Who Wants to See Rockie Fresh in LA?

blame it on Shake September 21, 2012

On September 24th, Rockie Fresh will be taking his talents to the Key Club in Los Angeles. And the Dopehouse has a pair of tickets for one lucky viewer. All you’ve gotta do to win is hit the c-section with your thoughts on him signing with MMG and I’ll pick a winner at random. Good luck.

  • Chris Alonso

    At first I’ll admit I was a little shocked when I found out dude signed to MMG but in this day and age, you do what you gotta do. In my eyes, he doesn’t fit in with the rest of them cats. His first two projects were cold as fugg! Punchline king is what the people on the web were calling him. I would agree. Only time will tell how his career will turn out having a cop as his boss. Still respect dude and will continue to support real shxt. Chicago is REALLY on the come up and he’s just one example.

  • Aldo Rivera

    Rockie signing to MMG is in my eyes a good move for dude. I highly doubt his sound/flow will change now that he’s signed abd this will get him more exposure to other markets. He and Meek compliment each other well.

  • ol black ass qwan

    First off, I’m high as hell right now lol…Definite good look. If anything, it’ll bring much needed awareness (new ears) to a nice muhfucka. I actually hadn’t heard of dude until his verse on BrandUn DeShay’s “they notice”…had a nigga on campus tahmbout “Rockie in the buildin’, ain’t a nigga cleaner, these hoes want the D just off my demeanor” for weeks. I’m sure I annoyed the shit out of a bunch of people. Don’t blame me, blame Rockie bruh.

  • Wrigley Boss

    Rockie Signing To MMG Was a Step Into Getting Him Out of The Underground and Into The Main Stream. Even Though I Don’t Like Ross He Has an Eye For Talent. He Clearly Sees That Rockie Has Potential To Be Great, We’ll See Where It This Goes..

  • I was shocked to hear Rockie signing with MMG. He really doesn’t fit the MMG “Trap” sound. He’s more of a TDE artist if you ask me. His style and music is more mellow-laid back than flashy. But MMG has surprised with recent and current releases, so I’ll keep an open ear to see what “The Boss” does with Rockies future project. Either could be a hit or Rockie & Gunplay are going to be best friends backstage.

  • Comin’ from Chicago, I already have a biased look on it but, Rockie deserves what he got.. He’s already put in mad work before the signing and the quality has always been there from the get. I’m real happy that Chicago is finally gettin’ the exposure that it needs. For a Major Market, it never had a music business community to support so I’m happy that the internet has given artist like Rockie a chance to get discovered and get a deal. Rockie is young, talented, has strong direction, and time to grow. Also, there is something to note about artist coming from Chicago.. We have the ability to come with something different. We were fed music from all different directions unlike the other major markets that focused on their own West Coast / East Coast / Southern music. That’s the Perks of being stuck in the middle, Chicagoans heard it all and Styles Upon Styles is what we have!!

  • SH

    I think it’s good…Ross allows flexibility in his creativity. Look at Stalley.

  • what

    Man niggas will sell their soul for a 25 dollar ticket.. Smh

  • Rockie Fresh getting signed to MMG can only benefit them. I’ve been a fan of Rockie Fresh for about a year, and I have to say that I was hugely surprised by how real his lyrics were and how experienced his flow sounded, considering how recently he came into the game and how small his fan base is. He is largely underrated, which MMG saw and acted upon. He is his own unique rapper. He helps to balance out the styles by being closer to Wale and Black Cobain, as opposed to most others in the group like Rick Ross, Stalley, Gunplay, and Meek Mill. Being in MMG will hopefully get Rockie the respect and attention he deserves. His Chicago homage may draw comparisons to Yeezy, which will gain more fans for MMG as a whole. Business wise, signing Rockie was one of the smartest decisions MMG could have made.

  • ab

    I dont really think itll benefit him in the long run. He gonna become one of the guys that never releases an album. just mixtapes. but it is what it is.

  • NoahScoville

    Rockie has been doing his thing ever since Rockie’s Modern Life back in ’09. I think its dope MMG signing him especially because of his age, being super young and starting out in the rap game early will only make him more popular and more money. It was a good move.

  • Adrian Royston

    Rockie Fresh brings a youthful aspect to the group dynamic. He was born in ’91 so he appeals to a different demographic than the other MMG rappers. Rick Ross is more of a mogul than he’s given credit for, Rockie Fresh could be on of the biggest artist in the game come 2016 especially being around such lyrical talents as: Wale, Stalley, and Rick Ross. Also with Rick Ross’s soon to be legendary beat selection and project development Rockie Fresh is in the right hands to be a mainstay for future generations of hip hop, he also has a sound that embraces alternative/electro sounds which can only make him that much bigger of an artist. He’s has the most upside out of any MMG Artist.

  • hbeezy

    as long as the quality of his music improves i dont c a problem with him signing to mmg thats good exposure but i think he would great overall if had gone indie and started a group of joint album with casey veggies

  • TheAAAron

    Rockie on MMG is sick! He got lyrics and flow for days but his beats are usually weak af! Signing with Rosay’s ear for beats is gonna make him a beast! Can’t wait to hear him actually on a song with Meek Mill and Ross. Being with this caliber of guys is only gonna get him better features, so you know that 2 Chainz collab is coming soon! Rockie in this bitch!

  • I’m from Chicago living in LA. Honestly, I used to be a huge fan of Rockie around the time he dropped the Otherside. I thought it was real dope, he was bringing out a new creative sound and I liked the production a lot. But as time passed I’m seeing him as a very one dimensional rapper and his voice gets annoying. I think his success will be limited with MMG. He’s one of those guys that’s gonna go in there with hype (as with any MMG signing) and not be successful with the fans. Ross will not invest a lot in Rockie. As much as I wanna see him shine, I don’t really see him going far because Rockie doesn’t really bring anything amazing and different to the table for his label to be able to propel him any higher in terms of success, sales-wise and popularity.

  • Adrian

    It was a surprise for sure. Didn’t see that coming but it’s kind of what happened to Wale. Signed to MMG out left field. Positive thing though it will get him so more exposure to a crowd that probably didn’t even know about him. It helped Wale out why not Rockie. Hopefully the label won’t change his style. Wish Rockie the best though.

  • Teddy Gramz

    In my eyes i believe Rockie signing to MMG is a good look. MMG is the hottest record label right now; and why not play for the winning team ? Look at Lebron and Dwight. But i believe Rockie will fit well at the label. I dont believe Ross is trynna change any of his artist’s sound up. He might once and while but that’s just for radio hits. If Rockie just stay in his lane and dont really worry what everybody else in the label doing he should be cool. Either way I’ll probably still be a fan unless he do some Lil Wayne type shit and fuck up his career by releasing poor music.

  • PrinceBeezy

    I’m Happy For Homie I Think His Work Etihic is Amazing And That Rozay Picked Him Up Is A Great Thing

  • JAyP

    Hard Work Pays Off (POINT BLANK PERIOD)

  • Ed-O

    It wasnt what i expected but I am happy he will get some real attention now. I am looking forward to him workin with GOOD music on features more than his work with MMG

  • Robert!

    I aint hating or anything but he rap like i used to when i was 15… Im 19 now.. So im actually suprised that he got a deal… But his style.. well beat selection is his own for the most part. I would like to think thats whats capturing people’s ear rather for his punchlines but it could just be me…