Macklemore Freestyles in The Backroom (Video)

blame it on Illy September 21, 2012

Macklemore breaks into 106 & Park’s Backroom with a few bars. The Heist arrives October 9.

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  • pros2ill

    couldn’t say ive ever liked anything ive heard from him, but this flow was pretty ill

  • james peter

    that was ill. the jacket was not. seattle waddup!

  • jay

    this was a true freestyle, not like most rappers now a days pre written and shit. dope as fuck. looking too proper with the jacket.

  • Greg Focker

    Tony the t̶i̶g̶e̶r̶ ̶ Cypher

  • wat

    This was not a true freestyle. Clearly written. His flow is just weird so he stops a lot. Still dope but I really dislike his flow.

  • Opinions are like assholes…

  • afffeng110

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  • who cares

    This was ill as fuck.
    @jay – I don’t know what you’re smoking, this was clearly written. Just because he messed up in the middle doesn’t mean it wasn’t written, just means he stumbled. That shit happens in the booth too.

  • Nick

    For all of ya’ll that are dissin his jacket, it’s from his new music video Thift Shop.

  • brendan

    No way this is free style. macklemore still the sickest shit around. slick coat.

  • sharon

    If you ain’t got haters you ain’t doing shit. Got your own flow and creativity. Goin to check the live show October.

  • Izzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    written or not macklemore is sick wit it

  • SBS

    Damn now all of a sudden niggas is trippin about whether freestyles are written or not? Like Tyga and Chris Brown can just spit the way they do off the dome on their “freestyles”? Hip Hop is way too hypocritical nowadays where you can just hate on freestyles by dudes you ain’t feelin but then 5 minutes later be praising shit by some wack ass nigga who has heads writing lyrics for them claiming it’s a freestyle.

  • Kanye East

    Channing Tatum killing shit.

  • the boner

    “even dope with a british accent” or whatever. sounds asher roth ish

  • fuckBETlinks

    Thanks for not using a dumbass auto play link

  • aHometownHero

    similar flow to asher except ash doesnt fuck up in the middle. and also doesnt look like a clown

  • CPTKrunch

    This dude doesnt sound like Asher at all. Do you listen to rhyme schemes and hip hop or did you just like his I love Colleg Song?

  • bongwater

    god damn this guy is so damn corny it hurts to watch

  • SLickRick

    Here we are once again at the age old argument of what constitutes a freestyle. Kids…gather round…. if a muthaficka spits shit that he’s already written, that shit is not a freestyle. simple as that. I dont care if its in a “freestyle setting” or what not, that shit is not a freestyle, and the world should start to learn not to call it such. That is all.

  • Koins

    All of you in the 2dopeboy c-section. Until you can do what these emcees can do, dont talk. thumbs up or thumbs down. UNLESS YOUR COMMENTS HAVE SUBSTANCE theres no need for your useless feedback on fashion and how to “RAP”.

  • kenshi

    Dude is nice but he looked like Beast Man from Masters of the Universe. I wish I still had that toy. Probably worth at least $20 by now.

  • truth

    this dude is the biggest fag ever. hip hop was not made for white hipster douchebags, it was made for street niggas.

  • realtalk™

    ^oh the irony.. most of the rappers out now are hipster douchebags regardless of skin color, not “street niggas”

  • Every kind of rapper has been around since the dawn of hip-hop, which in itself is a FUSION of other genres and originally an experimental mix. The fact is that most rappers have not been getting the limelight since the internet changed the way people listen to music, whereby individuals choose exactly what they want to listen to, and are much less influenced by the radio, sometimes 100%.
    If you don’t like it, then just fuck off haha. You’re wasting YOUR time and internet bandwidth by commenting and contributing nothing decent to the conversation.
    You will not sway a fan by simply disliking or promoting your judgmental views. If you didn’t know – Music listening is the ONLY activity that uses 100% of the brain. Why would a negative comment change the way an individual finds something pleasing?


    wow, i thought lil b was a fag…this guy has him beat.

    what a joke and a haircut….lmfao

  • The “mess up” in the middle was also planned… You can tell cause everything rhymes and it didn’t throw off the timing. Get it together people! Mack is fresh.

