Diggy – Fall Down (J. Cole Diss) [CDQ]

blame it on Illy September 17, 2012

We heard the initial diss back in April and more shots last week at a recent show in North Carolina and it just looks like it won’t end there because Diggy’s firing back at Cole World on his latest leak, Fall Down. UPDATE: CDQ.

DOWNLOAD: Diggy – Fall Down (J. Cole Diss) [CDQ]

  • NICE

    Watch these fuck niggas hate just b/c hes young, he just ate this nigga!

    Diggy is the future of HipHop!

  • Wiser

    Yeah guys, beef. That’s exactly how to unify. Let’s just look like a bunch of angry niggas like they want. Good job folks

  • KP

    Did dude really just say that Diggy is the future of hip hop?! Lol it’s too early for this nonsense

  • This whole little “beef” b/t them is just lol.

  • Milwaukee Made Me

    @Wiser This ain’t beef my dude, beef is what get people killed, beef is a real life term that has no place in rap, this is simply competition, its always been a part of the culture, do you really see an altercation or some violence stemming from this? It’s just rap, as long as people like you don’t perpetuate this thing as anything more than music, it’ll just pass.

  • RDCJ

    The biggest fool here is Charlemagne he sounds so biased that he would be good working at Fox news.

  • Boss

    This was alright. Beat/hook were better than the actual diss. Diggy ain’t wack, Diggy is actually kinda dope, but this is average at best for a direct diss. Diggy got it fucked up though, Cole is keeping him relevant, 20k vs 220k sold lol. Cole might have to respond with a quick direct jab just to keep it moving. Cole like 27, fuck he look like “battling” a 16 year old lol. Diggy’s first diss was better.

  • dis guy

    “im gonna talk shit to a guy and steal his flow in the same song” – Diggy Simmons before recording this song

  • Rozko

    “It’s kids doin grown man biz now”

    God not only do I hope J. Cole ethers him…he should fuck him up. And Charlamagne is ampin like a mf.

  • Brother Man

    Who is the shawty singing? The hook is crazzyy.

  • thatothanigga

    j cole has to decide if the pussy was worth it…

  • DX

    Cole really is a fool. Why give this nimwit any ammo of course he’s gonna use it nigga album didn’t even do 75k. This benefits Diggy and only hurts Cole. He’s a grown ass man! Why acknowledge a fucking child? Go back and edit out that Diggy verse on that EP you’re about to drop and just let this dumb shit die out. It’s not a good look

  • DX

    BTW this lil nigga just went in on his ass!!! SMH Cole damn

  • this is soooo lame the whole hiphop game is lame look a like girls man grow up some faster daiiiiiiiuuuummmmmm

  • kingg

    the instru is nice tho

  • $$$

    If you’re gonna diss… at least make the drama fun for me. Disses are the reality tv of the rap game, and just as shitty apparently.

  • DannyBoy

    Not a fan of either but J Cole is making himself look bad by beefing with this kid.

  • j

    Diggy sucks period. find another career

  • In before J.Cole responds with an ether, and you all respond with Diggy is only 17, Cole too old for that.

  • Come on ppl you act like he is 13!!!!!!!! Dude is 17, me and my boy was tlkin bout this and LL Cool J at that age was ending careers back then..i.e. Kool Moe Dee, Ice T, and MC Hammer. When you come into the game you got to expect stuff like this to happen no matter what age, you are vulnerable to everything. Thats a prerequisite for the industry. Other than that I don’t condone Cole for going at him LOL. But hey thats the game for you.

  • Terry

    aha that was sort of a low blow with the father comment. Cole….. Sick em!

  • unique_osmosis

    =/…. This is about as stupid as the Lupe Fiasco beef with Chief Keef

  • lol @ Jerk Off Cole, oops i ment J Cole … this nigga jerking off to pics of Diggys sister and claimin he hit that.

    N then his fans got the nerve to say he to big to respond or take Diggy seriuosly ?? why coz J cole cudnt go gold lmao ?? … J Cole by no means is on a diff level than Diggy, the only diffrence to them both is that one is a teen and the other an adult … otherwise both are struggling rappers living off their connects.

    GTFOH with this Cole shouldnt respond or take Diggy seriously.

