Missy Elliott – 9th Inning x Triple Threat f. Timbaland

blame it on Illy September 17, 2012

Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott returns with her new singles, “9th Inning” and “Triple Threat” set to appear on her long awaited Block Party album.

  • $$$

    Azealia Banks back?

  • malcyvelli

    2 new missy tracks?it must be my birthday!

  • I liked 9th inning better than Triple Threat.

  • Q

    Overused sample on triple threat

  • Jojoba

    Godamn… I know Missy is the inovator but damn that sounds like Niki Minaj and Azealia. I cant tell if they bit her flow or she is bitting theres.

  • Positive Vibe

    thats the Timbaland I’ve been waitin’ for, glad to hear he still got it

  • Maga D

    Killed that 9th inning, beat & rhymes, Triple threat they killed too, maybe the Pimp sample is overused, but shit, it’s still a tight sample, a classic sample. STFU Jojoba, she don’t sound any different than she used to sound & she sounds nothing like the two you said.

  • Dre Live

    I fucks with that 9th inning track, but that Triple Threat joint is SERIOUS! Damn

  • seneghoul

    wow, disappointing. two songs with no discernible meaning, both of these songs bump but considering what theyve done previously this is bad.

  • mike

    Yeah the 9th inning one is sick but if u notice like on the her single covers 9th inning is her wearing a baseball varsity jacket and triple threat has her wearing a basket ball varsity jacket might be sports theme but great to have her back shes a true innovator being creative and we need that right now.

  • both of these go hard as fuck. but i dont think they should be album cuts, it sound like they just getting in the swing of working together again. i cant wait for this album to come out. shit go be tooooooo dope. i wonder if there are gonna be any magoo features.

  • AirMagicMamba

    Busta will fit perfect on the 9th inning track

  • BBKG79

    THIS IS FUCKING GARBAGE, THEY”RE BETTER THAN THIS. I’ve waited all this time for this bullshit. Thanks Missy, you just gave the people who would talk shit about ammo