President Obama x The Carters

blame it on hologram shake September 19, 2012

The moment above was caught at a fundraiser for Obama, Jay-Z and Beyonce held at the 40/40 club in NYC. With attendees paying  $40k entry, the function raised a total of $4 Million. Black excellence.

  • budda

    I get to give it up to Jay-Z. Rubbing shoulders with thee motherfucking president.

  • budda


  • koke

    Not hating but Beyonce shouldn’t be wearing red. That’s what republicans wear.

  • DX

    Jay’s suit is more tailored to him than than the President’s. & If you’ve been conscience enough to study body language then you know that Bey’s panties were wet at that very moment. Hov is Hov. But come on, that’s the President of the “free world”.

  • Obi Juan

    Illuminati puppets smh…

  • JusSayin

    Its funny, a great majority of the worlds richest families earned their fortune/status through some sort of illegal or unscrupulous activity. Whether that be bootlegging, aiding the Nazis during WW2, taking advantage of the poor through the guise of “banking”, etc.. I guess being an ex-hustler isn’t the worst road one could take to reach the upper echelon of society.

  • Danny

    @koke you’re a fucking idiot.

  • Stark


    Dude, Jackie Kennedy was the one that made the red dress famous in the first place.

  • $$$

    Can they have a fundraiser for me? Two guests can pay off my college loans.

  • Adipre

    G shit.

  • Two first families.

  • KaptainKrunch

    illumati orgy up in that bitch lol

  • NICE

    I knew yall faggots were going to like this shit

  • LM

    Black excellence? Supporting a presidential candidate because he is the same colour as you not only racist but stupid.

  • Sit Down

    @LM So, 80% of Mitt Romney supports are racist and stupid based on your comment.

  • Sit Down


  • IVO

    ^^^Indeed @Sit Down

  • peaceofpi

    @Sit Down

    Sounds about right. What’s your point?

  • Sit down on your own time; no need to rush on account of this dumbass.

    @Sit Down- Hey retard, might want to brush up on that elementary school english. Just because somebody votes for a candidate of the same race as himself doesn’t mean that’s WHY he’s voting for them. And stop pulling numbers out of thin air trying to sound smart- according to most polls 95% of African Americans will be voting for Obama, 5% are undecided, and 0% plan on voting for Romney.

  • LM

    @sit down.
    I said BECAUSE. Unless you are suggesting 80% of his supporters are supporting him because he is white, not because of his policies.

    What would your reaction be if someone said they were supporting romeney be becasue they want a white president?

  • $$$

    Most of my family is black and voting Romney. Nice statistics, son.

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ Probably cause your name is all dollar signs cause unless you are a millionaire, voting for Romney doesn’t make sense for you. Further more if a black person votes for the first black president after 200 years of white presidents, that doesn’t seem stupid to me.

  • @ $$$

    @ $$$

    I don’t really give a shit; facts remain facts, and mine are easily checked. Try Gallup, NORC, Rassmussen, Harris or Ipsos, since I’m assuming you have no idea where to find a poll, and they’ll give you generally the same numbers. It was a big story on CNN two weeks ago, but I’m sure “news” just flies right over your head.

  • Killuminati

    Not impressed, Obama made a bunch of promises and of course didn’t change shit.. Patriot Act still in effect, Guantanamo still open for torture, etc, etc.. I agree with Kendrick, voting doesn’t change a damn thing..

  • zookeeper

    Obama is a clown as are a lot of his supporters. Furthermore at higher levels of the American gov’t there is no difference between Dems and Republicans because it is only about money and power. They ain’t sharing that shit with your stupid ass and if that’s what you believe, I feel sorry for you. 53%er here. And no I will not vote for Romney. Both candidates are shit.

  • marty mcfly

    But Anyway @JusSayin, some people will take anything and hate on it just because it pains them to see good things happen for other people. Yeah Jay sold drugs like 20 something years ago so yes he is a EX hustler but the money he made in 88 isn’t the reason he’s where he is today. Instead of people just jumping at the chance to be negative, why dont you just give it up for all the possible achievements of hip hop culture in general. As well as the living personification of the civil rights movement in the flesh both meeting on common ground. You got two people that wasn’t born into their lanes, they had to create those lanes from the bottom up.

  • Internet Gangsta


    Assuming that black people only support Obama because of his race is just ignorant.