  • ewgq

    fuck the ageism. cheef kief made lupe cry age is out the window.

    this is better than any cole song ive heard in a very long time

  • whw

    if cole hadnt made that condescending sneak dissabout his allowance it would have been all good. he asked for this tbh.

    this beef is hilarious. diggy actually landing some blows cold starting to look real bad

  • OppositeOF__YOU

    NoOnes opinions matters… Just know wherever J-Cole is, hes eatin himself alive RIGHT NOW.. feeling like “Im A fool” …no pun intended

  • mofucking

    HAHAHA is that him singing??

  • stuckofftherealness

    J.Cole MUST be bored. battling yourself ?? SMH..

  • nah b shit is weak

    This shit is generic as fuck

  • marty mcfly

    Diggy is the better artist bar for bar end of story. Cole sent his weak shot at Diggy last week so he responded like he’s supposed to. Cole waited for months to say something back to Diggy’s diss last time he shit on Cole’s world. This nigga just took a Cee Lo song and redid it with the same title right after DZA did the same thing and did it better. That song basically came gift rapped for Cole and you Cole stans act like dude is the illest after he does it. Damn near everything Cole ever does is wack to some degree. If Cole dont wanna respond because he feels like being ten years older gives him a battle pass then dont send no more shots at Diggy cause that lil nigga is basically just as dope as Cole wants to be if not better.

  • Coleworld

    LOL, diggy really tryin to diss J Cole?!?!?!?! Who does that nigga think he is?!?! What has diggy ever done that can even compare to the warm up, any given sunday (all of em), friday night lights or the sideline story? Cole would destory this nigga.

  • This is just a clever ruse to cover up the fact that Cole pens for Diggy. It’s entertainment at its finest.

  • Coleworld

    Oh my bad, do it like you was a classic! LOL what a fuck nigga!

  • wwgewg

    DEVille713 niggas like you always over reading shit to the point of delusion and stupidity.

  • stuckofftherealness

    @wwgewg only a dumb nigga would believe diggy wrote this himself.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    I have to say this was pretty dope!

  • Jules

    I missed the part where Diggy ate Cole. I missed it.

  • wiiu

    first ice t vs soulja boy

    then lu vs keef

    now diggy vs cole (i know its been going on)

    whos next beanie sigel vs bieber?

  • AdensIsAhero

    What a lightweight doin throw punches at a Heavyweight?, you cant diss a Nigha if you still got a curfew

  • GTFO_DIggy

    You cant diss a nigga if u got him on your playlist.

  • Nicole1

    this was bitch made low blow i mean he dissed a dude for not having a father it’s alot of niggas without their father so he talkin to them too…and two if he got allowance money why the fuck he mad j cole wasn’t really dissing hiis bitch ass sit down and pump out about 14 more of those and put out a album that is number 1 then talk to cole…bitch ass this beef is bullshit too…THAT IS ALL..

  • marty mcfly

    Lupe is not battling Keef lol, that would be a slaughter. SLR was for soulja boy and that was Lupe just fucking around with the idea of battling him. Lu is not mad at Keef, he was mad at the condition of Chicago’s rising murder rate. I tell you what if Keef’s album turns out to be better then Lupe’s F&L2 then we’ll talk but GTFOH with that bullshit like Lupe was actually in a battle with Keef. As for this shit between Diggy and Cole, you can only diss Diggy so much because Diggy aint the one thats keeps this back n forth going anyway. It was Cole that brought this little battle back to life for no reason other then a lame punchline, smh. Where the fuck is Jay Electronica already.

  • why does diggy always have these soft ass diss tracks this is some pussy shit hes a lil bitch bcuz his dad got him into the industry he’s a spoiled ass bitch. if you a man and u like diggy you pussy!

  • @NWM_

    this shit garbage though. album flopped but he still caked up off his allowance

  • NYdreams

    this “diss” wack as fuck.. what did he say that was so impressive.. this song is corny.. j cole being nice to this lil nigga but diggy is really lookin for an ether lol its bad enough he doesnt even have a career but damn diggy just stop… your not built for that competition shit yet lol …

  • ToolofGeorgiaBoys

    @Coleworld, what has Cole done? nigga has no classics under his belt, he’s way too overrated, he’s boring on and off records, and for a man with is much buzz at the time of his debut, 218,000 1st week is a flop, it’s been almost a year and that shit still ain’t sold a mill, this nigga Cole is wack point blank, he probably couldn’t even battle Jojo.

