• BrooooklynBandit

    GOOD music really does seem like a cool crew. Respect.

  • naoshad

    Yo Shake, all your breakfast club interviews vids aren't embedded properly, the shits always 3/4 off the page. I'm on firefox btw

  • http://brandonlyniv.tumblr.com Lyniv

    Everybody seemed cool except for Bitch Sean. You can just tell he was putting up a front during certain parts of the interview. Like, how you gonna be the most cocky and you probably the weakest artist in the room. Smh

  • Ass

    Ya what naoshad said

  • PeepersFLEX!

    G.O.O.D shit....wait i just said an oxymoron... ahaha

  • randy

    @naoshad thanks for saying that. i missed the last dmx and 50 cent one because i cant even see that shit

  • King

    He was really in that Travelodge.