Ya Boy – These Drugs f. Vain

blame it on Shake September 24, 2012

According to Ya Boy… Molly, weed, lean and E are the best. I’ll leave you to your own thoughts.

DOWNLOAD: Ya Boy – These Drugs f. Vain (prod. Nizzy J)

  • jimmyrustle

    fuck ya boy. drugs are bad…mmkay

  • beh-beh-beh

    this looks really dumb at first glance.

  • beh-beh-beh

    after listening for 30 seconds, it’s fucking terrible.

  • Doo Doo Nuggets

    sorry but ya boy, ethered his career after collabing with kevin federline

  • i used to tell niggas that ya boy was the future. now i wish i could go back and slap myself for such lies.

  • agreecuzitstrue


    ya boy fell off something CRITICAL

    surprised dude still alive he fell off so damn hard..lmao

    seriously tho….i used to rock wit ya boy and this nigga WACK AS FUCK now..and has been the last 4 years

  • hahahah

    Molly is the best drug ever !!! Drugs are bad if you take it regularly

  • hans

    this is weak sauce!

  • Kingofkings

    Back when Ya Boy came out with Holla at Ya Boy prod by Cool & Dre and before that I thought he was the next big thing. Ever since then he’s been nothing short of irrelevant just trying to fit in with mainstream garbage

  • suck it


  • zachariah

    We run LA and Fuck bitches get money, fresh 2 death were all dope. What happened Ya Boy? At least put a decent looking girl on the front. The art is trying too hard with the different colors and is actually kind of gross.