  • DX

    Gonna have to protest outside the ROC Nation building to get that original Act II. That one that gets released whenever it does will probably be full of bs meant to cross him over. Niggas like him gotta go Indie

  • NYdreams

    @toolofgeorgiaboys the warm up was a classic, him being overrated is your opinion and so is that dumbass opinion about him being boring on and off records.. and please explain how 218k is a flop first week when rick ross does the exact same shit in ALL of his albums and i know for a fact ross got more buzz than cole.. u either a troll,ignorant, or a diggy stan

  • marty mcfly

    Even if Cole went platinum and Diggy only sold 1 copy who cares. Cole’s fans was talking about he was supposed to be the new Pac and Nas, talking bout his album would be like Illmatic or some shit. Them first two singles came out and completely killed all comparisons to anybody of that legendary category and the album wasn’t all that either. I said the mixtape should have just been the album the same week the mixtape came out and I was right imo. Diggy is a nigga that obviously was born into this shit but just the fact that Diggy is even dissing Cole, he takes an L for even being a target for Diggy in the first place. How the fuck do you even give a nigga like Diggy a reason to diss you? COMEONSON

  • NYdreams

    ^^ cole said it best
    Picture me hating on a young nigga with talent…caked out on his allowance
    this line killed diggy there was no full track needed.. diggy lookin a 4 way to buzz and thought what better way to go at j cole cause he said my name even tho it wasnt a diss….

  • ToolofGeorgiaBoys

    @NYdreams, i’m not a fan of either, but I know Diggy is better all around rapper meaning flow, lyrics,charisma, stage presence, & fan base, and due to the fact that people think Ross is fake his buzz is still at the same level as Cole, and due to the fact that Diggy stays touring his buzz is way higher than Cole’s, the only people looking for Cole’s music is hipsters.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    @MilwaukeeMadeMe Come to 27th & Lincoln Ave or 27th & National and I’ll show you what real beef is bitch. I can have you got. Get the fuck out my city fuck boy!

  • marty mcfly

    @NYdreams, well Diggy’s last verse on this song killed Cole and not to mention Diggy’s first diss smashed on Cole. You dont have to be a fan of either rapper to see how one line cant be better then whole full out diss songs. And btw, Diggy doesn’t need a buzz at this point cause he’s gonna get treated like a platinum rapper whether he actually does numbers or not. So either way Cole ends up looking crazy for even being clowned on in the first place.

  • reer

    @Nicole1 this was bitch made low blow i mean he dissed a dude for not having a father

    Where did you get this from? He clearly told COLE not to be mad that he has a relationship with his father. how do you interpret that as diggy dissing anyone who doesnt have a father? How do you connect those 2.

    and even if he did who cares. alot of rappers have said much worse. pac talking about killing biggies children and shit. gtfo with your sensitive ass. its a rap diss he’s not running for mayor.

  • NYdreams

    “i’m not a fan of either, but I know Diggy is better all around rapper meaning flow, lyrics,charisma, stage presence, & fan base”
    lmaooooooo and than you made it worse with ” and due to the fact that Diggy stays touring his buzz is way higher than Cole’s”
    i cant take you serious lmaooo

    @martymcfly no … both of them wack ass diggy songs didnt do shit but give him much needed buzz..his disses didnt kill cole and im pretty sure had no effect on him either lmao.. but yeah atleast diggy trying to his fanbase up dissing niggas… i just wonder how long its gonna take till he realizes he needs a plan B

  • beat and hook is bangin, i could give or take diggy. i mean, he got bars, u gotta admit that, but i think he is shooting a little high taking shots at cole.

  • marty mcfly

    NYdreams, and im saying that rap is actually Diggy’s plan B because he made way more money off MTv then he will ever probably make off rapping so he dont need no more plans at all, he’s good. Cole is good too, he made enough money already so he can also just call it a day but anytime your dissed by the little kid that grew up on Tv, it cant look that good and yes the Diggy disses are actually good songs as well.

  • Camo

    LMAO Diggy came at Cole for not knowing his dad.

  • Addi Vyf

    Pfff hahaha Diggy is ass bruh!!! He ryhmed ANGLE with TRIANGLE…. homie that’s like ryhming CYCLE with BICYCLE…. please…. gtfoh. I swear to god these comments on here supporting him look like his promotion team. some real shit though..

