Juicy J – Bands A Make Her Dance f. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas September 23, 2012

Directed by JR Saint.

________ A Make Her Dance. *insert blank in c-section.

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  • James Dean

    25% off that weave a make her dance

  • Breezy

    Sponsored by Brazzers and Trukfit

  • realtalk™

    Ignorant Music A Make Her Dance

  • Based

    Rent money

  • Chef

    no terking and ratchet shit but is that alexis texas not a make her dance

  • Don Kennedy

    Frank Ocean a make him dance

  • j

    This beat goes

  • that truth

    ms peas be dancin for dem egg rolls

    its funny cus shes azn

  • nyc22

    Welfare check a make her dance.

  • Monopoly Money

    Jolly Ranchers

  • jay

    Does anybody else see the skull on Juicy J’s face @ 30 seconds?!?

  • Jomoses

    Yeah that’s Alexis Texas…fuck the bullshit, she shoulda got more screen time for that ass.

  • marzy

    alexissssss ayeeee

  • Fred

    fakeness a make her dance

  • TurnDownWeNotThatTrippyMane

    Bag of Fritos make her dance

  • Pretty Tony

    Aleeeeeeexis TexA$$!… Ai!…

    P.S. needed MORE screen-time… Shiiiiit… [Preferably with THAT A$$ out and/or nekked]

  • Joe Bananas

    A Taser to the spine a make her dance.

  • youalreadyknow

    My dick make her dance

  • thatothanigga

    @Joe Bananas lmao, but seriously… silly putty a make her dance

  • We trippy mane!

  • Joe

    that iPhone 5 a make her dance

  • Buddy Love

    Mister Cee a make her/him dance

  • AMakeErDanceInstructor

    Deductive Reasoning in Regards to the Rising Usage of Colloquialisms in Today’s Society A Make Her Dance.

  • Jay

    Did this shit get banned? Is there a vimeo link? Help us out shake

  • R’as Al Ghul

    Lmaooo. @AMakeErDanceInstructor

  • Key

    Bands A Make Her Dance A Make Her Dance.

  • Juicy j still pimping.

  • Handsome

    Is juicy jay Illuminati? Reping that skull and shit on his face in the video…Im not here to criticize because I personally DGAF but the video go hella hard, dem bitches do, and the beat slaps!

  • hilaro shiparo

    Brazzers though LOL. Dick a make her dance.


    Tuition checks will make her dance

  • NYdreams

    lmaooo that nigga had on a brazzer shirt
    this nigga go hard tho