Frank Ocean – Blue Whale

blame it on Illy September 24, 2012

Frank liberates a new rap track on his Tumblr moments after his vitaminwater Uncapped show which went down in New York City tonight.

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  • beyenesausage

    I like =).

  • Whatever Man

    The hell is he talking about!? I think people are puttin this dude on a pedestal when he really isn’t talkin about shit.

  • Da fuq did Blue Whale come from?

    Anyways, i liked it, very cool

  • BrownGirlWonder

    He does not make music for stupid people. I understood what he was saying. It’s very real. However I guess its an aquered taste. Some people need more simple writing to grasp.

    Could do without the beat tho… Oddisee should remix this jawn

  • DK

    Yes definitely an aquered taste lmao. But seriously thought this was ok not a huge fan of this beat or his flow stick to singing frank.

  • randomguy

    Chill song, i liked it.

  • what

    This niggas gay

  • Muddy Waters

    How you gon have kids Frank….Your ass don’t have eggs…

  • GR

    The majority of the 2dopeboyz c-section are terrible people. Yes, I am generalizing. And yes you guys probably don’t smile a lot.

  • KIM

    Yall mfs will like any thing thins nigga puts out smh “Dick riders”

  • justenjoythisshit


  • nolimit

    very deep…very thoughtful

  • Camo

    I rarely say this, but this is head based off other songs he has put out. 240 dopes from a throw away written from a singer who really can’t rap?

  • Gnik

    Get off this Nigga dick about the same shit
    Assholes mad shitty cuz his steez sumtin you ain’t on.
    “life goes on man, that’s one thing about it”

  • @Whatever Man, tell that to the red hot chili peppers.

  • Jimmy

    Frank Ocean ain’t for simple minded niggas