  • paulv1luv

    damn, this marty mcfly fagget needs a life b, word up. dude writes novels on every post son but no ones reading them shits bruh

  • ToolofGeorgiaBoys

    @NYDreams face it no one is looking from tracks from any of these dudes, but believe that Diggy gets book for more shows than Cole, and both tracks dissing Cole were hot, Diggy will always have more of a buzz than boring ass Cole, he will get buzz from the oldheads because he is Run’s son, and he will get buzz from the youth because he is one, Cole is stuck in the shadow of Jay-Z’s old ass.

  • Grizzy

    fuck j. cole! this nigga lyrically wack…he only got fame by his name!

  • loyalty

    This J. Cole vs Diggy is not a beef. I think Diggy is the one who is taking it seriously and Cole is having fun with the situation. Cole was just stating facts and Diggy took it as a diss. Cole also complimented him on the freestyle. I feel like people say diggy killed Cole because of his age if this was any other rapper this would be a weak diss, the chorus was the only good thing about the song. Tyrese tweet is the main reason this so called beef is heating up again. Cole just need to focus on his next album and continue on his successful path.

  • DX

    McFFFFLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYY! I just wanted to do that. #BacktotheFuture

  • Addi Vyf

    seriously though… nigga diggy is lame. i don’t understand the world. HOW CAN ANYBODY relate to diggy. He looks retarded for one, annoying as hell for two. Cole brought average joe heartfelt lyrics in on the warm up & friday night lights. I mean it’s hard to stay a cole fan after the album… but i mean that was his subject matter “the struggler” world can’t be that cold when you a millionaire. BUT SERIOUSLY Diggy is wack, ass, only a moron would be like “yo this shit is dope.” Come the fuck on son.. like for real. where the fuck IS Jay Elect??..

  • Q

    Yeah! Where the fuck is Jay Elect? Jay-Z won’t release it until Elect gives him “singles”. Forcing Elect to sell out just like he did with Cole. That ugly mf is grimey. He views them as his competition…

  • LOUD

    This aint beef. That Cheif Keef/ Lil Jo Jo/ Lil Reese shit was beef. This is some soy product that can be found at your nearest Whole Foods

  • marty mcfly

    Jay Elec got the single already and again, any artist that is not 100% independent is already a sell out. The object of making albums is actually to “sell” them so the term “sell out” is played out in hip hop imo because it has several different definitions and ways to be looked at. Unless your giving your album away for free you did something to give it commercial value therefore everybody who participates in the music INDUSTRY is a sell out. Only reason I said, where the fuck is Jay Elec is cause its getting ridiculous now and at this point Roc Nation doesn’t even need a single or video or nothing cause we all know who he is now. Just put the damn album out. For example, Cruel Summer mite have built more excitement by just putting it out because its Kanye West for heavens sake, he dont need singles or promotion anymore. That marketing strategy could be wrong but it mite also work if done the right way. Just put the Jay Elec album out and let it build on its own musicality cause its been way too long a wait.

  • brandon

    If it came down to the fade i got $20 on lil diggy.

  • Q

    I’m tellin yall that nigga Hov man that dude is low down(not down low). A slime ball. He’s been making Elect re-work that tape for the longest. He has two projects left on his current Live Nation deal with WTT being the first. I don’t know if he’s going to drop his solo first or WTT2 but he probably wants some of Elects concepts or beats for himself or whatever but he’s that kinda nigga. Big Krit didn’t do anything forced songs aimed at being singles. So he hasn’t sold out, yet. If you stay true to you and a single comes of it that’s different from doing something you wouldn’t normally do to obtain commercial recognition which is what Cole did with his three singles albeit forced. So I can’t agree with you when you say everyone who isn’t indie is a sell out. I must say also that Big Krit is the only non sell out I can think of off the top of my head tho lol. There’s more but they shit probably gets shelved and you never hear from them.

