DJ Drama – My Way f. Common, Kendrick Lamar & Lloyd (prod. Hit-Boy)

blame it on Shake September 26, 2012

We’ve heard the snippet, but now (thanks to Al Lindstrom) we get the full thing. Off Drama’s upcoming album, Quality Street Music, dropping next Tuesday.

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  • who cares

    For a song with Common and Kendrick together this was underwhelming. Verses are “meh,” beat sucks, and who’s the dumbass that decided to put Lloyd on this? *Shrugs* Was expecting something totally different. Cue the hate comments.

  • voo

    kendrick killed it

  • dope

    haha it’s funny how every time someone hits nope like theres a gun to their head they must drop a comment. nobody can just judge and move on when its negative they must add their shitty two cents. Not saying you’re not entitled to your opinion just saying balance it out with a positive comment every once in awhile. @GiveMeMyFlowersWhileICanStillSmellThem

  • Mandingo

    This is good. Getting your hopes up too high sounds like a personal issue. Doesn’t mean that the music isn’t good just means that you have yet to mature and realize that you should never get your hopes up for anything or anyone. 9/10 it will be a letdown

  • chuck

    kendrick doin his best yelawolf impression

  • Jeremiah

    ^^^^Huh??? Yelawolf sounds like a loud lesbian lol lloyd killed the hook i must say

  • Sounds really similar to that “Clouds” track. Click my name though.

  • Mandingo

    Oh yea Kendrick str8 wrecked it. In a good way. As usual

  • you

    Beat is chilled. Com and Kendrick ripped it. Lloyd ruined it.

  • Wonton Soup

    Lol Yelawolf does do tracks in a voice like that sometimes, but thats not what i thought of while listening at all. Kendrick killed that shit

  • that truth

    kendrick stacked his vocals when he started to rap faster. how original, havent heard that before

  • QZA

    i liked the song for what it was… Common & Kendrick need to link up for one of their respective solo outings…. and as far as a Yelawolf flow… nah… but kinda Homeboy Sandman-esque?? and before y’all get it twisted, that is a compliment.

  • hmm?

    I assume that ‘art of peer pressure’ is not an approved leak?

  • Keebo

    Yeah I like dat beat

  • thevoyce

    This track is real nice, and no Lloyd didn’t ruin it. Niggas can’t even enjoy a good track man smh

  • medisin36

    damn drama is getting good artist but then fucks it up by throwin in some lame ass singer and putting them on soft as beats so much potential for these songs,but its dj drama the corniest dude in the game…

  • QBN

    Track was forgettable…

  • bladaoh

    why everytime someone drops a comment saying they don’t like a song yall gotta try to devalue it by coming up with some bullshit excuse as to why you think they don’t like it? sometimes people just don’t like shit and are true to their opinion and don’t dick ride just cause of the artist’s name.
    as far as the track goes i agree with medisin…verses were straight but I wasn’t feelin the hook.

  • Tiff

    Wow, it’s clearly some haters on here! This is a nice collaboration.

  • heydigme

    when they gunna take the damn DJ tags off this shit.

  • skrill83

    Slower track than I thought…I like it though…and i actually like lloyd on the chorus, and kendrick sounds dope on it

  • Tesla Fan