Chief Keef – Ballin’ (Video)

blame it on Illy September 21, 2012

Off Chief Keef’s Finally Rich mixtape, coming soon.

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  • jojoab

    super talented

  • rnb

    i wonder if he took care of his grand mom now that he’s ballin.

  • real hip-hop

    Good to see 2dopeboyz posting some real Hip-Hop at last none of that waterdown crap

  • Kobe

    this kid is going bankrupt quicker than soulja boy


    Funny how 2dope writes some shit bout how they don’t fuck with what Chief is about, then they go and post a niggas music. Haha

  • i’ll never get that 3:35 back…

  • picky

    11 sarcastic dopes on this video ??

  • JPM

    “Finally Rich”.. Finally? The dudes 17.. He barely had to work a day in his life.. Talkin finally..

  • this shit horrible… at least he aint rapping ab murdering no one in this rap doe???/

  • factormax

    cheif keef putting on a clinic on how to fuck up your buzz

  • factormax

    1. Diss kanye and lupe
    2. Murder
    3. Release bad music

  • thatPMF

    I dont get why you dont promote OF (just kidding, I know) but still, compared to this? just doesnt seem right

  • DaveG

    I categorize this with ASAP Rocky…complete trash, garbage, preschool raps and production, pathetic attempt at music. No wonder record execs use these ignorant people… Their production costs pennies compared to a real producer and apparently some stupid group in society buys this type of music…geeeze. Put the art back in hiphop

  • lol its not that bad like some of you make it out to be … its bad but not that bad.
    Its Rick Rossz Hold me back bad, which is bad but not horrible … If you wana hear a realy horrid song go listen to Meek Mills new single.

  • j

    clicked dope before listening, keef always delivers bars!

  • Lil Reese is dope he’s from GBE too, along with Fredo Santana. If you like Keef you should check them out

  • Dope

    ^^^all little ignorant bitches.

  • i need dat Keef x Weezy x Drizzy x Waka x Guda Wuda collabo asap

  • Mike Tomlin

    Even worse than expected. Were there any verses? Someone kill this dude already


    ey, what the FUCK is this?

    I’ll tell you, its a rmeinder why I don’t check this site anymore. it used to be focused on quality shit, now its mostly shit.

  • $$$

    My dog was barking so loud when I hit play.

  • Bravo


  • You guys post this but when I email you Stann Smith’s ish, you don’t?

  • ChiefQueef

    the next nas? how do you figure you slimy diarrhea shit stain in your moms panties? He is more like the next lil wayne, an over rated, over paid, talentless, garbage commercial artist who appeals to tasteless retards.

  • KIM

    @factormax you fucking idiot he was in NY when jojo was killed, i can tell you the type to snitch when its time to smh

  • kendrick

    keef real af

  • kendrick

    j/k, he is fake as fuck

  • merkone

    I feel sorry for the 41 peeps that marked this down as dope??!!

  • Wade Wilson

    I seriously don’t get how you can justify promoting this embarrassing ass child who only reps a small part of Chicago. On top of that he promotes and laughs at others deaths and tries to play it off later when called out on it. He has no talent and spits in the face of those who helped him get what he has now just based on them acknowledging his existence. I understand your issues with OF and Lupe are different but from a human being in general standpoint you shouldn’t give this piece of crap any shine It like your p

  • Wade Wilson

    PromOting death as well

  • UK Man

    I can’t believe no one’s written ‘THAT’S THAT SHIT I DON’T LIKE’. This tune’s hot garbage, yo.