Freddie Gibbs – Baby Face Killa (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka September 25, 2012

Gangsta Gibbs has let loose his latest project, and it seems he was watching the Monday Night Football game too because it dropped right after that crazy-ass ending. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Freddie Gibbs – Baby Face Killa (Mixtape) | Mediafire
– A tagless version is also available on iTunes. Support!



  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    Have to wait to download in the A.M. Datpiff is trash. Gangsta Gibbs Hoe!

  • GeeZuP

    This shit is fire Gangsta Gibbs is dat dude…I saw him and Madlib in concert last thursday shit was bananas!

  • Stay Frosty

    Wow at that first comment. No character limit huh Shake? I’ll wait till the AM, hopefully a livemixtape link or sharebeast link pops up.

  • MacDoober

    yea i dont know what you guys are bitchin about, the datpiff link took less than a minute to usual. in the AM why dont you look for a new computer

  • j

    My man Freddie Gibbs is offical and Dom killed it.

  • Real Talk

    iTunes tracklist is a little different

    Dope, nevertheless

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    Forgot this was on iTunes. Coppin’ for sure. Put up the iTunes link too @Meka

  • johnnytarr


  • mediafire link added.

  • Djdakayungdan

    youre a bitch if you cry about datpiff… but spending $10 for this without drama is well worth it

  • crownvic

    already then!!

  • asd


  • zbMrOG

    Saw him in Wilmington NC open for some asshole I cant remember, He fuckin killed and it and we left after. GANGSTA GIBBS!!!!!!!!

  • ThatsWassup2k12

    The untagged version on iTunes got 2 bonus tracks too. Flames!! Much better without Drama’s tags.

  • NoWuff

    He gets the FUCK off on the first track. So far sounds good

  • Blaze


  • CaRlLeOnE

    this is that fire we were missing all summer… best shit ive heard in the past 2 years. some more of that pac resurrected.. realest thing ive said all day, fuck marshal law!!!

  • “Krazy” is fucking dope man, Jay Rock killed that shit!

  • seneghoul

    no wonder this also became a “mixtape”. it wouldnt have sold shit. its good, but gibbs has the type of audience who arent loyal, we fuck with the music but wont support financially.

  • KickDAT


  • Some Guy

    This guy is seriously overrated. Just heard this mixtape in full and was unimpressed. I really don’t see the hype.

  • Jomoses

    Overrated? Shut up bitch nigga! It’s Gibbs hoe…

  • slayingtheilluminati

    @someguy welcome to the world where overrated talentless people run things and zombie like sheep who follow everything they are told

  • My nigga this track with Kirko is a fucking banger…

  • skrill83

    Loved the singles…dope tape…NOW just waiting on that K.Dot

    This getting a physical release or Itunes only?

  • caff diesel


  • B

    @Some Guy You’re an idiot b. If you weren’t feelin’ this tape go back and listen to his whole discography and come back and say he’s overrated. The Ghetto? C’mon b shit is undeniable greatness.

  • sean boo

    damn tupac is back

  • Fucks with this heavy.

  • skrill83

    Still Livin’….wow hardest shit in a while

  • $$$

    Just not a huge fan of his beat selection on half of this. He flowin’ doooe.


    Love the krayzie bone track ..

  • I been waitin for this shit for a min now. thought this was an album. I walked outta FYE mad as hell

  • skrill83

    Not too much yelling in this version…just got the Itunes version too..worth it

  • Koopsta MC

    YOOOO! Dom Kennedy ripped that muthafucka mane! lol

  • 206FRE$H


  • Rick O Shea

    This albums was alright. the dom feature was trash (wasn’t surprised) an shit.

  • FII

    yo don’t sound like pharell on the diet?

  • quis

    What the fuck is that ssmple on krazy?!!! Smooth shit right there. Statik killed it