• A-train

    of course.. no love for MN...

  • jedi

    bet Lauren makes it to like 2 shows tops

  • $$$

    She'll probably MF Doom these shows and have Janelle Monae do the shows as her.

  • https://www.facebook.com/mars.jestson Mars Jetson

    Oh shnit! That girl L-Boogie!

  • KingSizedPaper

    Lauryn Hill can't sing in 2012. Or 2011. Or 2010. Or since she came back to music. She's done.

  • Ramelo

    @KingSizedPaper Nahhh B...She Def still got it! Seen her live twice for the proof. And it's a big improvement now compared to last year when she doing these crazy sped up versions of her classics that nobody could recognize. That was her problem, never her voice, rhymes or talent

  • QBN

    Black Rage... this would've been dope if she could still sing, and cared about making real hip hop

  • http://soundcloud.com/djlankywhite DJ Lanky White

    Fuck Lauryn Hill's crazy ass, I'd rather go to one of the Nas-only shows

  • http://www.facebook.com/Thachronicizbackl Rn506

    Welcome to the we owe uncle sam out the ass tour cuz we don't pay our bills.. both dope in there own right, but there not doing this for the love of the music...lol

  • afffeng110

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  • Truthizzy

    Does Lauryn Hill still hate white people? Because somebody better tell her that they will be making up 90% of the audience for the tour.