  • zookeeper

    You are very stupid and make the act of voting even more worthless when you vote for any thing other than the relevant issues. I don’t give a fuck if it is your chance to be the first anything… earn your chance and let your work stand for itself. This clown is driving the nails into the coffin of the US economy and the dollar and you dipshits cheer him along the way. You will get what you want…

  • chuck

    good to know when our embassies abroad are under attaack, that our commander in chief is shmoozing it up with celeberties.

    he cant even run on his record.

    what a joke.

    like the blind leading the blind.

    Broken promise, after broken promise, after constitutional infraction after constitutional infraction.

  • marty mcfly

    @Killuminati, just stop cause most people dont give a shit about the Patriot Act or Guantanamo or anything else in politics. Alot of people that hate on Obama never gave a fuck about politics a day in their life and then all of a sudden when they see Obama now they have an opinion on government. GTFOH

  • Internet Gangsta

    @zookeeper Please keep sitting out of elections. We’ll keep picking leaders for you.

  • Freeman

    @Zookeeper You sound mad, you want a cookie.

  • chuck

    actually, its not ignorant to assume that black people will vote for obama.

    thats actually based upon FACTS from the 2008 election where smething like 95% of african american voters voted for obama.

    just beacuse somethin is fact doenst make it ignorant or racist. facts dont lie.

    assuming that hell get the same support is questionable since we dotn know how people will vote. but his assumption has grounds.

  • How Appropriate

    lmao @ marty just dimissing anybody that disagrees with him an pretending everything is perfect. Yup, you MUST be an Obama supporter.

  • marty mcfly

    @chuck, the constitution has been broken every year for a hundred years now as well as every other law on the books. Every War as well as almost everything america has ever been involved in has been in some way crooked and been for the benefit of rich people. Now that you see a president that actually brings up helping people that aint rich now its a problem? Stop

  • zookeeper

    I’m a realist. Yall are buying dreams like little crackheads. I’m not worried about it. I see thru the bullshit. You will be the ones crying when the shit really hits the fan, wondering how it all happened… Lol, dumbasses…

  • Kill Them All

    “the constitution has been broken every year for a hundred years now as well as every other law on the books.”

    So that makes it cool when the current government does it?

  • chuck

    redistribution of wealth isnt helping people. having people rely on the government isnt helping people. adding 6 trillion dollars to the defiecit isnt helping people. lying isnt helping people. attacking and killing american citizens without trial isnt helping people. passing laws that allow infinite detnetion of US citizens isnt helping peope.

    do the rich need to do their share? Yes. Should they pay more fair tax rates? yes. But they also shouldnt demonize prosperity, which is what tehy are doing.

  • audiodope

    Shame Jay still believes in this fraud of a president. AIPAC and Goldman Sachs run the show anyways. Voting for Mitt Romney won’t be/make any difference. The last chance we had was with Ron Paul, but they shut him down at the RNC.

  • marty mcfly

    @How Appropriate, Its true though, every president has done something that has broke laws and promises but now people wanna act like they give a shit? Where were you during all the Bush years? The Reagan years and all the other years before that? You mean to tell me now you wanna have an opinion? Why do you give a fuck now? Have you ever gave a fuck about the constitution or politics in general? Prolly not you just mad now you see a black face instead of a white one. @Kill Then All, if he broke the constitution in order to save lives and NOT start another decade long war (which would’ve been WW3) with multiple countries. It was prolly a good idea, if he broke by killing Osama instead of continuing to target people and places that are not Osama then it was prolly a good idea. If almost every country and nation on the planet cosigned his actions as far as foreign policy goes so that Egypt can finally stop living like their in the stone age, IT WAS PROLLY A GOOD IDEA.

  • lm

    @internet gangsta – I’m not, however this is a picture of a succesful couple, and a politician, yet to see it and think “Black excellence” instead of “Politician meets celebrities” is what annoys me. What if in a majority black/Asian country there was a picture of two white people and it was tagged “white excellence”?

    Obama is the fucking president of the USA, the fact he is mixed race is one of the least interesting things about the man, why is that even important?

  • Internet Gangsta

    @Chuck, this should be obvious, but it is actually not a “FACT” that black people support Obama just because he is black. Do you know what a fact is?

    The fact that a large majority of black people voted for Barack Obama says nothing about WHY they voted for him. Black people have been voting for WHITE men for as long as they’ve had the right to vote. They voted in large majorities for Kerry, and Gore and Clinton… How many black people voted for Herman Cain or Alan Keys?

