Mister Cee’s Biggie, Jay-Z or Nas Mix

blame it on Shake September 21, 2012

…and argue all day about, who’s the best MC’s, Biggie, Jay-Z, or Nas?

To help celebrate the upcoming 15th year anniversary of Jay’s In My Lifetime, Vol. 1, Mister Cee turned his Throwback At Noon segment on Hot97 into a mix of the three legendary emcees.

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  • vlad

    he beat-juggles over the famous “you look so good i’d suck on your daddy’s dick” line

  • 780 & Heartbreak


  • singam

    Jay without a doubt.

  • fuckdiggy


  • paulv1luv

    Hov is the goat. all these 3 mcs are in my top 5 tho so its all love

  • ggrgr

    yall niggas is buggin big all day

  • Read a book


  • Big doesn’t have the collection of work Nas or Jay-Z have…my personal choice is Nas, more of a raw emcee…Jay-Z is dope 2… there isn’t definitive #1 , it’s just your personal flavour…Imagine the greatness if Big had dropped like 10 albums?

  • rnb

    Id say Biggie and Nas although Jay got loads of good work he’s lacking in originality.


    if you only consider their first 2 albums BIG takes it but overall Nas is goat

  • QBN


  • Ramelo

    Big > Nas > Jay… Big did it the best, Nas has the most talent/potential, Jay made the most out of his situation and has the best career! Not up for debate!

  • marty mcfly

    @rnb, Jay is lacking in originality? GTFOH cause I dont know of any rapper that Jay has been biting off for the last 16 years especially when he’s been out way longer then most rappers and doing alot better too. And dont gimmie that shit about how he takes some of BIGs lines either cause you know why. Jayz – “I say a BIG verse, im only biggin up my brother, biggin up my borough, im big enough to do it, im that thorough and I know my own flow is foolish”. As for Nas he is definitely top 5 but he aint quite get passed Jay yet and truthfully I think Common and Nas still have much to be debated over in regards to who the better MC is but in Jayz case? I dont see any rapper up there in his lane at all. GOAT

  • Ang

    @marty mcfly…you’re entitled to your opinion and Jay is great. You’re definitely stanning tho! Just by you saying his line “I say a BIG verse, im only biggin up my brother” it says you feel insecure enough to make an excuse…Camron put that nigga Jay on full blast with the biting. Jay bit 4 bars of Eminem for his collab with Nas “Success” of AG. Jay definitely has the best career in terms of success for any MC. No question about that..But Jay at his best isn’t competing with Nas or Biggie at their best, it’s really not even close. Jay has quite abit of BS in catalog outside of the biting. Vol. 3, half of the Dynasty, BP2, Kingdom Come, BP3 all are lackluster. And sorry but as dope Common is, he’s not in the same conversation as Nas.

  • marty mcfly

    Ok well if Jay is biting other people or if BIG is writing albums for Jayz then tell them thanks for some of the best albums in hip hop history. The truth is its Jayz thats coming up with his own material and anybody with sense knows that. People feel like they putting Jayz on blast like someone else is writing his bars because they the ones thats insecure. It aint just about Jay’s career but yeah he been hotter then Nas since 98 but we can talk straight up bars and bar for bar Jay got the material homie. Jay aint just talking, he got his real story and his real life being told in that music so if BIG is somehow channeling Jays own story for the other side then tell BIG good looking out. And Common is definitely in the conversation with Nas, go back and check Commons history. EXACTLY

  • marty mcfly

    And those albums you call lackluster, I could still point out multiple jewels on each one of those albums. Vol 3 – So Ghetto, Dope Man, There’s been a Murder, Come and Get Me, NYMP, Anything. Dynasty – Intro, Streets is talking, This Cant Be Life, Stick 2 the Script, Guilty Until Proven Innocent, 1-900- Hustler, Soon You’ll Understand, Where Have You Been. BP2 – A Dream, The Watcher, All Around The World, I Did It My Way, Guns and Roses, Some How Some Way, Some People Hate, Blueprint, Show You How. Kingdom Come – I could go on and on with this, you get the point…

  • ghost of notorious

    IMO …nas. jay right there w him but nowadays he just tryin to stay relevant, the world didn’t need a WTT. section.80 ate that album lol. Bp3 was also just ok. Hovs best days were his roc days, wish he made an album that wasn’t solely based on going platinum, meaning gettin cuts w the hottest rappers out right now. Nggas will diss him, but if they hott at the moment he’ll get on a track w him

  • huh

    Anyone w sense wouldn’t put common & nas in the same category, what history are you talking about?

  • Kill

    “Nggas will diss him, but if they hott at the moment he’ll get on a track w him”

    Like who? I can’t think of a single example.

