Slaughterhouse & Rita Ora Covers Urban Ink

blame it on Shake September 13, 2012

Slaughterhouse (above) and Rita Ora (below) share the joint cover to this month’s issue of Urban Ink. Spotted at HHNM.

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  • x

    Tattoos are immature so if you have tattoos you are basically a punk. Yeah, yeah, your tattoo makes you a “toughie.” No clown, it makes a “toffee,” because you soft duke. Your tattoo makes you “hard,” no you lack self-confidence and think it’s associated with being hard so you went out and got along with a pitbull as your choice of dog, and that it self is immature and corny as hell. Might as well write on your forehead, “Hi,I want to be cool, so I got this tattoo and pitbull.”

  • koke


    You’re an idiot. Tattoos are a way to express yourself.

  • IMVN

    lol…look at ortiz…;)

  • ds_cero

    Or maybe some people like art, maybe some tattoo’s hold a deeper meaning. Who are you to tell someone why they got a tattoo?

  • x

    Express yourself by the things you do, the company your hold and things you achieve, you clown. Obviously you have a tattoo, because you need to compensate for something, that being expressing yourself. That’s so high school. I’m a grown ass man and “I need to express myself to the world, so that I can be understood by other and feel special.” HAHA, go shave your balls and back to kindergarten kids.

  • Dan

    Let’s all pray for Crooked I’s sake that he doesn’t get much coverage in this issue.


  • antinerdrap

    Yall ride Daughter House too much. Any thing they do yall post it. This cover is sooooooooo fucking gay. Daughter House looks like the new Village People.

  • The thing about tattoos is….us WITH them, don’t care if you DON’T have any. It’s the people who don’t want them on their bodies who are active in expressing themselves with words, and not art, to bring down someone who has some. Pathetic, and for the record. We really don’t care. We’re not about to have a conversation highlighting the negatives of your opinion when we can have a positive one with a fellow tattoo bearer!

  • yo

    haha damn you need to learn how to troll..its 2 obvious tone it down..a real troll wouldve ended that sentence with “and im a true fan” 2 throw whoevers reading it off..

  • real

    lol why is x hating so bad? what a punk.

  • who cares

    What is x babblin’ about? I don’t have any tattoos, but even I understand that tattoos are an art form just like graffiti, a sculpture, etc.
    OT: This cover is all kinds of hilarious. Ya’ll see Joell’s face?

  • sonictheHogans

    I plan on getting Rita Ora pregnant if given the opportunity… That is all.

  • MR dot

    Agreed with x, i feel that too many teens come on this (not suggesting they can’t) and are butthurt. Tattoos are hardly art, you’re telling me that you need a tattoo to express yourself? Ha. Get outta here.

  • smarty mcsly

    Tattoos are for idiots. Have fun looking at that shit when you get old and wish you never had it.

  • ànti

    Why is x so angry? You need you some JESUS!!!

  • ànti

    Tatts are for clowns though!!

  • Notadick

    Talk about being closeminded..

    Hilarious cover though, and not really in the good way.

  • koke

    @ X no I don’t have a tattoo dumbass. Why are you so mad? Why do you care what people do with their skin? It’s none of your business. Smh clown

  • :happens

    Life is way too short to be angry. Esp for dumbass reasons. Enjoy your life bro! Calm the f*#/ down!

  • bladaoh

    @X who the fuck are you? nobodys in this world to live up to your expectations. If people wanna get tattoos good for them, its their life not yours so why do you even care?