Master P – Friends With Benefits f. Kirko Bangz (prod. 1500 Or Nothin)

blame it on Miss_Peas September 23, 2012

Master P returns to the scene with a brand new track featuring Kirko Bangz off his upcoming project, Al Capone dropping soon.

DOWNLOAD: Master P – Friends With Benefits f. Kirko Bangz (prod. 1500 Or Nothin)
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  • o[]o

    wasn’t P hatin’ on rap music a couple years ago? now he’s talking into a brick of money like all these other rappers.

  • Is it me or are all radio rap singles focus on saving hoes

  • Mandingo

    You gotta be kiddin’ me

  • Pops

    What the fuck is he yelling for?

  • lmao, he’s always been the same…hasn’t changed. It’s crazy to think back on the impact he and no limit had back in the day…seems like 40 years ago..even tho I aint 40, you get me.

  • Short-T

    Wasn’t he think about going into Gospel a few years ago? Is bad bitch really a compliment coming from you Master P? How does a 22 year old female feel about being called a bad bitch by a 40 year old man?

  • neekD

    sounds like french montana

  • ^I will find you, and **** you

  • Ignorant Genius

    Percy…. you too old for all of this shit…

  • These niggas (Too Short, E-40, Juicy J, Master P) are all like 40+ years old and still making music like this? When will rappers grow up?

    I don’t want to listen to my grandpa rapping about shit like this, nahmean?

  • mattnotmike

    ^ sometimes i agree and sometimes im just like rock music niggas dont gotta change there music when they get old so why does hip hop.

  • SonictheHogans

    These comments hahahaha

  • Reese

    P should have stayed on the sidelines…hes literally a legend in terms of the blueprint he was able to set for other independents this is sad

  • TC

    The hate that exists for older rappers is always funny to me. We’ll listen to young folks talk about ish that they’ll never do or never be able to afford but when a man who can do all of the things he talked about in a song (garbage in my opinion) we go crazy on him.

  • Fuck yall haters. P keep doin yo thing. Fuck them hatin ass niggaz

  • gee dot que

    @mattnotmike ::: AGREED! EXACTLY!!! P still lowkey got it man……he can tour of shit from the 90s and STILL make hot songs today….same w/ E40, too short, dj quik, bone thugs, scarface, wu tang, busta rhymes, mystikal, etc…problem with the game is, these young niggas dont respect the O.Gs. Simple as that smh