    As for why black people don’t trust men like Mitt Romney, that’s a question you can easily answer by opening up a history book.

  • chuck

    marty just spouting off like were all in our mid 50s and were old enough to vote in teh early 80s.

    get a grip bro. if you need to resort to that shit your argument is flawed.

  • marty mcfly

    @chuck, well we can give another tax cut to Donald Trump and see if that helps america. Or we can create more poor people by closing more businesses, gutting educational programs, taking peoples health care, job, and financial aid benefits and we can try doing more damage to the housing market and we can try putting more money into wars and millionaire benefits and see if that helps.

  • How Appropriate

    @ marty mcfly

    During Bush, I was pissed as hell and yelling about it. During Clinton, I was too young to know more than the names of the party. And I hadn’t been born for Reagan.

    All of that is completely irrelevant, and quite honestly the stupidest complaint I’ve ever heard in my entire life. I don’t care WHEN you got involved in politics, EVERYBODY has a right the their opinion in this DEMOCRACY, and sensitive little online faggots like you are the LAST thing that will stop people from taking part in their government. And that’s a VERY good thing.

    Don’t you ever try to tell me who I am or what I stand for, you worthless little piece of shit.

  • chuck


    youre right. but you missed the word assume. one can assume anything about a data set as long as the numbers back it up.

  • chuck


    who invests in our economy the most? Not contributes, but invests? Yeah, the donald trump millionaires do. Who creates new industry and funds research for new technology? Yeah, those same millionaires. What do new technology and industry bring? New jobs for the people of america.

    Both sides have good arguements that are valid. thats why discussing politics often gets so heated.

    Bottom line though? point blank? without bipartisanship in the government nothing will get done. Our political arena hasnt been this divided in quite some time. Until both sides learn to work together our contry will remain stagnant.

  • Internet Gangsta

    @lm It is hugely important for historically oppressed people to see their own reach this level of success. It just is. The impact of role models like these can not be overstated.

    If we lived in a country where whites were an oppressed minority, I would imagine they would be equally gleeful to see a photo like this. And they would have every right to be.

    OK, that about does it for me and this thread. I’m outchea.

  • marty mcfly

    Bottom line is you did the history on all the presidents before Obama you’d find out some shit that would make your stomach turn and you’d find out that america has been doing crooked unlawful shit long before Obama even walked in the door. But I guess since its Obama now, people wanna act like america was disney Land before 2009. GTFOH, Stop believing what you hear angry reporters say about Obama, do you own history on this country. America been fucking over people around the world from day fucking ONE

  • Kill Them All Again

    ^ And that makes it ok?

  • chuck

    resorting back to petty insults because youre too unintelligent to make a logical political remark.

    Not for nothing, but im a history professor. I do this shit for a living. I know my history so dont try to tell me anything about history.

  • marty mcfly

    America was an in debt, socially enslaving, mass murdering, money laundering, bribery controlled, racist, nuclear and atomic bomb dropping, gun totting, unconstitutional war starting, outta control spending, hollywood sensationalizing, drug war sponsoring, mind control manipulating, poor people oppressing, prison culture profiting, natural resource stealing, political truth twisting, overly other country controlling, multi trillion dollar killing machine, LOOOOOOOOONG BEFORE OBAMA WAS PRESIDENT.

  • Still Killing

    ^So what’s changed?

  • marty mcfly

    @Kill then All, No its not ok but do you think Obama is Jesus Christ? No he’s one man that is dealing with the actions of a whole country that was in power and unlawful years before he was even born and considering the circumstances alot of people think he is handling it well and doing a good job of putting america on a path of recovery in the long run.

  • OU812

    The comment “Black Excellence” is expected on a hip hop blog…it’s not like this is some reputable new source (not that there are many anyway). It is funny that Holigram Shake said that shit though.

    My $.02. I didn’t vote in the last election but I’m compelled to vote because of the Romney madness, which includes his Morman religion complete with the planet Kolob & magic underwear, and he’s back and forth on everything EXCEPT taking things back to the deregulated situations that created the economic mess. That, and helping out his rich friends aka “job creators”. BULLSHIT.

    All politicians corrupt as far as I’m concerned, but the Republicans flat out declared “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.” They’ve obstructed progress for the sake of politics. Unprecedented use of the filibuster. Politics before progress. It took 30+ years of bad policies, unfunded wars, etc to destroy the economy but now they’ll blame Obama for not fixing it. That’s their cynical approach. At least Obama seems like he relates & has compassion for common folks…even if he’s faking it.

