Nocando – Where’s the Money?

blame it on Shake September 19, 2012

Off the LA spitkicker’s upcoming album, Jimmy The Burnout.

  • ewg

    great battler but im sorry his music fucking sucks son

  • Shea Wooten

    ^ you suck, son.

  • octopus

    this song is fuckin ill ! fully backing it

  • Alonzo Redondo

    This song sucks Im canadian and I know what good American rap is eventhough Im 2 years behind. ….. I love this shit he sounds spooky and styled the fuck out all at once.

  • Barry Egan

    Cah wtf is this..smh

  • Mr. Wow

    Like someone said above, He is a great battle rapper and holds down low end theory but his songs are lame and aren’t that interesting. Props to him though because he is doing him. His music isn’t my cup of tea.

  • bladaoh

    agreed, he can battle but he needs to stay out the studio