  • DX

    All Jay Elect said was “single coming soon featuring Chris Brown”. Don’t jump to conclusions that doesn’t mean that it’s a done deal. That it’s recorded, mixed and ready to go or that Hov will approve of it. Do not hold your breathe waiting on that to drop. That doesn’t even sound right anyway. @Q yes Hov is a slime ball. Good guys don’t reach those heights. Sad truth about life

  • marty mcfly

    Big Krit is a radio friendly artist so the sell out conversation isn’t even debatable. Don’t Big Krit got songs with Luda and Bun B about his cars or some shit like that. His music already comes in a commercially sellable form. 2nd your calling Jayz a slime ball when he didnt have to sign Jay Elec at all in the first place. He’s giving plenty of other artists a platform to be successful and further more Jayz never even aims to chase the success of singles. He has stated that he’s always been against that. He just wants to put out dope projects.

  • Maga D

    Diggy runnin this battle against Cole. Straight bars son.

  • DX

    @McFly dude if that was the case then it would’ve been out a long time ago and there wouldn’t be an impending single featuring Chris Brown. Umm Duh. Fuck what someone says look at what he’s doing

  • Q

    & there wouldn’t be a Work Out or Can’t Get Enough. Come on McFly think before you type.

  • DX

    Yea Cole said that the label pushed him for those singles. But I already knew Hov was a liar.

  • marty mcfly

    @DX, if Jay Elec is trying to put together the best single possible then guess what. So has every other artist in music so its not a big deal. Every artists knows about making singles and it doesn’t take years to make one either. J Cole said Jayz gave him 100% control of his first album from top to bottom. Plus you cant blame Jayz for somebody else when they own project is coming out on Jayz label.

  • marty mcfly

    Even if the label pushes an artist to make a single then ok that fine cause a album has about 12 to 16 songs so that still leaves an artists with 95% of the album to do whatever. We all forgave Cole for Work Out anyway but its the 2nd single that made people raise an eye. If Jay Elec has to make a single, so what cause he still got a whole album left. Once people called Lupe a sell out for making The Show Goes On and Words I Never Said, even before they heard the Trey Songs cut. That term “sell out” just lost more of its meaning.

  • marty mcfly

    Not trying to make it about Lupe but just saying. Once you get any radio play period you’ll be called a sell out and there’s nothing you can do about that. Jay Elec will soon be called a sell out even if he says the most incredible shit ever.

  • DX

    Ok no back and forth you said “100% control” don’t know if he said that or not but if so it was obviously a lie don’t be repeating shit you hear from a industry nigga until you find out shit for yourself ya dig. The “I don’t push for singles” and “I gave Cole 100% control” lines were obviously lies

  • @This aint beef. That Cheif Keef/ Lil Jo Jo/ Lil Reese shit was beef. This is some soy product that can be found at your nearest Whole Foods

    ^ Lmao truth here…

  • marty mcfly

    @DX, ok lets say Jayz is some horrible person then. Before Roc Nation Cole was a struggling College student, after Roc Nation he’s a multi millionaire with a gold debut album and now that makes Jayz the badguy? NO, and even if you still wanna blame Jay for Coles singles, If you look at the writing credits for both songs you’ll see those songs came from Cole’s pen. So how is it Jayz fault when Cole actually wrote those songs? Comeonson, you gotta look at the artist themselves. Its more likely a chance that its Jay Elec holding up his own album before Jayz would. Im just saying, how much more hype can you get now cause almost every fan of hip hop has heard the name Jay Electronica. So just drop the album already. He came out with that Call of Duty song last year and that shit debut on hot 97 and was hard as fuck and people were still complaining so sometimes you cant make the fans happy so just green light whatever as the single and let the body of work speak for itself.

  • DX

    Dude I totally agree. Just drop the album. Jay Elect is just not for the “masses”. Too complex probably incapable of writing material that is beneath him or maybe he has integrity and just won’t do it. Either way, I don’t that single nor the album are coming anytime soon. At least that’s what I’m telling myself so I don’t have to suffer day after day waiting on it

  • z


  • DX


  • thatdudedoe

    i didnt really like it but that one about him having a relationship with his father was fucking cold, cold both on the rap scale and just on a respect scale, i hope that was enough for cole to comeback with a killer diss verse to this dude, cuz i wanna hear cole diss someone, i know he can.

  • concept

    lightskin house niggers

  • BobbyWhite

    that second verse was dope… i dont know what you niggas is saying

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    “Pfff hahaha Diggy is ass bruh!!! He ryhmed ANGLE with TRIANGLE…. homie that’s like ryhming CYCLE with BICYCLE…. please….”

    Addi Vyf

    like Pills with Bills, WTF you taking about?

