificing their artist as obviously as they have.

  • Kels

    @jwiii I feel what you’re saing. But the question is how? We all see how the market is saturated with this “swag boy” lifestyle and hip hop. I feel with the album, they didn’t exactly fall victim to the pop culture. The lyrics were still dope and I feel most of the beats were okay. Of course we as die hard fans of SH want them to make the music we fell in love with, but in this market, it’s impossible. When 2 Chainz is outselling Nas there is a problem. Listen to what is played on the radio. It all sounds the same. I feel Budden (my favoirte rapper BTW) was speaking out of frustration due to the fact that people are never satisfied or understand what needs to be done to see nowadays. You loved the first album like I hear many SH fans say, but how many fans who loved the album actually bought it? I’m sure you did, I did and a few thousand others, but with as hude of a fanbase they have, that albumshould have sold more. Welcome To Our House is an example of what happens when you’re trapped between making money (because that is eventually what you’re in the game for and what happens when you sign to a major label) and satisfying your hardcore fanbase.

  • Kels

    ^^^my B jwiii, I mixed up some of you’re response withe the response above yours.