Prof – Kaiser Von Powderhorn 3 (FreEP)

blame it on Shake September 25, 2012

With the help of Yelawolf, Slug (of Atmosphere) and Doomtree’s Lazerbeak, Prof drops off the third installment of his KVP series. Tracklist/download link after the jump.

01 Me Boi
02 Get Some
03 New Kid f. Yelawolf
04 Roughneck
05 Swimming f. Slug (of Atmosphere)
06 Messages (Interlude)
07 Sex Ed
8. Borrowed Time
9. Moron

DOWNLOAD: Prof – Kaiser Von Powderhorn 3 EP

  • j

    Give me a fuckin break! Really????? ima send yall a video of my grandma rappin will u post that 2???

  • @BeatsByWeaver

    yall post this garbage but cant take the time to put my beat tape up? yall are fuggin sad

  • X

    @@BeatsByWeaver: I don’t think they take beat tape submissions If your not known(affiliated to some big name) or affiliated with them in some way. Why don’t you try

  • gampo

    fuck the haters, prof is dope as fuck

  • Andrew

    You’re just jealous cause your bullshit didn’t get put up! Fuck the haters, Prof rules!! #KVP3

  • Roughneck is a really good song.

  • RepMNson

    First, Have you listened to a single song. Second, Pregnant women are cool as fuck what are you talking about?! Third, Stop bitching BeatsByWeaver stop complaining that work isnt recognized but another artists is, you look like a fuck nut. If you were to ask me if you’re complaining is wasting your time i’d proudly respond YEEEEEEAAAAA BUDDDDDDDAYYYYYYY!!!!!


    LOL @ people hating simply because it’s not them posted on here. Prof is a beast and has been putting in work for 10+ years. Maybe try a little effort?

  • Jmills

    You haters don’t got shit on Prof. Stop being so jealous.

  • richmn

    Thought it was dope. loved roughneck and the joint with yela..

  • Conor

    Did the people who hated on this shit actually check it out? The fuuck! It’s so sick!

  • Clevelandfan

    KVP3! Whiny bitch ass rappers all butt hurt cause Prof look like an NHL player up in a kids rink. Suck a dick snuffleupagus.

  • Mattawesum

    Prof Is tha shit fuck yo beat tape.

  • drama

    keep judging books by covers kids. Prof is one of the best to do it. his ability to actually have so many different styles and not just say he has different styles makes him a real artist.

  • Tony


  • Alyssa

    Amazing, amazing, amazing. Ever since I first heard Prof I’ve been in love! Nothing gets me more hyped up! WHO PARTIES?! :)

  • gampo

    haters go listen to wiz khalifa, prof will get your mom pregnant

  • we.jones77

    Seriously the greatest tunes Prof has put out yet. Hate if you want to, I remember when i had bad taste in music too

  • c

    Hah, people need to learn to have fun, this is dope.

  • Jed Sajec

    Prof is my shit, so of course I’m gonna like it. I love how he switches up flow, there arent many as versatile as him. Sure his content isnt for everybody, especially mad people. If you take yourself too seriously, you will miss out on a lot of dope music here.

  • Gamponation

    KVP3 kills all of you haters are jealous of the king gampo! Nobody has shit on stophouse prof has been tearing up the music scene since day one when y’all were still in diapers probably fuck the haters prof us gampos got your back!

  • Goonlock

    I don’t give a fuck what anyone says…PROF is fuckin sick as hell! This shit’s dope!

  • maggie

    hahaha all the people talkin shit. soooo silly. i haven’t heard of you before lol. this shit is awesome. Love it and prof!

  • BOLA

    All Hail KING GAMPO

  • new kid

    prof is always killin it, dosen’t take himself too seriously, goes hard on serious and fun songs!! #TeamGampo

  • Josh

    Prof keeps killing it! I can’t wait for the next full LP. I like them all of course but “Borrowed Time” really impressed me.


    I bumping this in the my DRE HEADPHONES… GAMPO LOVE FOR LIFE… “GET SOME” haters maybe you should GO SWIMMING…

  • Prof sells out First Ave as a headliner. Whoever the fuck you are, I doubt you have sold out an 1800 cap venue in your home town, or been on tour with any big names.

  • Ben

    Prof is sick, KVP3 is dope. Super dope. Enough said I’m goin to get my Jamo and ginger on.

  • Parliament Fiji

    Roughneck is already song of the year, I only hate haters! You haters go make your own shit and post on ya grandma’s fridge, cause ya shit is pro’ly whack as hell, you should pro’ly just quit! GAMPO NATION STAND UP!

  • Cody

    Profs better than most rappers out there, stop hating. #KVP3 #GAMPO

  • Scrolling down these comments is hilarious. Couple people tryna hate at first and just got SHUT DOWN by the defense lol. Prof is dope. Suck it.

  • Prof is dope.

  • wackness

    So is Prof and his friends sitting around writing how sick this is? Most posts don’t get these many comments, and for there to be so many positive comments one after another is highly suspect.

  • Sam

    I’d let this man babysit my children. He’s an upstanding citizen and a damn good rapper.

  • PROF got my butt pregnant!

  • mosh


  • nikeTrEd

    always the dopest party music!

  • BretFromDuluth!!!

    hey HATERS…. come to Minnesota and say that shit. Prof is the king GAMPO… I’m just the Jester. this shit is the shit.. our racks got racks got racks. step the fuck off, jealous children. this is good. I don’t think Yela and Slug sit on crap… they are the crap. okay.. I’m done. be good. love yourself.

  • Hatersbutthurt

    And I have new music!

  • amanda

    I love you prof…you losers hating can pipe down. KVP3!!

  • downstairstvkristin

    Anyone hating on this clearly has not listened to it. Get over not knowing who he is, because clearly you don’t and give it a listen. He is THE SHIT.

  • HaterAid

    Fuck all you haters, PROF is the dude! KVP3 isn’t as great as the first 2 Kaiser Mix tapes IMHO but it’s still fuckin dope!

  • Erica

    This whole Album is the shit
    Bitch! Haha for real tho gotta love prof!

  • jake

    Prof is refreshing as fuck. If you can’t see he has flow you dumb

  • NoWuff

    Prof is parody.. Personally I think he’s giving Minnesota a bad name

  • Soo


  • BlackingOut

    @BeatsByWeaver I just checked your music out on SoundCloud. All I have to say is you have no business calling others’ music garbage. Prof has has more talent in his left nut than you and j have combined.