    Diggy >>>>> J.Cole

  • Your Mother’s Dinner Date

    Cant front lil diggy went in on that 2nd verse, beat and hook were dope as well. I was off the cole wagon the firsttime i heard workout. that was epitome of sell out. not mad get yo money, but if you gonna do somethin outta character for the sake of sells at least have fun with it and dont make a corny kanye rehash

  • Jay-Z

    This little Diggy nigga need to reel his lil ass back in son. He live at home with his parents beatin his lil dick off, he doesnt even have a bank account the young still in diapers nigga.
    Just wait till I go in on this stupid lil nigga, might bring in a few friends, Kanye, Pusha, Nas, we will fuck this kid up
    No one messes with ma lil homie Cole

  • LOUD

    Diggy will never win this battle, i don’t care if the souls of biggie, pac and big L guide the lil nigga hand while he writing his rhymes. This whole shit started cause cole said he piped his big sis and lets be real…nigga most likely piped the lil nigga big sis. These niggas need to get back to makin real music or take this SOY they got to a granola distributors parking lot and settle this shit by slapping each other with sunflowers or somethin equally as soft

  • fuckem

    fuck j cole stans b.yall niggas need to realize son is a lame.he aint said nothin relevant since friday night lights

  • …and nobody cares like its j. cole / diggy. oh wait.

  • robocop

    man diggy gay lol and jcole is boring to listen to. both lame they should just get into a fist fight and call it a day, at least that would be hilarious

  • NoWuff

    Beef is a slang term… No literal definition

  • malcyvelli

    “This aint beef. That Cheif Keef/ Lil Jo Jo/ Lil Reese shit was beef. This is some soy product that can be found at your nearest Whole Foods” DEAD

    this beef is just a waste of time, diggy def isnt on par with cole writing, rapping, or buzz wise,i honestly dont even know how someone can argue differently. the whole reason for this beef to begin with is because he needs attention and its looking desperate. cole isnt taking this seriously at all and its pretty obvious cause hes only making one liners deading this kid instead of writing fucking entire songs, shit is beneath him and especially with the little brother of some chick he knocked down. cole hasnt really put out anything truly hot since friday night lights, i can agree with that but diggy still isnt on coles level by a long shot

  • bullets

    Theres just something about a rich niga rapping aggressively that will never sit well with me when Diggy says “niga!” It feels as if a Klans men just shouted obscenities lol … Not a Jcole fan but Diggy cant fuck with that niga they both kind a corny anyway first Drake and Chris Brown now these idiots remember when real nigas used to get into it who the fuck are these clowns

  • Robert

    diggy is a child cole doesn’t need to be entertain in that lil big he needs to get back on his grind and forget that childish stuff diggy is on..nuff said

  • zbMrOG

    I listened to this cause some comments said the hook was decent (and it was)and yes Cole looks bad dissing a 15 yr old. BUT REALLY GUYS? Diggy Simmoms? The same 12 yr old kid who was crying over his broken nintendo ds on his daddys reality show? C’MON MAN (chris carter voice)

  • If Cole were to ever respond which most likely will never happen. I hope he goes on this beat to add more to the embarrassment. Diggy is basically digging his own grave.


    Don’t sit here and act like this song is dope as fuck


    isn’t . this song is nice

  • Nic

    “I run circles around your triangle”

  • SHOWMAN3000

    I love J. Cole but I read a few comments about him being financialy set. He might be in comparison to his past obviously but remember not matter what he sold or tours he signed to a 360 deal with Hov. So I don’t think he’s caking yet.

  • C-los

    Oh Oh. They’re gonna call Minister Soulja Boy and Reverend Bow Wow to squash the beef like a kiddies version of 50/Game

  • mmz

    As much as I like Cole, he has some of the worst dick riding fans. It’s funny because they act/are diggy’s age. This was a good track, musically, lyrically, flow wise, etc.

  • Rezo

    @SHOWMAN3000 Cole made $5 million this year alone according to Forbes hip hop list.

  • I Am Not A J Cole Fan But…

    so diggy hard now or nah? he would get his ass beat the fuck up b. this lil nigga not hard not hood nothing yo. the fuck. fake niggas…? we watch this lil fag grow up on tv yo…like lets be serious

  • Jonathan

    Like Mos Def said. This is not beef