Big Sean, CyHi The Prynce & Common Freestyle on Funkmaster Flex (Video)

blame it on Illy September 18, 2012

Here’s visuals of Big Sean, CyHi The Prynce and Common’ 12-minute cypher on Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex show last night.

  • Asher

    What the hell was Pusha doing that he couldn’t freestyle for a few bars?

  • Frylock

    CyHi got next. nigga is dope

  • Huck

    CyHi been had next for a few years now. More like CyHi The Shelved.

  • leVI

    ….that is all.

  • Juicy-G

    I’m telling ya’ll I think Pusha was drunk at the moment lol.

  • troytrav

    Cyhi doe.. he’s always been underrated, and he’s literally the best on G.O.O.D., in my opinion.

  • I know a lot of people in the State Pen from touching that boy like Sandusky

    Cy went in…

  • 2dope2cop


  • JAyP


  • Cap

    more like sighh high

  • Frost

    Knedrick’s Flex freestyle >>> This shit…

  • Frost

    son of a bitch…


  • bigErn

    A lot of rappers have these questionable “trademark” catch phrases they use. Kanye does his “huhh?” thing a lot; cool sometimes but overdone.
    Big sean’s “Gawd” or “Oh gawd” over his lines are sounding homosexual. They’re supposed to help the rap when the opposite is really happening. Saying “Boi/Boy” was alright; catchy sometimes. Oh gawwwwd!…not so much

  • lmfao at big sean calling pusha t out. “i aint know we could do that” i imagine sean went home and told ye on push

  • grodywonder

    all of these mofos are horrible especially cyhi. struggle bars x10.

  • cyhi was over everyones head making his fellow good music members feel inferior

  • Goingonslo

    Where was this cyhi on the cruel summer album? Wtf

  • oh god…big sean’s first verse was dope.

    common: ask my bottom b*tch what kinda purse she get