Random Acts of F*ckery: Lil Wayne Deposition Edition

blame it on Illy September 25, 2012

via TMZ.

By far the funniest thing you’ll see today… MEK DOT’S TWO CENTS: In his defense, some of those questions he was asked were pretty idiotic… but his answers were just all-around hilarious. Nignorance, thy name is Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.

  • Fred

    What the actual fuck is wrong with this man…

  • beyenesausage


    Thank you.

  • atq

    so when pac acts a fool in court he’s the man but when wayne does it he’s a punk? ok…fucking idiots

  • Blaze

    Wayne is a punk period

    Dont get mad kid

  • The3rd

    Im actually on weezy’s side. The interviewer is an idiot

  • Ace

    what atq said…..this shit is classic

  • henry

    “he cant save you… i was talking to myself” hahahahahaha

  • the realest

    Wayne is a punk period
    Dont get mad kid
    Blaze said this on September 25th, 2012 at 12:24 pm

    ^ waynes alive and pac’s dead. whos really the punk?

  • mineisbigger

    trust me i don’t like wayne @all but this is priceless and i feel him (no homo)

  • Heisman

    I can barely stream music or video on this website anymore. Fucking ads everywhere. Jesus christ…

  • iFloss

    He can’t save you… I was talkin to myself ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!! Greatest Wayne line ever!!!!!!

  • Eric Cartman

    As others said that “he can’t save you… I was talking to myself” shit was PRICELESS! He was foolin in this interview.

  • BDF

    LMAO! Wayne did not like that man! The Mind Fuck at the end! Priceless! ” He can’t save you”

  • jayR

    this is probably the funniest shit ive saw in a while.
    and probably the first time i gave thumbs up to a wayne article.

  • LMNO

    Next time this degenerate piece of shit gets locked up, I hope they play these videos for him, his kids, his baby mama(s), and his fuck boi fans. Won’t not be so funny then.

  • LMNO

    *Won’t be so funny then.

  • LMFAOOOOOOOOOO, I’m in tears. This dude is so nignorant.

    “He can’t save you.”

    “What does that mean?”

    “I was talking to myself”

    *piercing stare*

    I’m done with this nigga, man. LMAO!

  • Frank Kennedy

    lmaoooo ima make a Lil Wayne playlist just cuz of this shit now

  • ToolofGeorgiaBoys

    @LMNO shut the fuck up, if DMX woul have done this shit yall would be like “he’s a legend he can do what the fuckhe wants”, but when Wayne gets on his real nigga shit, yall call it disrespectful.

  • zbMrOG

    Is it me or does Wayne make less sense NOT on drugs?….pass that man a cup n roll’em a L.

  • howoldishe?

    i like wayne but it makes me fuckin laugh how poeple are calling this “real nigga shit” and thinkin hes some kind of a legend for this? firstly i think im right in saying it is him who is suing quincy jones? so why is he acting like a wanker? also even if someone was suing his and this was the other way around. this is the kinda thing idv done when i was 10… if he wasnt famous people would think he was the most childish cunt ever! people need to grow up, glad hes giving a good impression to all these kids about how serious being in court is.

  • fuckit

    If I’m making millions and you’re taking time out of my day to ask if I recall going to jail, etc, etc, etc….I’d have done the same shit. I don’t even like wayne but I give him props for this lol

  • LMNO

    @ ToolofGeorgiaBoys fuck anyone — you, a rapper, an athlete — who “keeps it real”, gets caught up, and acts like an unaccountable fuck boi blaming everyone else. Fuck you know about what I think about DMX?? U reachin, for real. Neither crackhead DMX or this crackhead Wayne are legends. And I don’t care how many albums Wayne sold or how many of you poor fucks DL’d his mixtapes and recite his verses. Ain’t nothing about Wayne legendary. He’s gonna be a broke vegetable in 10 years…and his kids will be incarcerated. Bet.

  • Chopz

    Though the interviewer was asking idiotic questions, Wayne shouldn’t be cuttin people off. It’s not being hard, it’s just rude and that’s why people are sayin that he’s a punk.

  • ToolofGeorgiaBoys

    @LMNO Wayne is gonna be a broke vegetable in 10 years, and his kids willbe incarcerated, no that’s reaching and pure hating, face the facts, Wayne is going to die, his kids will die rich, and their kids, and so on, YMCMB is one of the strongest record labels in Hip-Hop history, and it’s obvious that you have no idea what this case is about.

  • Miggies

    Never been big on lil wayne but he has always been one funny ass dude. This shit here is just hilarious ahahahahaha

  • Yames

    At the end of his life. this man will have lived, and died for nothing. he will have had all the resources one needs to contribute to the forward progression of our race, yet he will, again, bring nothing to the table. he will have songs–none of which will be classics–that are just lost in history. idk if its just my ego talking but that kinda sucks.

  • samey

    so yames, what exactly have u contributed to the forward progression of our race thus far? degrading a fucking multi millionaire, talking about “this man will have lived and died for nothing”… who are u to judge the man’s life?
    prime example of missing the point

  • JAyP

    only if he asked real questions like

    – ” Wayne when did you officially get put on Piru?”

    – “If it came down to it.. would you die for any nigga from this hood?”

    – “Can you agree that Carter 4 was straight ASS aside from a few tracks?”

    – “who pussy was better Nunu or Trina?”


  • toochainz

    @JAyP ^^^^

    give this man a fucking hand.

  • Smoke

    Fuck all of you and Lil Wayne too.

  • Jason

    Lil Wayne turned into a fucking tool. I used to be behind his music but he fell off. Sub par music, god complex, treats fans like shit. Fuck Wayne and anybody who love him. #Pusha

  • detroit89

    i love the threat. lol. i mean it is so blatant but candid at the same time

  • Wayne acting like a 12 yr old girl? Not surprised.

  • JustSaying

    @Heisman it’s call AdBlockPlus go update ya internet fool and you won’t have ads bothering you

  • Funny As Fuck

    Guy: How would you describe your image in the media?

    Wayne: How would i describe my image in the media?

    Guy: Yes

    Wayne: I wouldn’t describe it.

    Guy: Well how would you describe it if you had to?

    Wayne: I don’t have to.