Dominic Lord - Fashion Show (FreEP)

Dominic Lord drops his 8-track Fashion Show EP including the Pusha T-featured "Pierce" remix. Stream the entire project after the jump.

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  • Siy@

    dude is hella gay

  • d-bo

    this dude is ghey as fuck.

  • d-bo

    And it looks like someone tagged a shaft on his sweater.


  • $$$

    That's a Dr. Huxtable sweater if I've ever seen one

  • Unhandsome

    You are all fuck bitches, every one of you homophobic cats. Its a safety pin on the sweater, by the way, "Shaft-on-my-mind". This EP is fucking fly, go big Lords.

  • $$$

    You know you made it on 2DBZ when someone copies the username you always post under, hahahaha.

  • Tone Riggz

    This was that herb who couldn't carry a bag of frozen food to the grill at Combat Jack's BBQ last year...

  • gaydar alert

    why does he have a penis on his sweater?

  • fukyou


  • Had some hope that this was gonna get good after pierce dropped w/ hudmo. But unfortunatly this mixtape lack all pierce had.

  • slayingtheilluminati

    pretty decent sound, beats are alright but gay ass mtv homos only look how you look and call you gay when you wear a sweater... seriously you the biggest homos out here on kangay west and gay-z's and lil stayne dicks faggots


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