Freddie Gibbs – Baby Face Killa (Album Preview)

blame it on Shake September 20, 2012

Next Tuesday, Gangsta Gibbs will be dropping off off his highly-anticipated Baby Face Killa project. A version with DJ Drama will be for the free while an official/tagless version will also be available on iTunes. Until then, FSD has provided a preview of what to expect. Hit the jump for the tracklist and music.

01 B.F.K.
02 Still Livin’
03 Money, Clothes, Hoes
04 The Hard f. Dana Williams
05 Kush Cloud f. Krayzie Bone & SpaceGhostPurrp
06 Walk In Wit the M.O. f. Dom Kennedy
07 Bout It Bout It f. Kirko Bangz
08 Krazy f. Jadakiss & Jay Rock
09 Stay Down
10 Boxframe Cadillac (’83 DeVille Mix) f. Z-Ro
11 Middle of The Night f. Wayne Blazed
12 Go For It f. Young Jeezy
13 On Me f. Problem
14 Tell a Friend f. Curren$y
15 My Nigga f. G-Wiz, D-Edge & Hit
16 Seventeen f. Young Jeezy & Slick Pulla
17 Breaking Bad f. Ea$y Money

  • kitten paws

    Gibbs music is the best man. He makes music I can workout to, chill to, pretty much do anything to. Snippets sound cool though.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Gibbs is cool. I listen to him here and there (“Mobbin” feat Jeezy & .38 are my joints) but I always wondered who in the world told this negro he got a “baby face”?…or better yet what mirror? LOL SMH

  • yellowflesh

    ^Don’t think he is talkin’ about himself playa

  • scuba knowzz

    holly shit, i was excited before i saw this dope ass treacklist. The song with Gibbs, Jadakiss & Jay Rock is gonna b so fuckin fire!

  • Pretty Tony

    REAL.DOPE.SHIT…. car tha niggas lived it…

    … Gangsta Gibbs Hoe!!!…

  • Juicy-G

    DOPE AF!!!

  • wat

    TOO underrated.

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    I’m super hyped for this. Gibbs is that dude. The Thuggin’ x Shame Ep’s go so hard. Gibbs has a dope flow and and be spittin’ real shit.


  • Bzb

    My anticipation list (in order of anticipation):

    Freddie gibbs
    Kendrick Lamar
    David Dallas

    I have to say Gibbs is by far the most slept on mc to date, besides maybe absoul

  • ianism

    too many features though. i want to hear gibbs, not the others. especially jeezy. dude’s voice is like a fucking vacuum cleaner


    I just dont hear what yall hear in Gibbs. To me he’s just like a skinny Killa Kyleon…who isnt even nice…just fits as many syllables as possible into every bar possible. Thats just from what few tracks I’ve clicked on from this dude. If im wrong tell me what other songs to listen to.

  • yuh

    ^well he definitely sucks.. Nah i fuck with jeezy i just wanted to say that

  • carleone

    A small piece of pac resurrected… realist thing ive said today lol.

  • chu the conqueror

    Fa sho!

  • QBN

    Gibbs & Jay Rock, two of the hardest muhfuckas in the game!

  • B


    Start with The Ghetto and National Anthem (Fuck The World). Both have videos. He’s the best doin it right now b.

  • a


  • EzMoney

    definitely looking forward to that Z-ro track! Mannnn… I hope his album holds up.. as of late..he been rapping bout bullshit. And thats coming from a fan.

  • yo puff daddy go listen to On The Corner,Murda On My Mind, Iodine Poison, Smoke tha pain away, the ghetto, Boxframe Cadillac uhhh thats just a couple off the top son. what else, homeboys girlfriend,B.A.NNed, Rob me a nigga, rap money. muhfuckas ONE of the best rappers OF ALL TIME, yea i said it

  • WR

    Freddie better than anyone out not named Kendrick

  • SammyMire

    ^^this guy got all the classics. Gotta add menace 2 society w dom, heaven can wait, womb to the tomb, higher learning