  • marty mcfly

    Section 80 in no way possible outdid WTT because there is nothing you can use to support that claim other then your opinion and if it went platinum that means it was actually appreciated. As for BP3 – D.O.A: hip hop NEEDED this song because it stop every song in the mainstream from trying to sound like T Pain and get back to rapping. Run This Town = Big record, Empire State = Big record, On To The Next = Big record, A Star Is Born = Big record and served its purpose crossing over J Cole, Young Forever = Big record especially overseas and whats even worse for haters out there is he actually still rapped better then your favorite underground artist even on his singles. You dont even have to be a Jayz fan to easily agree with that. You say its him just trying to go platinum, ok BUT within those bars he still is actually saying something.

  • marty mcfly

    @huh, you aint gotta ask me, just go back and listen to every Common album and then ask yourself honestly if he deserves to be in that same conversation cause I could list a shit load of songs that are quite lyrical from Common that have a mountain of substance in them.

  • marty mcfly

    Oh yeah and @ghost of notorious, American Gangster wasn’t made to go platinum because that whole album was a concept album meant to just be lyrical as Jay used his real life to speak on the similarities between that and the American Gangster film as far as the timeline of events in the movie. That in itself is very difficult to do and even though it was a few years ago it was the album right before BP3 where he totally went a different way again.

  • DX

    You woulda thought it was some pussy in the c section with all this back and forth going on. Hov is the greatest period. Go back and do your research. Hov not original? GTFOH. Nas is a fucking clown and a sellout. He is another of many 2Pac imitators. RIP Big. Defending Nas WTF do yall niggas listen to music or just skim thru it. Nas is a fuckin pussy

  • marty mcfly

    @DX, idk about all that cause Nas is still dope and his first two albums are still some of the most influential and incredible albums in hip hop history but I just wish he maintained that level of excellence just a LITTLE BIT better.

  • DX

    Nas is a fuckin 2Pac imitator he was always biting Pac and Pac wrote about it in his music. Hov>Pac>Big. No respect for phony niggas. Most of these industry niggas are Pac/Big clones yall niggas would probably cry if you found out really how shit goes on behind the scenes with ya fav rapper.

  • ghost of notorious

    Lil waye – hello brooklyn
    50 cent – I get money remix.
    If ya hot ya hot right jay lol…..

    Marty…we get it your on hovs nuts, wtt was overated. Of course you wouldn’t deny that. I don’t really care for
    braggadocio money rap that. Nobody can’t fckn relate to all
    the time. Section80 was less promoted and highly praised
    by critics. IMO …american gangsta was horrible.

  • wonder

    Lol @dx funny you say that bout nas, cuz erbody know how much nas influenced jay. Dead presidents ring a bell, hob didn’t even ask for his permission. I bet you would cry if u knew what went behind the scenes of yours. Pac wasn’t the best, but his music made millions feel what he was sayin. Pac and nas squashed beef and were in talks of working together before he died.

  • marty mcfly

    @ghost, but the thing is I dont even have to use my opinion to support what im saying. I can just use reality and the reality is people like WTT and songs like Hello Brooklyn. I never heard the I Get Money remix but anyway its not me just using my opinion, its just me telling the truth. You say people cant relate to his music but obviously many people do cause its far more then just braggadocio raps but thats all YOU heard. You never tried to pick on the substance of No Church For The Wild, New Day, Murder Of Excellence, Made In America and Why I Love You and thats cause all you heard was Niggas In Paris and that title alone involves substance deeper then whats on the surface. You say Section 80 was highly praised and thats great now go check out WTT reception. Again thats not just my opinion, im only telling you the truth. The last time Jay got a bad review it was for Kingdom Come but even Jayz worst effort had The Prelude, Kingdom Come, Lost Ones, Do You Wanna Ride, Minority Report and Beach Chair. Jays worst and most sloppy effort is still better then your favorite new rappers greatest efforts.

  • Kill

    @ Ghost

    Yeah… both of those songs came out YEARS before their “beefs”, little guy. Want to try again?

  • DX

    [email protected] That’s one fucking instrumental dumbass just bcuz someone rhymes on beat that someone else already did and does a better job means that he’s influenced by the guy who did it first? Jay sounds nothing like Nas, Nas nothing like Jay, so where’s the fucking influence. Their careers don’t mirror each other’s in anyway. As for “biting”, first of all everyone walking this earth takes ideas from other pple and applies them. With Nas/Pac it was much more deeper than just “biting” an idea. He tried to emulate his entire image after Pac’s. GTFOH you got nothing on me when it comes to this shit bra. Ya fav rapper is a phony deal with it

  • Q

    The nimwit is probably referring to the singles as being braggadocious as all of them are in today’s era. WTT has deep meaningful shit on it also it’s not just full of singles like C4

  • marty mcfly

    @DX you going on and on with this Nas is biting Pac shit but thats just your opinion man. Pac has been gone for years now and even when he was alive there has always been a difference between the two artists. Pac is much more aggressive and impulsive as a writer, Nas is much more laid back and calculated as a writer. They are not the same, It Was Written does not sound like All Eyes On Me, Illmatic does not sound like Me Against the World and I Am does not sound like Makaveli.

