• http://www.scoggs.net scoggs

    Why would they use goatse.cx as inspiration?

  • quas

    wait so why are kendrick and blu and nas on this? are they remixes or something?

  • ak

    Kendrick and Blu are on this so Zion I can get some more downloads of their tape without actually having dope features smh

  • idc

    Bruh, Zion I is a legendary group in the game. They probably could give two shits if you or anybody out there is trying to download their music. Don't speak on real hip-hop if you don't know it.

  • Yakendo

    Zumbi, Amp & J realhiphop artists CV Speeks for itself ! Dope fusion of multidimensional Beats & First- class Flow! Big UP! I really am feeling the Little Dragon "Ritual Union twist!!!

  • Camo

    Co-sign idc. Your kids are acting like old is bad. Step your music history up before you take shots at a mixtape you've yet to hear a second of.

  • schuyler

    was going to DL this and give them a try, as i've been wanting to jump in to zion i's discography for a minute, but i will admit the random songs by other big name artists is a little bit of a put-off. i don't want to download a mixtape with a bunch of old songs on it i already have just for a handful of some ones i don't,

  • s.t.f.u.Ignorants

    @quas @ak funny to see ppls talking shit. Zion I have nothin to prove, in the game since decades, leading the underground flag on hip-hop.

  • Paul

    Zion I are the real deal......nuff said!

  • Soulful_HipHop

    Awesome! Zion I is a great group for sure.

  • Branon

    Havnt even heard this mixtape yet... if you havnt listen to Zion I before this tape try cheecking out there other albums, ORIGINAL

  • GEO

    Love this mixtape!

  • schuyler

    Yea, I was going to download this free sick mixtape, I already stole the zion i discography using torrent, but i decided I am too stupid to continue living and walked into traffic instead.

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