• nate

    many more means 3 more but don't get discouraged

  • stu

    many more also means miguel and seu jorge (who did the soundtrack for the life aquatic, which is very good)!

  • jay

    wheres jay electronica?

  • DMX

    nelly coming out of left field

  • hiphophead88

    Can we get a release date tho??????

  • who cares

    What's up with all the shitty guests? Only dope one is Kendrick and that song leaked already. C'mon Kweli

  • Joe

    cause this nigga doesnt need features, unlike your favorite rapper ^

  • http://www.insertcoinslv.com Accent

    Picture was taken at my spot in Vegas Insert Coins with DJ Phoreyez can't wait.

  • Zachariah

    Nelly? The fuck?