Slaughterhouse: To The Fans (Video)

blame it on Meka September 18, 2012

Shady’s four horsemen drop off this thank you video for those who have supported their musical endeavors.

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  • Haha this after Joe Budden says fuck what the fans think

  • yo

    ^^damn a lot of u idiots that say that dont get the point of that last video..hes not talking about the fans that support the music, hes talking about these so called “hip hop heads” that want slaughterhouse to remain underground and bland..shit i understand that he’d be mad after putting out a mixtape and album and still having fans complain like bitches thinking there opinion holds weight because they listen to underground shit that the masses dont listen 2

  • ^ exactly nigga, these niggas bitch to much over nothing..sounding like a bunch of hurt girlfriends, get them balls out ya mouths and a grow a pair of your own nigga!

  • Backpackpurity

    All 12 of us appreciate it Slaughterhouse!

  • Tyree

    Royce fell the fuck off. Joell fell the fuck off.

    Fuck these sellouts.

  • Chi2LA23

    @yo Too bad I’m not one of those idiots you faggot. How are you going to tell me what I meant off of a short statement that I sarcastically wrote? Why don’t you get off your computer an throw on some Slaughterhouse while you blow Nino Bless.

  • yo

    @Chi2LA23 haha if its sarcastic why get offended over it? and ill throw on some slaughterhouse while my dick vigorously slaps your moms meaty pussy, just like slaughterhouse im killing that pig!

  • mike

    I dont get how slaughterhouse sold out they on a major label and got cosigns and the album somewhat produced in its entirety by eminem but they sold 52000 copies their sound on the album changed but the lyrics i dont think so

  • Tekken

    Every interview they do about the album ends up sounding like either an apology or an excuse (or in Joe’s case, a “fuck you”)

  • Heihachi and Kazuya

    ^ what are you talking about? you sound more goofed out then yoshitsu’s move where he sticks himself with is own sword

  • you

    The album was pretty good I thought. FUck all these people who can’t be satisfied with anything.


    I never got why Slaughterhouse is that big. Seems to me like a bunch of washed up solo artists trying to squeeze the last few pennies they can from white hip hop heads who have no place else to turn to.

  • gavin

    ^ Its called talent. its the reason Slaughterhouse is touring the world while you’re stuck behind your computer screen