Random Acts of Fuckery: DMX On Google Edition

blame it on Shake September 20, 2012

Oh man, Zeke just destroyed my day by sending me this. What the fuck is a google!?

  • damnson!

    How long was he in jail? Like 30 years or something? Cokehead! Smh

  • clap!!!

    This is your brain on drugs

  • MIke

    Ignorant ass..

  • WTFisagoogle?

    I could have sworn X was the top commenter on 2dope!?

  • IllaIiller

    U got 2 Love X this dude is just 2 funny. Remeber when he was trippin off Barak Obamas Name? WHAT THE FUCK IS A OBAMA LMFAO!!!

  • DBS


  • fuck dis

    this aint even funny, dis nigga need to lay off the white asap

  • while ya’ll were off googling your nuts in your parents basements, dude was off touring the planet , starring in movies making millions of dollars… he ain’t making no fucking money sitting at home on his computer with you hating ass lames…dude has always been high strung, it’s a good reason why he made the music that he did. Dude just stays in his own lane, he dont give a shit about other people lol..gotta respect that. Sadly, for kids who don’t know his history he’s just a junkie to laugh at.

  • thekidcuba

    it seems pretty apparent to me that he was joking around.

  • rf’lj’doerfjmn

    Shake we dont give a fuck about your gay lover ZEKE FREAKY…why is 2HoeBoyz always using this site as a fucking diary. just post music and vids your friends are not the reason why I come to this site

  • Snorter P. Moneysworth

    Wow X is on a lot of cocaine right now

  • CoolCat

    “for my stuck in the 90s niggas”-Nas

  • hahaha GOGO funny nigga shieeeeeet (the wire blackman voice)

  • thecollegecurb



  • III


    Saying X is strung out on drugs is not being a “hating ass lame”. Fuck outta here with that. If anyone else acted like DMX, you’d think they were just another junkie too. Just because he made good music in the past doesn’t mean he’s free to make a fool out of himself for the rest of his life and not get called out on it.

    This is coming from someone who puts It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot in their top 10 albums list. Just because I think DMX is acting a damn fool in this video doesn’t mean I don’t know my history.

  • LexiCon

    “that’s an arrow…and that’s a hand…there is a line…why? WHY? THE SHIT IS CONFUSING!” LOL! gotta love DMX for that!

  • Beavis

    He still on dope…Touching his nose to much

  • RoddyP

    its sad to say but i dnt think X is gonna live much longer….

  • That dude broke down some occult ish with “Goo google” baby talk.
    DMX is aware of what the HEAVEN is going on in earth

  • gavin


    FINALLY someone in the c-section thats not just some 13 year old talking shit about something they know NOTHING about (pretty much just rap in general).



  • Shawn

    DMX got money to make other mother fuckers do this. He don’t need to fuck around with Google and shit like we do.


  • ToolofGeorgiaBoys

    @rn506 & @Gavin are you people really defending X, whether people know his history or not that doesn’t mean shit, that was the past, now X is a struggling junkie who based on this video can barely function without help, if you guys were truly fans of his, then you would not support or defend his coked out interviews & press.

  • rwhq

    there is no excuse for a wealthy 40 man to be this uninformed. this is not cool. this is not cute. this is not real. this is embarrassing

  • qw

    side note that girl is fucking cute!

  • flip illson, on behalf of all the smart dumb niggas

    Mr. Simmons, a “googol” is the digit 1 followed by one-hundred zeros.

    this what a googol looks like:

    —a dying metaphor—

  • who cares

    Holy shit, X needs to pull himself together. Every video that gets released is worse than the one before it.

  • gavin


    Sorry DMX isn’t a fucking drone glued to his computer screen or phone like the rest of us. He might have gotten hooked on alotta drugs but the fucker LIVED LIFE. HE BECAME A HIP-HOP LEGEND. He’s lived more in a week than the rest of us have our whole lives. Think about that shit before you go and talk down someone, like YOU’RE anybody.

  • gavin

    yall actin like not wanting to use google makes you legally brain dead. i’m pretty sure DMX can still walk, talk, eat, sleep, and breath on his own WITHOUT using google. I swear to god man yall are the scumb of the internet. People that REFUSE to critique their own boring ass lives so they wanna hop on the nearest computer and critique other people who actually have the balls to put themselves out there, instead of just hiding being their opinions on a computer screen. As if “having an opinion” is what really makes you matter in life.

  • ToolofGeorgiaBoys

    @Gavin and your point is, nigga i’m 18, I gotta full life to live, this man has had his high points, but now he is making himself out to look like a joke, it doesn’t matter how good he was years ago, that don’t mean shit if you ain’t got nothing to show for, D-Block still making moves, Eve is getting back in it, and Swizz is married to a beautiful woman, while X is bashing Drake & just now figuring out something my 6 year old couisins can do.

  • Haha

    This shit is depressing…

  • SHOWMAN3000

    What a failure! SMH!

  • bdegzz


  • LupeX

    2dopeboyz please this is not WorldStarHipHop, keep it classy!

  • war22

    Eminem is like him when it comes to computers…if u ask me i cant imagine a life without internet…but them dudes are old school so gotta respect them

  • the realest

    when @rn506 said “know your history.” the nigga wasnt talking about his damn catalog, hes talking about his drug dependency. something more important than any music. but yall WAY too young for anything real in life.

    and secondly, when dmx was poppin and doing his thang, cputers and laptops was not the way it is now. when dmx was poppin, shit chirps was the sidekicks and iphones of the world. not too mention he grew up in the dirt poor hood. where cputers were as rare as rolls royces

    but i swear the 2dbz hipsters are way too young and ignorant to real life.