Kendrick Lamar – good kid, m.A.A.d. city (Deluxe Artwork)

blame it on Illy September 14, 2012

Kendrick Lamar unveils the album cover to his long-awaited debut major label studio album, good kid, m.A.A.d. city, due in stores October 22. After the jump is the artwork for the deluxe edition. UPDATE: According to Kendrick, this was leaked.

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  • This should be good…

  • Absoul

    Already feels like a classic

  • jape

    this is a great cover

  • beyenesausage

    Yes it does ^ =)

  • gp

    Fuck I hate to wish time away but I need this to be released ASAP.

  • Ricki Lutes

    we’re gettin close!

  • nc0310

    Cant wait

  • Oct 22nd

    I think the deluxe edition is based off that line off P&P “pushin in my momma’s van, stop for gas on Rosecrans” if so..that’s dope

  • Prod_og

    @oct 22nd good observation and also of off I wanna be heard,”My momma believed in me, she let me use her van to go to the studio
    Even though she know her tank is empty, that’s who I do it fo'”

  • j

    how you gonna put ppl on a cover then cross out their eyes smh either have them on or don’t. stupid shit.

  • Nasir Carter

    Wack af

  • who cares

    co-sign Nasir Carter. This is whack. I was expecting a dope ass cover. *shrugs* as long as the music’s dope I’m good.

  • Maybe they’re no longer here and it symbolizes that. We don’t know the reasoning behind the cover yet. Calm down.

  • that truth

    lol at already feels like a classic. not biased or anything, fucking dickriders. baby pics for album covers have been done right exactly once in hip hop history. terrible cover, that will jump out at exactly nobody

  • Richard K.

    I’ll be honest: I don’t like it…. yo this cover aint even worth for a mixtape. They just look bad. Section.80’s cover was so much better (not really original but still really good looking).

  • InTheCut

    this shit is dope. both album arts. anyone who doesnt like it isnt a true Kendrick fan and doesnt know what hes all about.

  • yoh

    yall are fools you can’t really judge the cover until you here the
    project, go look back at some classic albums. Most of the covers are weird/different/original, just like these 2. fools.

  • top picture, little innocent kendrick on the lap of most likeley one of his hustlin unlces. shits a metaphor for it self, good kid mad city , shits ill as fuck.

  • picky

    this shit is dope af ! fuck what u say hes trying to take us back …notice all the details ..even the parental advisory logo is the old one hes just trying to take u inside the album which is great

  • @J

    @J Maybe he didn’t get them to sign a release form for the pic so he had to cross out their eyes to use it. Or it could be a metaphor like others said.

  • picky

    i think he crossed out their eyes because even though thats his family loved ones etc.. this album is the city through KENDRICKS eyes

  • troytrav

    Haters that talk about this album cover < This is gold right here.

  • koke

    I like the cover. But damn lol at these dickriders. “Already feels like a classic”. Cmon let the album drop before you say that. Anyways album should be dope.

  • $$$

    That a jar of piss on the table or some 80’s Compton street shit my suburban ass doesn’t know about?

  • agonyc


  • yp

    Signature Compton.. I think it’s mad dope!

  • Nasir Carter

    Don’t get me wrong, I think the music is going to be excellent, but I still stand by my saying the cover is sack, and leaves a lot to be desired. (the fake end of)

    BTW — If you like this, don’t hate on the ONIFC cover by Wiz (which is also wack af) b/c your artist sensibility is blinded by the dick in your ass. (the real end of)

  • Nasir Carter


  • gee dot que

    “do you fools listen to music or do you just skim through it?!” smh yall niggas dumb. the cover is great. the eyes are crossed out because, like kendrick always mentioned, his uncles are incarcerated. im pretty sure those are his two uncles and one is his dad. all 3 of which are incarcerated. the eyes are crossed to “protect the innocent” he doesn’t want any flack or heat on him or his family solely off the album cover. its a FAMILY photo, therefore we’re not gonna understand the significance of it off the rip. pretty sure thats what the album is for! smh

  • that looks exactly how a good kid in a mad city looks in my head.
    im glad he shared it with us no throwback thursday.

  • aRto

    Cover is dope. Definitely has a WEST feel to it. All you KEYBOARD nigguhs that ain’t from LA (I mean REAL LA not that HOLLYWOOD shit) wouldn’t understand. KENDRICK is the NEXT and is better than your FAVORITE rapper sooo get over it chumps.

