J. Cole – I’m A Fool (prod. J.Cole)

blame it on Miss_Peas September 16, 2012

2Dope. J. Cole went left field and gave a special treat to a fan by letting him debut his new track. One that he previewed during his set at Rock the Bells this year.

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  • $$$

    Pretty sure he’s a guy, ha. It’s good music, though.

  • Tos

    Sounds like a mixtape on the horizon.

  • J Cole Left TiT

    J Cole is top 3 right now…

  • pros2ill

    Coles always hit or miss with me.. when he does the beat and hooks to his songs they are usually great though.. and the ones that aren’t.. are just there.

  • I like this

  • J. Cole’s new EP tracklist

    1. Now & Forever
    2. Man on Fire
    3. Broke Nigga with Money
    4. Kenny Lofton
    5. I’m a Fool
    6. Chris Tucker
    7. Stars & Signs
    8. LOUIE
    9. Can I Holla at ya

    Let’s Go. Coleworld


    hes a fool for using the sample like this

  • @pros2ill

    ugh… had to comment again to leave my righteous opinion. the song was EH. i heard it. forgot it. but that song at the end sounds like cd material. and yes I THUMBS DOWN THIS POST.

  • NO

    throw some cuts in it .. sound like hes trying to re do what he already did

  • 123

    yo hes supposed to be a professional

  • 123

    i swear oddisee is just like cole …. they even rap in the same way except j.cole puts effort in to his slang

  • MRD

    definitely just jacked the beat from Cee-Lo’s “Fool For You” and tweaked it by speeding it up a teeny bit and adding different drums, ugh c’mon originality!

  • $$$

    Oh stop, Oddisee and Cole have nothing in common. Voice, cadence, sample usage and everything is different. Quuuuuit.

  • marty mcfly

    Cole is wack compared to artists like Chief Keef, Gucci, Bow Wow, Nelly etc. They’re the real MCs in the game right now. J. Cole needs to step his game up.

  • $$$

    Y’all be trolling laughing at your computers thinking someone’s gonna take your shit seriously, lol. You know you ain’t marty. Go to bed, homie.

  • music

    haters gon hate, and numbers dont lie. look at the dope nope ratio and see how many people actually fuck with cole. nuff said.

  • wtf

    Damn this is garbage. Someone get this dude away from Hip Hop already.

  • Heroinj24

    man this shit is dope

  • 2pac n biggie

    @marty mcfly. men your fukkin stuppid. Chief QUEEF, gucci, bowwow n nelly aint real. 2Pac and notirous b.I.g are real. get ur hiphop game up

  • Marr

    Chill relax beat

  • SHOWMAN3000

    This straight. I fucks with it!

  • DX

    He’s just holding on to it for his debut album’s one year anniversary(EP). 9/27. Cole World

  • DX

    BTW Cole is one lazy ass sampler. Dope tho

  • 77LAYS


  • myfiddycents

    cole da gawwwd

  • James Dallas

    Dude jackin Shawty Lo hook for Foolish that’s so sad

  • villionaire

    This is some good shit to ride to

  • Toothpick

    Man this is a total rip off of Cee lo’s Im a fool… No typical hate comment but when you say you produced a joint and you take a song and pitch and chop it, that”s just not honest nor correct

  • FakirWise

    This guy is wondering where “originality” is….I wonder if he knows how saturated in samples Hip-Hop is.

  • adi Pre

    This is nice, pure Cole, ten times better than that Rita Ora shit he was on.

  • Turtle

    Dropout Kanye Steeze.


    do you guts not know what sampling is lol? do ya’ll realize Fantasy by Mariah Carey is a sample that is even more of a rip than this. or Hi My Name Is by Em. go listen to I Got The by Labi Siffre

  • malcyvelli

    wowwww,theres mad shit talkers in the c section on this post man, this is a solid song and bitter motherfuckers try to cut this man down for no legit reason, thats sad, only bad thing i can say about this is that i wish he went harder on his shit, he needs to come back with that friday night lights shit and turn it up, this is a good track though

  • SuperMegaWorm

    this is dope! that’s the J. Cole I wanna hear!

    btw, everybody bitchin: some of Hip Hop’s most celebrated classics don’t do any fancy sampling and just jack a random loop and turned up the drums.

  • DX

    “Jack a random loop and turn up the drums”. The Cure, this one, countless other beats by him he does this. The definition of lazy sampling. You don’t flip it in anyway or add anything or take away something you shouldn’t be able to take production credit for it. The original producer will probably sue. Nothing wrong with it just don’t give yourself the prod. credit give it to the tracks original producer

  • J’ai C

    Well y’all show him how it’s done

  • j

    This just a mixtape track you lames so what if he didnt work extra hard to flip it.

    cole go HAM he gonna go gold 1st week

  • DX

    Once again. NOTHING WRONG WITH IT. JUST DON’T TAKE THE PROD. CREDIT. Goddamn do you muhh fuggas read? Cole fan but no way in hell he’s going gold in a week. Damn do you niggas have balls and a dick of your own. Jump off another niggas dick

  • SuperMegaWorm

    he still “produced” it. producing is not a synonym for composing.

  • rdcj

    This track is soooo dope and fuck the haters!! And I love how he fliped this sample so fuck the ignorant posters on this CC section. These are the type songs that make his fans ride with him like they do.

  • Dope! NC Represent!!

  • grimey

    Always welcome a little bit of J cole in my life. The chorus is sort of lame though.

  • 36 Chambers

    For those of you that are bitching about the sampling, search for the Marley Marl video that was posted here a week or so ago when he recreates Mama Said Knock You Out. He just took a sample and looped it and now it’s a classic hip hop song. Sampling has been around forever and if you are just now noticing songs that are created by simply looping a sample then you’re a dumb fuck. Go do some homework

  • smarty mcsly

    @36 Chambers

    You have a Wu-Tang name, so you must know who the RZA is and be familiar with his work. RZA was one of greatest producers ever because he FLIPPED THE SAMPLES in all kinds of crazy and inventive ways. He didn’t just take a sample and add drums to it. If he did that, then he wouldn’t have been one of the greatest producers of all time. And the Wu probably wouldn’t have been as famous as they are.

    Yet you can’t understand why people dislike someone just looping a sample? You sound dumb with a name like that.

  • Niro

    I’m willing to put all the money in my pocket on a bet that all the people talking shit about J Cole right now, were idolizing him back when Friday Night Lights came out. Cut the bullshit, nobody likes people who switch opinions just because an artist goes mainstream. If you’re a true fan, you stay loyal even through an artist’s changes. STFU