  • DX

    @mcfly Wipe Nas’ cum from around ya mouth bra. Like I said do your research niggers before you come on a hip hop blog tryna comment on hip hop. Look at where Nas is at, he’s just another signed slave that’s it. If Pac was still alive that nigga would be IRRELEVANT. When I speak I’m coming from actually have had studied this shit not just dickriding some random nigga cuz he made a song that I liked.GTFOH

  • Q

    Nas “Esobar” FOH Lol

  • Cubano

    I love Jay but its Nas for me…there are only 2 albums i dislike from Nas…but Jay I thought Vol.3, BP2, Bp3, Watch the Throne, Kingdom come, and the r kelly albums were wack. I think people forget how many wack albums Jay has they just focus on the handful of classic songs on the albums not the albums in their entirety. Don’t throw the Firm in my face cuz nas was on like 3 songs only lol but yeah my opinion

  • marty mcfly

    You can come up with all the gay sounding comments you want but that shit dont apply to me so speak for yourself and for idiots like you that call people dickriders for just speaking reality, you sound even more ridiculous. People dont dickride Nas fool, its just obvious as hell that he actually is just a dope artist. I can come down to your ignorant mentality as well so you understand. Take Pacs dick out your asshole you faggot.

  • marty mcfly

    @Cubano, it aint just classic songs, its whole classic albums that people like and even Jayz worst albums did incredible well and all have a gang of lyrical songs on them. You say dont talk about the Firm album but then you use the Best Of Both World albums but the fact still remains that people liked those albums even if the underground hip hop purists did not.

  • DX

    Lmao pussies catching feelings on a blog site cuz they don’t know shit this shit is pure entertainment for me nigga! Lol. Fuck ya life, fuck fake as Nas, Let’s GO NOLES!!! Lol

  • Cubano

    ^^^Dog go back and listen to those albums that i said were wack….I bet you will agree with me with at least some of them I have refreshed a lot of Jay fans memories lol And Jay was on every song with r kelly on those albums and they were wack and were not critically acclaimed…thats what makes it different from the firm album it was a compilation album Nas was only on like 4-5 and they were all dope songs (except firm biz ew lol)

  • Mandingo

    Jay,Pac,Big,would have never spit some shit that someone else wrote…

  • marty mcfly

    @Cubano, go back and listen to some of THE LYRICS from those albums you call wack and you’ll hear Jay talking about some complex shit aside from just stunting about his money. BP2 had Meet The Parents, The Streets from Best of Both Worlds, Welcome To The Jungle from WTT, So Ambitious from BP3, as well as the other songs I listed earlier. When people ignore certain songs because they wanna pretend they dont exist, they aint being honest about those projects they say lack substance or are wack. Nas is to Jayz what AZ is to Nas, just as talented but will always be a step behind and in the shadow of who their being compared to.

  • marty mcfly

    Dont just look at song titles from albums but then dont listen to the songs. Go back and listen to whats being said. Jay is known for having rhymes with double meanings because who learned very early that he would be hated because of his success. Alot of those songs people say are just materialism are actually deeper then that.

  • CyHi

    It’s all subjective no need to be going at each other’s throats. I’m rolling with Jay Z. Go back and listen before he “dumbed down and doubled his dollars”. Sick wit it

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ Jay-z: They criticized me for it, yet they all yell “holla”…. Since I know what I’m up against
    We as rappers must decide what’s most important
    And I can’t help the poor if I’m one of them
    So I got rich and gave back, to me that’s the win/win… Just give those lyrics context.

    Its basically like the Nastradamus album, people will say it sucks but if you go back and listen in hindsight you’ll see that he was saying some shit on that album.

  • the realest

    all equal. thats easy. of course jay had the best career, but thats bcuz he CEO’d all his projects. goes a long way. if biggie never died, and the puff n biggie duo kept goin, dont know if jay is half a billion rich at this point. and nas was the hood poet. dont any of yall niggaz ever say no foul shit bout that nigga. the fuck wrong with you fucks. and never did nas bit tupac. idiot that was dmx, ja rule and 50 cent. nas was no where near that lane. niggaz just be sayin shit just bcuz aint no one presentto check em smh.

    biggie = nas = jay. end of the fuckin story. now lets enjoy the damn music.

  • xxx

    ^That’s the pussiest cop out I’ve ever heard. No way in hell they’re all equal. Then you say some shit like Nas never bit Pac,then you call Nas the “hood poet”. Bitch Pac was the hood poet you just contradicted the fuck outta ya self. FOH choose or die.

  • the realest

    not in lyricism terms he wasnt. that nigga would get impeached or forced to resign. tupac couldnt rap for shit. had strong messages, but average bars. fuck outta here with anything else. get off that mans dick.

    and biggie jayz n nas are all equal. to pick one over the rest wouldnt be justifiable, and would just turn into a hater discussion. jay had the most control and help with projects, biggie had puff and only got to release 2 albums, and nas had to do it all on his own career-wise, and is considered top 3 with the worst production selection of the three.