50 Cent – Formula 50 (Book Cover)

blame it on Shake September 21, 2012

Cover art to Curtis’ next book, Formula 50. A six-week workout/nutrition regime that hits shelves (and iTunes) on December 27th.

  • jimmyrustler

    this shit leak yet?

  • hwr

    lol looking like vince mcmahon smh

  • gay looking cover, gay face, he makes gay music and is pretty much gay. Fuck 5 O. Fucking snitch nigga!


  • P

    that shit gonna be dope yo,cant wait till it drops #snitchniggaswag

  • ^ only faggots are looking forward to this shit. Reading about how this faggot works out and looking at pics of this snitch nigga’s body. Fuck that shit. homo ass nigga!

  • factormax

    why do people want to be that strong?

  • People today wants to be healthy and in shape….. You dudes on keyboards always got some pre-k shit to say!!!!!


    “why do people want to be that strong?” ??? Are you kidding me? Did you forget to put your balls on this morning or what dude? Go back to your xbox and skinny jeans

  • bdegzz

    I been doing weights for about a year and a bit now i might get this i have the ll cool j one which was pretty good

  • Mike

    Good title and it’s gonna be a good book, dre and 50 been working out KRAZY though lol

  • Charlie

    Is 50 and Dr.Dre going to teach us where to inject the Steroids???

  • Mischief

    ^50 has been ripped since he came out. That old nigga Dre just started lifting and he looking like the hulk. Im sure the Dr. on the roids.

  • Formula Steriod

  • Pros2ill

    my nigga fif doing that zoolander look though

  • Shit … it comes out on my birthday. lol

  • MisterPoliteness

    There’s a wealth of information on bodybuilding and working out on the internet. I don’t understand why people buy into these celebrities’ workout books. Yes, they do give great advice, but no amount of advice will do anything unless you bust your ass in the gym. I’ve been lifting for about 8 years and achieved great results (without steroids) buy tailoring my workout routine to my body and needs. Here’s a simple workout routine
    Mon – Chest /triceps
    Tues – Back, biceps
    wed – Legs
    Thurs – Shoulders/traps.
    I do 4-5 exercises for each muscle group. 3 sets for each exercise. I switch up my rep scheme every week. I eat high protein, moderate carbs, low fat. Take a multivitamin, fish oil, vitamin C, and I’m good. Also I run 1-5 miles a day.

    This is very simple to understand, but difficult to follow if you do not have discipline. People get discouraged if they don’t see results right away. On the weekends, I try to stay active by biking, hiking, jogging, playing sports. Also I don’t drink alcohol which is a huge benefit

  • crackadon

    fuck yeah, brand new fap material!

  • Faded 3000

    i fuck wit 50 the long way… whatever the fuck that means

  • Joe

    MisterPoliteness knows whatsup

  • slayingtheilluminati

    more roids, more roid, MORE ROIDS!!!
    fuck 50 cent (the fake one like on this cover)