  • chuck

    Id point out all the flaws in that post, but itd literally take me all night. You should really just stop. Youre starting to make yourself look bad. you should really do a quick google search before posting such ianrticulate inaccurate information.

    its cool that you support obama, rock on. But that doenst mean that everyone needs to agree with you. Theres a reason that Obama isnt running on his record this year though, dont forget that.

  • thatothanigga

    chief keef for president… bang bang

  • audiodope


    That’s because the Rothschilds are still in power.

  • Kill Them All

    And a lot of people think he’s doing a terrible job. So either have a debate or don’t, but this has just been one long series of cop-outs on your part.

  • DX

    Not much else needs to be said after @OU812 comment. Pretty much the gist of it. So all the useless back and forth by nimwits who think they know it all but know nothing should cease. Vote or don’t vote. Shit is not gonna change for you unless YOU change it no matter what.

  • marty mcfly

    @kill them All, its not a cop out but those same people who criticize the president have never even been the mayor of their own city. So the have no idea the weight of the kind of problems Obama has to deal with everyday. People have this idea that making decisions for an entire country and handle them within regards to the rest of the world, is some shit that is easily done. Well its not and trust most those people who criticize Obama would be stuck on handling the first issue on the first day if the had to read the stack of problems and issues that wait for Obama every morning on his desk.

  • DX

    They’ve basically put politics before politics. But do not fret. Obama will have much more freedom his next term and you all will have a better platform on which to judge him. To say he’s done a terrible job is to say the Republicans have done a terrible job. The President is the head of only one of three branches of government all of which have EQUAL power. Throughout the three branches the Republicans are the majority by ALOT.

  • marty mcfly

    AGAIN – America was an in debt, socially enslaving, mass murdering, money laundering, bribery controlled, racist, nuclear and atomic bomb dropping, gun totting, unconstitutional war starting, outta control spending, hollywood sensationalizing, drug war sponsoring, mind control manipulating, poor people oppressing, prison culture profiting, natural resource stealing, political truth twisting, overly other country controlling, multi trillion dollar killing machine, LOOOOOOOOONG BEFORE OBAMA WAS PRESIDENT. And yes SOME things have changed but you wont get that news cause everybody is only concerned with reasons the HATE Obama and they have no understanding, nor are they even interested in knowing about of any positive steps america has made the last four years. FIN

  • chuck


    did anyone ever say being president was easy? That doenst dismiss the fact that many people in this country, myself included, think that Obama has done a poor job in office.

  • Kill Them All

    ^it’s just ANOTHER cop-out

    Give up on this fool. He can’t talk politics.

  • chuck

    I know its useless, its just the teacher in me that wants to educate.

  • DX

    Even if someone had good intentions and had some kinda idea of utopia and dreams of everything being cake and ice cream it still wouldn’t matter. It’s just not the way the world works. This isn’t a movie. In reality the bad guy always comes out with the W. Evil rules the world. Do any of you recall JFK’s speech where he was trying to inform and warn the people of the “evils” that control the world behind the scenes? He basically puts it all out there which is why what happened to him happened.

  • Chuck E

    #smh @ the c-section…..

    But yeah, great pic.

  • marty mcfly

    FEAR mongering, racially charged, mentality programing, finger pointing at other countries, terrorist excuse making, political obstructing, nation destroying,…. That was also america before Obama. So debating one president with considering the history of america is not an honest debate.

  • Kill Them All

    ^Look! A cop-out!

  • marty mcfly

    withOUT considering…. That is. #Obama is not Jesus Christ and he never claimed to be so he cant snap his fingers and make america heaven on earth. NOBODY could

  • marty mcfly

    You could call it a cop out all you want but I could drop 100 years of history that lead america up to the position that it was in by the time Obama walk in the door and you would have no solution for fixing the endless amounts of circumstances america faces.

  • DX

    Read and educate yourselves. Turn off the tube and the radio and think for yourself. The truth is hidden there’s pple that bury it and don’t want you to find it. I’m reading some of this stuff and thinking how can pple argue with such conviction over things when they clearly haven’t educated themselves thoroughly on the topic at hand. No Ron Paul, no REAL CHANGE. They’ll just keep selling you hopes of change.

  • chuck


    thats your problem. Youre too short sighted. It has nothing to do with today, tomorrow, or even next year. It has everything to do with a direction that the country is heading in as a whole. Its not too late to change it.

