Big Sean, CyHi the Prynce & Common – Funkmaster Flex Freestyle

blame it on Shake September 17, 2012

Before the release of Cruel Summer tomorrow, the G.O.O.D. Music family (minus Ye) hit the Hot97 offices to kick some bars for Funk Flex over some classic instrumentals.

DOWNLOAD: Big Sean, CyHi the Prynce & Common – Funkmaster Flex Freestyle
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  • Jfly

    first dope!

  • POpI


  • tittie boy

    Yo. Cyhi The Prince just went in …

  • qet

    did big sean just say i dont touch dark hoes cause dark hoes got flees? wtf?

  • ahhh

    “Def like the number 3 on your phone, you know how them numbers used to be on your phone.”- CyHi.

  • CYHI!

  • Dog* hoes @qet.

  • that truth

    lol big sean has never flowed well in his life and they give him the what we do beat, thats nash guardin westbrook. and who knew from the concrete a rose woulda rose. thats a drake line, he calls out drake for biting him and bites lines from him on the reg

  • ewg

    @that truth since you want to get extra picky that was a 2pac line before anyone said it.

  • ToolofGeorgiaBoys

    Cyhi just outshined the whole click.

  • cam

    kanye has done cyhi dirty man. he needs to sign to label that will actually push his own music.

  • Cyhi!! I like that Ye is holding him back, the game is not ready for what he brings just yet.
    Big Sean surprised me on this though, he has stepped his bars up. Although I’m a huge Drake fan, he definitely stole Sean’s style to progress his career.. just my opinion though.

  • 123

    big sean sucks real talk

  • Your Mother’s Dinner Date

    yeah drake style Seans style and pushed it on LL cool J’s old demographic (hoes n fakkits). Cyhi got the fuck off tho

  • Your Mother’s Dinner Date

    *stole Sean style

  • Real Talk


  • marty mcfly

    Big Sean style is based on punchlines, Drakes style is more based on personal perspective and on the total picture in terms of a whole song. Just because they have similar pace in delivery does not mean one is stealing from the other. Both styles have existed in hip hop years before either one of them showed up. In other news another innovator with a endless amount of style, that new Missy Triple Threat song goes.

  • Stating facts.

    “Grandma said when she seen my commercial: stop having people at your shows that wasn’t at your rehearsal.”

    Real shit, gotta’ admit it

  • dope

    Cyhi killed it! I don’t how you people can blame Ye .Cyhi’s last mixtape had dope production , some good features, and it was the least lyrical of his other mixtapes. He had a chance , tried to go a little mainstream, and dropped the ball. Hope he get’s another one soon because people need to know about this ill motherfucker.

  • Godbody

    Cyhi is to G.O.O.D Music as Jae Millz is to Young Money. Hidden talent.

  • RoddyP

    its funny that everybody says that sean cant rap??? sean probably has the best flow out the whole clique..the only reason everybody suddenly hates him is because he’s the star and u wanna say cyhi is the greatest because he’s not getting the same attention…all u niggas is fake and can eat a dick because if we look back at the comments when sean dropped vol.2 everybody was on his dick

  • /\ Truuuuee

  • AJ

    this whole shit was tough/fresh then cyhi jus HAD to spit an old verse SMFH… end part was his feelin it freestyle…

  • fuxup

    anyone having trouble finding the album on itunes

  • amazing

    i only realized recently that big sean has an annoying voice, flows fine and lyrics are okay doe. cyhi went IN doe.

  • cyhifan

    “ive been grinding so long i think my balls blue” – CYHIIIIIII

  • Wish Cyhi spit like this on Cruel Summer

  • trendsetta

    Common been droppin’ some weak ass verses these days. CyHi is way too underrated, shit makes me mad. Dude is way better than Sean is nowadays (not the Finally Famous mixtape Sean) and his verses always on point. I bet 25 % of his lines go over people’s heads. He’s mad nice. His verse on The Morning was also the best verse of the track. Ye gotta put him on like he put on Sean, give him a Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay typa record. I really hope Cyhi get a mainstrream record cause he really dope.

  • Tiiz

    Cyhi has no hits, that’s why he isnt being pushed. Big Sean didn’t become hot from Kanye telling everyone, “Hey, I really want you to like Big Sean!”

  • JML

    we need albums from Pusha and Cyhi asap and somebody needs to explain how the fuck Com had just one verse on CS

  • Black Dynamite

    I told yall niggas that Cyhi was like that. And phuck BS (Sean’s new name btw). Also, who is that girl Pusha T is holding? And who is that white skinned outkast behind all of them?

  • j5

    Common actually freestyled dope!

  • Kudo Yudo

    CyHi is wack. That Sade song he butchered on his last tape is blasphemous.
    Big Sean has one of the worst voices & presence in all of music.

    Outside of Pusha T, Cruel Summer is one of the most over-hyped and underwhelming releases I’ve ever heard…and this from a crew that’s supposed to be one of the best. SHM.

  • Dan

    @Black Dynamite, She’s Teyana Taylor from the G.O.O.D Music crew and she’s featured on “Sin City” and “Bliss” off the album.

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  • Chris


  • Ayo-Ret

    Cyhi best fucking rapper. Royal Flush is still my shit.

  • JaySole

    WOW at CyHi nigga killed it. dam