Murda Mook vs. Iron Solomon at Summer Madness 2 (Video)

Murda Mook makes his return to the battle scene at Smack/URL’s Summer Madness 2 event facing off against Iron Solomon with the likes of Diddy, Busta Rhymes, Q-Tip, Lloyd Banksm and more in attendance to watch the rap battle show down.

And in case you missed it, watch the most talked about battle between Loaded Lux and Calicoe that even had Jay-Z quoting on Twitter earlier today.

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  • Smdh... Shit was sad B... Mook murdered that boy... EASY!

  • EWG

    Solomon got that work!

  • BazookaJoe

    Its about time someone ethered solomons corny ass

  • fuxwitme

    mook murdered him but he was lame for that zimmerman shit

  • ThinkPeople

    Corny compared to the Calicoe vs. Lux battle.

  • eatshit

    This battle was ass and deserves thumbs down. There's tons more battles better than this. This is the worst main event ever on the url. This shit had over 1000 more dislikes than it had likes. Smack bitch scary ass disabled the ratings. I bet he tries to disable the comments next.

  • N.Y. Til I Die

    Muhfucka got TAKEN.A.PART!...


  • John Creasy


    R.I.P. to the fallen: Till, Hawkins, [Griffith, Turks] Martin... sadly the list goes on...' oh yeah... FUCK george zimmerman an' all who support/sympathize with him... prolly @fuxwitme's lame-ass dad... tha's why you STAY corny... bitch-ass...

  • Shy

    Lol@that zimmerman shit mook did.
    Fucking wack.

  • er

    that Zimmerman shit was rude as hell. wow. but it worked, got solomon catching feelings

  • Maga D

    Never liked Mook,he talks/screams but doesn't rap. Yeah, it's a battle B, but shit, you need a flow son, Respect to Solomon for actually rhymin. Reminds me of serius jones, lol, mook always been bad at flows.

  • CT

    Both sucked...boring all around, zero replay value. 5 x 5 rounds is not a good look.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    I was excited for this battle but wasn't impressed by Solomon or Mook. Mook obviously won but the crowd gave Mook free rain when he was boring and gave Solomon none when he was boring.
    I don't and didn't care who won. I just wanted to see a good battle. This battle was mediocre and contrary to the main topic (from Mook in particular based on his rounds) it like lyrics and enough good punchlines for a 5 round battle. Good to see they finally battled never the less.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    *This battle was mediocre and contrary to the main topic (from Mook in particular based on his rounds) it LACKED lyrics and enough good punchlines for a 5 round battle.

  • wat

    Fuck Mook for that Trayvon shit.

  • amma

    awww look at all the white boys catching feelings in the c-section. if you don't like what he said to solomon, stay the fuck out of rap and battle amongst yourselves.

  • Fuerte

    Props to Solomon for finishing that battle. That was some real racist shit Mook pulled. No white dude could ever get away with anything like that...


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