Joe Budden – A Loose Quarter (Alternate Artwork)

blame it on JES7 September 22, 2012

Joey unveiled the artwork to his new upcoming project, A Loose Quarter a couple of days ago. Today he took to Instagram again to reveal an alternate version of the album art. Still no word on release date or any other info for that matter.

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  • antinerdrap

    Both covers are wack. Yall really love these Daughter House dudes

  • Slaughterhouse

    I said it on the previous cover you guys posted… These are not the official covers, lol. Joe’s said he’s just throwing ideas out there.

  • haha

    buy beats not cover art

  • rackets

    ^lyrics > beats

  • afffeng110

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  • Killaaa

    pure death at any retard using the term “daughter house” ahahahahaha

  • i was thinkin a loose quarter was joe referencing the fact that he was crazy… but with this artwork i get that he means a 1/4 of the slaughterhouse performing solo…. so it gets a dope from me for multi meanings.

  • Truthizzy

    Wow such deep iconic artwork. Right up there with Doggystyle, The Chronic, Life After Death, All Eyez On Me. People will be talking about the cover to A Loose Quarter for years to come.

    Just kidding. Another run of the mill bootleg cover for an mp3 free download mixtape that we will all forget about in a month.

  • Blaze

    Last night i pulled out my mood music collection and went through them and had forgotten how dope they are and how dope Joe actually is

  • MrGrams


  • DX

    The pigs head is symbolic of greed,right?

  • Real Talk

    It’s sad that 98% of these rappers, who are in such a creative subculture have absolutely no taste.

    This really feels like a first year design student’s work, or worse.

    Kanye gets a lot of hate, but at least he sees the big picture and creates a cohesive vision for each of his projects and sticks with it. Let alone he tries to push boundaries with ALL of his work and the design of his covers, videos etc. has a clear conceptual direction and are executed really well. It shows he has real taste and really cares about the whole of his work and that he is more culturally educated. He knows it’s more than just about dropping bars.

  • Real Talk

    Throwing out shit like this, Joey is basically giving us the Skechers brand of rap covers, when we want to see some dope Nike shit.

  • whala4

    Are yall really bitchin about cover art though? Its fucking cover art who cares as long as the music is good

  • I want back the days where people wouldn’t give a shit about cover art.

  • NYdreams

    the cover art is lame… but who cares ?? its a joe budden mixtape so u know its gonna b classic

  • fastflipper

    budden = top 5 doa

  • ewgq

    @epic which fucking days were those you fucking liar. cover art has always been a part of the package. since the 90’s. just cause there was no social networking doesnt mean people didnt care. stop complaining about shit that never changed

  • eric

    its an article about the cover are we supposed to talking about the music? if cover artwork didnt matter than cd’s would come in plastic wallets. if u dont care fucking good for you, but most people appreciate the visual aspect of albums as well. get over it

  • I like the cover art a lot..i was amped when I seen it….all these dudes on 2 dope boys wana be critics so bad and want their opinion 2 really matter.HOP THE FUCK OFF!!!!

  • I feel like none of these are gonna be the official artwork