• radiokilla

    Exile has sick ear for mcs

  • stan the man

    any idea where this will end up?

  • 5th

    Wow..what an amazing, timeless track. Instantly one of the dopest tracks I've heard all year. Fash is undeniably one of the most slept on MC's by most cats.

  • Co$$

    will be featured on Johaz x Exile's debut ep......duo is called DAGSAVAGE.....

  • Notadick

    Exile is God in a beat makers form.

  • Fred

    I'm loss for words. Just what I needed today, and forever.
    Co$$ is mad underrated as well. Dude has 2 classic albums.

  • http://www.lessismoreco.ca Less Is More Collective


  • coopatroop

    this track is fire