  • wat

    @SLickRick: You’re wrong, though. According to Big Daddy Kane, a freestyle is a written verse that doesn’t belong to any song or any theme. It’s just random bars. If it’s off the dome, they just called it off the dome. That’s coming from a pioneer in Hip Hop, so yeah. YouTube it if you don’t believe me.

  • therock

    Why are people saying this dude is a fag? To all the people who think the rap game belongs to rich, high and ignorant gangsters be prepared for a slap in the face. This guy didnt cuss once, he didnt insult a girl just talked about one, he stays true to himself and is making moves in his life, he just dropped a song about supporting gay marriage, the fact that you’re hating on somebody behind a computer screen is pathetic. This guy is dedicated to his fans and his fans only. lighten up.

  • Just Sayin

    Yo this shit was sick even though dude looks like the Situation from the Jersey Shore

  • Van

    Seattle makin moves right now…. check out Sam Lachow and Raz Simone 5 Good Reasons

  • Perculate

    Anybody who talks shit about Mack, just doesn’t know. You probably listen to T-Pain, and whatever else plays on the radio. It is very refreshing to hear someone like Macklemore, in a sea of mindless hip hop. Keep on doing what it is you do Mack… Pop them tags. ;-)

  • Cash Warner

    Support unsigned hype! check out my free mixtape at

  • Mattarl

    definitely “off the dome” “freestyle”. those who doubt do not understand the skills it takes. it sounds written cuz he worked his ass off to be dope.


    If you aint feelin Mack you just dont know quality hip hop. Iv been listening to this dude for 7-8 years no since Language of my World was released and hes gotta be one of the deepest emcees in the game. Aside from his satire songs ( just like eminem had My Name Is, Real Slim Shady etc etc) everytyhing he makes has real meaning and a message behind it. Again, if you dont like him you just dont know hip hop.

  • marz

    Deff not off top. And the stumble in the middle was premeditated you dumb fucks. The coat was really wack, but that’s his steez so whatever.

  • nyc

    @slickrick lemme guess, your old as fuck lol…the definition(S) of freestyle are rhymes off the top of the head, and a written verse that doesnt belong to a song….the second definition has been around almost as long as the first, now get over it

  • RyanH

    Macklemore is the truth man. Definition of Conscious Hip Hop. Sick of hearin broke ass rappers spit about their chains and cars. All you haters are just ignorant as fuck. Thrift shop hustlin!

  • GLD

    Guys if he truly messed up he wouldn’t have pointed it out. Live performance is all about keeping it going, you’re never going to let the crowd know you made a mistake.

    So yeah, the “mess up” was planned.

  • Dizzir

    the bro popped that jacket for 99c from the thrift shop, haha, The man, He ain’t afraid to speak the truth.

  • KingDeanis

    macklemore is the shit, he flexed it pretty good here. and that jacket is the shit as well, theres a reason he buys thrift store items, check it

  • that jacket is ill. lol

  • Minajay206

    Thrift Shop baby!! Seattle is on the map yet again. Macklemore’s flow is ill. Oh and don’t hate on the coat. haha. Who can rock possum like that?

  • GorillaKiller

    Who ever said rap is for gangsters and real ass niggas your a fucking dumb ignorant idiot. The beastie boys were really the first rap band which sparked a lot of other rap crews and run DMC. White people started rap, yes you heard me WHITE people you ignorant fucking nigger!

  • Rltalk

    @GorillaKiller I suggest you check out Macklemore’s song White Privilege to get a real clue where white people stand in hip hop culture. Secondly, I suggest you go to any rap show and repeat your comment. Please ask someone to film what happens.