• SMH

    pregnant biddies though>

  • Tree92

    This beats Kendrick's album artwork in every way imaginable.

  • $$$

    I probably don't like anyone that even cracks a smile at this.

  • Cdubz

    dopeness at it's finest

  • BKnitts

    Bring on all the haters that won't actually listen to Prof but talk mad shit anyways. He makes bullshit tracks to get hype and make people buck at shows. If yall ACTUALLY dug in to his other material, you'd hear someone with a lot of passion and lyricism.

  • bret107

    Duluth mn. on deck for kvp3..... rad!

  • http://Google Tidbits86

    God Prof is the shit. BKKNITTS got it right. Prof has tons of dumb fun party tracks that get the place jumping, but listen to songs like myself or motor, you might not get buck but you will def get a better understanding of who this MC is.

  • urbanite

    I'm in the music video for "moron" it's gonna be dope!