    There are also many different reasons why some people will not vote for obama. The major reason I wont vote for Obama is because of the health care law that was passed. There are many other reasons, but that reason is enough alone.

  • $$$

    @ @$$$: Yep, you got me.

  • the realest

    Even if someone had good intentions and had some kinda idea of utopia and dreams of everything being cake and ice cream it still wouldn’t matter. It’s just not the way the world works. This isn’t a movie. In reality the bad guy always comes out with the W. Evil rules the world. Do any of you recall JFK’s speech where he was trying to inform and warn the people of the “evils” that control the world behind the scenes? He basically puts it all out there which is why what happened to him happened.
    DX said this on September 19th, 2012 at 8:18 pm

    ^ nigga no. his daddy died, thats how he died. how shit actually gets done in the world. nother discussion tho. and having a “everythings gonna go bad anyway” mentality, plagues the world and is largely responsible for why things stay the same. nobody putting they head on the line to get shit done. that is all. dope pic.

  • marty mcfly

    @chuck, if you were old and dying of some sickness that was curable and you tried to get help in 2007 and didn’t get because of the cost of insurance but now after Obama you were able to get medical attention. You would not be mad at Obama, you would be happy. @DX please stop with the Ron Paul shit because its no way he could make change. He could PLAN to make change but he doesn’t have the administration or the political strength and influence to even come close to actually doing anything. Ron Paul burned alot of bridges in government so even though he means well that wouldnt be enough.

  • DX

    I’ve only recently started posting on here but have found myself disagreeing with MR. McFly alot. But I have to agree with him on this one. Leave Obama alone it’s way bigger than just him. He’s just one man. The only way you get in that position is by agreeing to go along with the “flow”. Stand up against it and things might not work out to well for you. As for this Romney character, fuhgeddaboudit.

  • chuck

    @ marty mcfly

    Youre right, Id be pissed. But Id still rather not have the government involved in my healthcare. Its a principle thing, nothing more.

  • DX

    “Nigga no. His daddy died that’s how he died”. Prime example of the stupidity the plagues the world which in my opinion is the biggest epidemic of all. STUPIDITY

  • marty mcfly

    EXACTLY, The president has to GIVE a little in order to Get assistance in alot of different areas in Washington. He cant just do anything he wants all the time and the president who is best at handling that balance is the key to making positive steps FORWARD. Obama 2012

  • DX

    Who gave the healthcare bill the label “ObamaCare”? The same group with the majority amongst all three branches of govt. and got it forced through. That’s a republican bill. @McFly I’m only human. The Ron Paul thing is just me getting my hopes of change up too high. He just seems so legitimate. So real, authentic, I could go on and on

  • marty mcfly

    If Obama can keep us focused on our own economy instead of always getting involved in helping destroy other countries like the last 20 years of america then thats good enough for me. We have helped and also help damage every other place in the world, regardless of how america paints itself as the world hero when its not. Its time for america to help america and not just the people that make half a million and up per year but everybody.

  • Fucking stupid people

    @ DX where the hell did you come from? Do you know what a supermajority is? THAT’s what the Democrats had after the 2008 election, fool. A majority in EVERY house so powerful that not even a filibuster could stop them. Are you seriously retarded, or just trying to fit into a conversation that’s way over your head?

  • marty mcfly

    @DX, Ron Paul is cool but he also is a little wrong himself. He’s always talking about cutting federal spending just like alot of other people do but the problem is when you cut federal spending, state expenses and spending goes up and most states are already in the red and economic recovery will just lead us back in to federal spending on some level.

  • wesssider

    Black excellence? Hmmm.

  • DX

    @Fucking stupid people Dude I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but I’m far from stupid. I expected some hate thrown my since “a dumb nigga hates a smart mouth.” Sometimes you have to separate these politicians from their party ties. In fact if you do your research Obama’s voting record was WAY more Republican policy based than Democrat. Some say he’s a Republican in disguise. A little of topic but if people actually educated themselves about poltics specifically blacks they would find that they are more Republican than Democrats. For Christ”s sake the Democratic Party was founded by the KKK. I’m just gonna stop I’m tired got school early in the AM and I’m tryna fuck tonight before my girl gets into one of her moods. There’s things that none of us know for sure or ever will learn to learn from others and teach other’s who need help on their search for knowledge instead of name calling. Peace & Love

  • marty mcfly

    And please dont suggest how black should educate themselves on america cause believe me black peoples history is well known in america by all races and we have a very good reason to vote for Obama even if it is because his skin is the same color as ours. That alone is something black people have hoped for and worked to open a lane for for a very long time. Next time you see a photo of a slaves back just know that those hands played a huge role in making america a financial super power and all black people got in return was more oppression. So you damn right Romney has ZERO percent of the black vote.

