Big Sean Announces Sophomore Album Title (Video)

blame it on Shake September 26, 2012

Closing out his Canada Is Finally Famous Tour at Olympia in Montreal, Big Sean shared with the packed crowd that he will be calling his Sophomore album Hall Of Fame. Look for it before the year ends. UPDATE: Now with video.

  • PLO Style

    This guy must have serious dirt on some powerful people in the industry to even exist. Hall of Fame? What a joke.

  • JaySole

    Not digging the album title but I am def looking forward to it coming out

  • koke

    Hall of Fame?!?!? SMH what a clown.

  • MisterPoliteness

    PLO Style , Who cares if he names his album title Hall of Fame. You’re a sour ass dude.

  • NICE

    Im pretty sure December means a January or February release, all artists push back they shit!

    P.s i agree with PLO Style

  • Faceman1209

    Nice is right. Hell it’s already October. No way this clown puts out an album in December.

  • dope

    ^ Lol thats the first thing i thought about while reading the December release date. Hell only way this gets released January is if all his singles chart well and quickly.

  • afffeng110

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  • Nigga needs to release a single now if her wants this to come out in time…

  • Mandingo

    Clique is his first single. Please know what you talking about before you respond with some stupid shit because it is his single.

  • jedi

    Niggas on they sophomore thinking that they boss lords – push t

  • NYdreams

    clique is not his first single u dumb fuck … its a single for the good music album u fuckin retard .. please know what the fuck you talking about before you press submit comment saying some dumb shit


    yeah mandingo, youre an idiot coming aggressive like that. All Big Sean said was that “Clique” would be on his album. My guess is that it’ll be a bonus track. At least I hope. Making that a single or a regular track would be lame.