Emanny – I Messed Up f. Joe Budden (Video)

blame it on Shake September 26, 2012

Emanny and Joey link up for some new visuals off Emanny’s Songs About HER.

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  • I like that bitch. who is she?

  • tight track. i like it

  • mozelay

    track is tight … but i wish the editor didn’t fade to black on every damn cut in the video. that shit got annoying.

  • Swerve

    Lightweight sound like Trey Songz (Somebody always gotta say a comparison..I kno but I call it how I see it)…nonetheless, its a coo joint tho.

  • Stay Frosty

    Ayisha Diaz. She’s been profiled twice for the Saturday Night Sexy posts. I have a good memory, what lol?

  • gose

    lol at people that tattoo their own names on themselves

  • rww

    ugly niggas always od-ing on the raunchiness. you paid a woman to get freaky aintno points for that brah.

  • MoneyG

    – RWW
    First of all I hope you’re a female. Cuz there’s no excuse otherwise for you commenting on a man appearance in relation to him and a woman.
    And Second…actually never mind, point made.

    Dope video, Dope record. I do hear the Trey similarity but the records still dope and I’ve heard Emanny’s other work so I know he’s nice with it.

    Joe is really in love huh, got his shorty in his videos now lol.