• zoneout167

    somaya reece? really? smh and why put 2 songs from 07 on there? other than that im lookin forward to it

  • Mike

    Good stuff

  • Ben Chiefin

    Can't wait! Was hoping the RZA track would make it though.

  • http://www.illuminati.com HIGHSCHOOLDROPOUT

    i went to reseda high *pun intended
    whole area is filled with wanna be gangter kids, reseda 13, bunch of fags. reseda sucks

  • LexiCon

    it's been a long time...

  • sixFTeight

    T&C Surf Designs... anyone remember that Nintendo game?

  • jojoba

    Don't know who these guys are but definitly feeling this T&C design motif I'd download it just for that

  • ChocoDog

    two tracks featuring Celph? hell yeah

  • Brian

    To zoneout: the whole album's from'07. I don't know if they've touched it at all since then.