Freddie Gibbs – Kush Cloud f. Krayzie Bone & SpaceGhostPurrp (prod. SMKA)

Gangsta Gibbs' long-awaited Baby Face Killa drops September 25th.

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  • TheMid

    Ive been waiting too long for gibbs to link up with a BONE

  • shwiz


  • Krayzie Bone is still rapping laps around new rappers

  • Cilmoul

    Listened for Freddie. Stayed fro Krayzee Bone

  • You Gon Git This Work

    Anything with Krayzie Jackson is an instant download for me. This shit has that midwest vibe on it. The Midwest and West Coast are really taking shit over!

  • Mandingo

    That last verse should of been left off I had to nope bcuz of that. Asap Rocky was right Purrp should stick to making beats nigga is weak

  • Igotcha

    im ready for another krayzie album...he always ripping shit.

  • Elliott Wilson’s indian lover Muhammad

    This tape is gonna be a problem

  • justenjoythisshit


  • BillPowers
  • gbfhn

    Spaceghost really sucks, dude should be a shame of himself for spoiling a dope track. STICK TO DA BEATS BRUH BRUH

  • spencer


  • squirtle

    ohhh god spaceghost ruined the song, who the fuck is he

  • SpikeyJamez

    Another weed anthem is just getting redundant and boring as f*ck.

  • Mandingo

    If Spaceghost can rap then I can fly. GTFOH

  • skiler415

    spikeyjamez go fuck yourself and your 2 cents. This shit slaps, if you hate weed raps dont push play faggot!

    Gansta Gibs SPG all Day. Krazy bone is still rippin

  • J

    Fuck SGP. Gibbs shoulda dropped a 2nd verse but oh well. Shit is goes fed

  • Mont

    Krayzie Bone is a GOD.

  • EDS7

    cant wait to buy the retail version...BFK


    Hatin on SGP is a waste of time homie just elevates while you sus boys sit behind computer screens and shoot disses... pussy punks

  • mpls612

    Finally everybody's taking notice of the Mid-West. first hip-hop started in the east. then came gangsta rap from the west. then the whole southern movement came. now it's our chance to shine!

  • zachariah

    Playing Kush Cloud on Soundcloud, that shit loud, Krayzie I'm proud.


    "Finally everybody’s taking notice of the Mid-West. first hip-hop started in the east. then came gangsta rap from the west. then the whole southern movement came. now it’s our chance to shine!"

    Im pretty sure Common, Kanye, NO I.D, etc have already put the Mid-West on the map. Freddie Gibbs is cold as fuck tho! Mos Def coppin new shit!

  • realtalkny

    @SPVCECVSE Get SGP's dick out your mouth SUS BOY. That nigga has 3rd grade rhymes like you cannot defend that. Wipe the cum off your keyboard from suckin that nigga off. He's below average admit it.

  • sebastian

    asap cant rap but yall still suck his dick ..... space is alright

  • youreugly

    says the first man to mention Asap in the c-section. Lame


    @realtalkny Dont get yah head bust

  • d

    Q & Ab-Soul shoulda been on this....who agrees?


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