Crooked I – Praise God f. K-Young (Video)

blame it on Meka September 17, 2012

Directed by Blind Republic

Crooked’s Psalm 82:V6 tape gets a visual treatment for one of its singles.

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  • bim

    typo, it’s praise, not parise

  • dev

    praise humanism. its not “god’s” fault people die, its not “god’s” fault you made it this far in life. everything that happens is a result of another person or event. the mere thought of there being a divine spirit controlling our lives baffles me.

  • hatin ass niggas not gonna like this.

  • j

    slaughterhouse killed all these niccas atreet cred forever

  • So a person can’t believe in what the fuck they want to believe in? Damn

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Phenomenal visual, story, theme and song!

  • buckets

    i knew dudes would take “praise god” a little too literal… keep doing your thing croook.. we need music like this

  • gavin

    people that wanna shit on other people’s faith just cause they don’t have any of their own baffle me. One thing no one can deny is Crooked I is fuck famous and no one knows who the fuck “dev” is. So what does that say?

  • 123

    if these rappers dont fix there ryheme schemes and beats soon
    im going to quit listing to music all together

  • Props to Crook for a joint with a strong message, keep doin ya thing fam the West is proud of u.