• 1

    Beat is horrible! i hope this isn't what to expect from the album, at least i can rely on good tracks from khalil and black milk

  • http://mindinversion.net Alteez

    ^^^^^ I felt the same at first, but I sort of started to like !llmind's drums. Even though the dubstep is kind of redundant, the drums are crisp as fuck. This is easily my most anticipate album of 2012, and I CAN NOT wait to see how the tracks with Khalil turn out. No one is touching Skyzoo's pen game.

  • http://www.makeithappen.com Tez

    When the track first hit, I'm like, WTF but than about 2 min in, I'm like this joint is kinda hot, especially when those drums kick in.

  • blabla

    Illminds beats went downhill after he stopped using samples..

  • http://twitter.com/MaLLy MaLLy

    This is pretty damn good. Nice work, Sky!!

  • Anonimous

    Don't like it

  • Chad

    This is really as horrible as it gets. Illmind fell off so hard, it's not even funny anymore. This again shows how much hiphop producers depend on samples - most of them simply can't "compose" something decent on their own! And Skyzoo is another incredibly talented MC who has no clue how to pick beats.

    Another potentially great album ruined by the production. I won't even waste my time with this. Even 9th's contribution was lame as hell.

    I'm gonna say this once and for all:

    A second Skyzoo/9th collabo album is overdue! CLOUD 9 PART 2 or something like that.