  • Rudiment Evident

    @ Fucking stupid people

    Nice try. The Dems had a supermajority for maybe 2+ months total. Senator Franken wasn’t sworn in until July 2009, Senator Kennedy died August 2009 – then Kennedy’s seat was vacant one month before a temp replacement was sworn in. Then the holidays came and Congress was in recess until January 2010 – and in January 2010 Republican Scott Brown took Kennedy’s seat. Without a super-majority in The Senate the Democrats couldn’t do hardly anything.
    It takes 60 votes to break the GOP’s filibusters in order to invoke ‘cloture’ to bring a bill to the floor for a full senate vote.

    I’m sure you knew that already…sounding like some Sean Hannity talking points and all. I will say this. The Dems are pussies and terrible salesmen.

    Obama has done good that most don’t seem to know about. For those of you who are students, look at what Obama has done to help out people like yourselves.

  • Rudiment Evident

    look at what Obama has done to help out people like yourselves…with student loans, that is.

  • DX

    Dude I’m black. The gov’t knows that most blacks identify with the Democratic party. So why not have a black,charismatic,good looking, articulate,Republican run as a Democrat? I mean he’s basically continued alot of Bush’s/Republican’s policies. There’s alot of smoke and mirrors like I said none of us commoners really know absolutely all of the truth. Politics = The art of lying/deception. Logically you wouldn’t think that a group founded by the KKK would have blacks best interests in mind, would you? The whole Republican/Democrat us against them really is only amonst us. They work together more than apart. Peace out it’s cutty time bitches I’ma go extra hard for all of the sheep in the building

  • Mandingo

    Damn all that Beyonce is fine as fuck!!!!

  • marty mcfly

    @DX, Obama and many democrats are not KKK secret agents ok. Obama has a history of community service before he became president and many people in politics know him personally. Black people aint trippin off either party in politics but its no secret that this current republican party is not trying to help anybody other then themselves.



    You’re a history professor?
    You have yet to write ONE politically accurate FACT supporting your inane assumption on blacks and Obama.
    You sir, are no history professor.

    You’re a fuckin’ clueless dick rider who found a way to mask to prejudices in right wing talking points.


  • the true truth

    RON PAUL along with WE THE PEOPLE are the only entities that can save this country!

    Audit the Federal Reserve

    Get money out of politics

    Overturn corporations having same rights as citizens

    Stop the military industrial complex

    Stop fuckin bickering/being a pawn in the left-right paradigm and wake up

    Give rise to a 3rd party that has the people’s interest in mind

    ….. and wallllla

  • the realest

    The whole Republican/Democrat us against them really is only amonst us. They work together more than apart.

    ^ nigga thats how things get done. by working together. its not a blood vs crip thing. thats media hype inorder to catch more viewers. its a “i have different views from you, but how do we reach a compromise and work together to progress.” THATS politics. i guess some of these folks still confused. they think its WWE or some shit. and did i see a ron paul name come up in here? lol that nigga aint dead yet?

    long story short, politicians arnt corrupt, not all of them. but it only takes a few rotten apples to spoil the bunch. truth is, folks dont see everything. so when they are face the unknown, their nature is to assume worst. its not until they see it with their own two eyes that they can finally believe. but all the truthers just bunch all politicians together ass corrupt, while enjoying the benefits that the actual good ones fought long and hard for. = AMERICA.

    seriously tho, if you still have a “i hate the gov” mentality, and yous a grown ass man, yous not a grown ass man. and if you really bout that life, then get into it. scared? yeah. its easy to just google shit, talk and criticize. harder to actually make things happen. but please, carry on.

  • jjj

    white privilege has been going on since before we were all born. whites taking care of only whites because of what?simply because they were white! but now that minorities have the power in numbers(and will have the power in numbers for decades to come)when we use the same technique, we are considered racist & ignorant…lmao…
    the obvious oppression of black people has fcked our minds up but we see the truth clearer as the result…but on the other extreme…whites have been brainwashed far more worse and have become comfortable in their white luxury! now that tyrone, jose, shonte and maria are taking the country over on the ground; whites can only resort to fear & hate.