The ILLZ - MTV SuckerFree Freestyle (Video)

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  • Mark P

    this guy is honestly one of the corniest dudes I've seen in a minute! Fake ass, wanna be artsy ass, no swag having ass rappers lol............

  • Mark P is a cornball

    Uh-Ohhh. ^^ Hater Alert. Hater Alert. ^^ If he's the "corniest dude you've seen in a minute" then you have to be blind as all kinds of fuck on some Hellen Keller/Ray Charles offspring type shit. ILLZ is nice. He doesn't have to get super technical lyrically and still makes quality music. His "wanna be artsy" videos should win awards. The ILLZ is one of the best slept on artists of today.


Rowdy Rebel - "That Night"

Riker’s Island can't even stop the GS9 rep.

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