Zion I & J.Period – Bomb 1st (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake September 24, 2012

As promised, the Dopehouse is proud to premiere Bomb 1st. A pre-cursor to the release of Zion I’s upcoming album Shadow Boxing on October 2nd. With Brooklyn’s J.Period on the mix, Zion I’s music is matched with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Action Bronson, Curren$y,  King Mez, Blu, Scarface, Nas and others. A perfect way to introduce the West Coast legends to those who have yet to experience their dope’ness. Hit the jump for the tracklist and download link.

DOWNLOAD: Zion I & J.Period – Bomb 1st (Mixtape)

  • Why would they use as inspiration?

  • quas

    wait so why are kendrick and blu and nas on this? are they remixes or something?

  • ak

    Kendrick and Blu are on this so Zion I can get some more downloads of their tape without actually having dope features smh

  • idc

    Bruh, Zion I is a legendary group in the game. They probably could give two shits if you or anybody out there is trying to download their music. Don’t speak on real hip-hop if you don’t know it.

  • Yakendo

    Zumbi, Amp & J realhiphop artists CV Speeks for itself ! Dope fusion of multidimensional Beats & First- class Flow! Big UP! I really am feeling the Little Dragon “Ritual Union twist!!!

  • Camo

    Co-sign idc. Your kids are acting like old is bad. Step your music history up before you take shots at a mixtape you’ve yet to hear a second of.

  • schuyler

    was going to DL this and give them a try, as i’ve been wanting to jump in to zion i’s discography for a minute, but i will admit the random songs by other big name artists is a little bit of a put-off. i don’t want to download a mixtape with a bunch of old songs on it i already have just for a handful of some ones i don’t,

  • s.t.f.u.Ignorants

    @quas @ak funny to see ppls talking shit. Zion I have nothin to prove, in the game since decades, leading the underground flag on hip-hop.

  • Paul

    Zion I are the real deal……nuff said!

  • Soulful_HipHop

    Awesome! Zion I is a great group for sure.

  • Branon

    Havnt even heard this mixtape yet… if you havnt listen to Zion I before this tape try cheecking out there other albums, ORIGINAL

  • GEO

    Love this mixtape!

  • schuyler

    Yea, I was going to download this free sick mixtape, I already stole the zion i discography using torrent, but i decided I am too stupid to continue living and walked into traffic instead.

  • sweet!