  • beyenesausage

    To the person who got mad at the eyes covered…

    If Im not mistaken those are his uncles. All whom are locked up.
    Its who he does it for. Artist fucking expression…you gotta FUCKING THINK ABOUT! =/


    Ill as hell

  • Film

    So know one read the writing on the bottom?! It definitively says “a short film by Kendrick Lamar” not sure if it’s referring to the album… Or if there’s an actual film coming out with the release of the album. I hope its a short film… That would be crazy

  • david

    The word ‘classic’ gets thrown around too much, Sun rises in the East, Below The Heavens, Great adventures of Slick Rick, Moment Of Truth, Capital Punishment, Long live the Kane these are all classics, they all offered somethin unique and of a level of quality unmatched in their fields but now people callin Twisted Fantasy, Live from the Underground and Kendrick albums classic, they’d be lucky to get 4 out of 5 stars in the same rating system as the first set of albums I mentioned, peoples standards are slippin

  • Mike

    Wasn’t expecting this cover, Good cover looks like another documentary from Compton like The Game – Documentary

  • BobbyWhite

    @david, beautiful fantasy is a classic, maybe not a typical hip-hop heads classic, but a very classic album.


    The First one is ill, not too crazy about the second one bruh.

  • QBN

    Can’t. Fuckin. Wait!!!

  • CAS

    Now, that the G.O.O.D. Music album was a little underwhelming, we’re looking at the album of the year.

  • @Prod_og: I think you’re right about the line in contrast with the Deluxe.
    ”My momma believed in me, she let me use her van to go to the studio, even though she know her tank is empty, that’s who I do it fo’”

  • 9UKnoww

    man both covers look fuckin dope. fuck what everyone else is saying.
    real artists put their lives on the covers of their albums.

  • Lolo

    Kendrick uncle is clearly throwing up a gang sign while he sits on his lap. Theres also a 40z, but the irony is the baby bottle left of the table. Good kid mAAd city . Simple and clever.

  • joe

    their eyes are crossed out cause this album isnt about THEM.. its called good kid maad city, as in referring to himself.. obviously it gives him more emphasis

  • KIM


  • LupeX

    I think it will be really interesting to find out why their eyes are black-barred. I am assuming that they are either incarcerated, or worse, deceased. The Mini Van seems to have a bullet hole close to the headlight up front.
    I know Kendrick is hurt by the album cover leak, but it’s a good thing – it’s gonna speed things up for the release of the album. A lot of these guys don’t do shit until they are forced to! So K.Dot quit going over yur album 200times and just put it out. There will always be haterz who gon hate on anything. But from the track record, this will be a dope ass record & there is a strong possibility it will be a classic. OD & Setion.80 were.
    Brandy drops on Oct17 then Kendrick on Oct22. Will b a great week!

  • marty mcfly

    The first pic is cool but the van? COMEONSON you want the deluxe cover to be a pic of the family van? Change that cover

  • NoWuff

    Maybe their eyes are blacked out so he could draw attention to HIMSELF. So it would look like an ALBUM COVER not a family picture…

  • Peterocka

    That’s not piss, dumb ass. It’s pickle juice.

  • $$$

    I know it wasn’t piss, but I had to ask, man. I don’t keep empty pickle jars sitting around, y’know? Compton shit.

  • Uni

    yall dont get why the other album cover is a van ? i do kendrick said i got ppl that care about my lil life Niggas do drive by’s in vans maybe im just crazy but i got that off tops (they will kill you if you kill me it gets deep nigga !)

  • TheTermination

    I dont have a problem with the pics but that type that they wrote with was horrible.

  • marty mcfly

    @Uni GTFOH, Nobody trying to do no drive by outta no slow moving, easily visible vehicle like a bigass van ok. This cover subliminally says, play this album while planning a camping trip or this album is soccer mom friendly. LOL


    This covers dope what you onna about, you people hating probably love that latest dj kay slay cover though loooool

  • @JafaOutfielder

    I feel like the people who are crossed out on the cover have passed away already… There is a reason for the cover guys, so give it a chance.



  • WR

    Don’t judge a cover by its..wait a minute.

  • mauday

    Pushing in my momma “VAN” stop for gas on rosecrans” …… P&P! This is basically the sum up on all the peices we heard on his mix tapes. “uncle bobby” … It’s creative.

  • This is a good fn’ cover and concept! I can dig it!

  • That Dude

    Personally, I understand what people mean when they say it “feels like a classic”. The artwork fits that criteria, but i wont go as far unil i hear the music

  • Love it.

    Kendrick can do no wrong if you ask me. I just hope he stays true to his self throughout all of the fame. He’s a great artist.

  • Vin

    This cover has the potential to be one of the greatest of all time….


  • fukyou

    all these kids like “why this picture for the cover, the child portrait has been done before” haha if you from the ghetto you know this cover in particular tells a story within itself straight up. i can tell by the cover he’s gonna be talkin bout the struggle, and you have to be from that to fully understand

  • Dope! Goes along with all of the lyrics he spit in his early tapes like the Kendrick Lamar EP and O(verly) D(edicated). Hella yearning for the new album.

  • westside2midwest

    good stuff,m.a.a.d cover!!I really feel that old school vibe with this one. Both covers are dope!! And fxck what most say because this feels like a classic in the making to me. I say that cause of the earlier songs he’s dropped for the album so far. Just going to throw up that westside through the whole album!!! Oct.22

  • Bloodshed


  • My dude Kendrick Most Definitely Bout to put it down.
    – The City Of Houston.