Juvenile – Picture Perfect f. Lil Wayne & ‘Sh*t (prod. Mike WiLL Made It)

blame it on Illy September 19, 2012

Juvey, Wayne and ‘Shit link up on the Mike WiLL Made It-produced “Picture Perfect.” Shouts to Complex.

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  • that hook my nigga

  • yup

    nice pac reference.

  • wegeqgew

    pac would be proud

  • murdamurda

    “my homie got that iron — but i told him put it away ..and u can get punched like a hawaiian ” BARS SON …BAAAAARRRRRRS

  • doc rovers

    mike will is not to be fucked with when it comes to collaborating with wack rappers

  • detroit89

    Juvenile is copping T.i.’s flow or at least the flow too many rappers are doing these days

  • @detroit89 who you think inspired ti the hotboyz

  • Sit Down


  • swageezy

    when I heard that hook, shit had me amped. Then i heard the verse and i was like mehhhh. We need that weezy from the HOOK SON. “Man I hate them thirsty bitches cut em off like circumcision, im the type to talk shit and it be words of wisdom.”

  • I normally HATE anything Lil Wayne and Birdman is on, but damnit this beat is banging too hard to even hate on these folks this time! Good shit right chea!

  • yeah I actually like this.

  • Shaolin Noodlez

    Wayne seems hungry again these days

  • j

    ok this go hard, juve does sound like 2 chainz/ti though

  • dabullQ

    Fuck ymcmb and all but this GOES. Wayne is on his grind I guess and Mike Will has been winning lately. Average Juvenile verse though and Birdman…

  • No Crutch.

    Ya’ll saying Wayne is on his grind are TRIPPIN or you didn’t hear his last 2-3 projects. He needs to go back and find the people who wrote the Drought & Dedication tapes for him. This is aight…mainly cuz of Mike Will and Wayne isn’t bad even though he stays sounding like Smeagol from Lord of the Rings.