Jaden Smith – The Coolest (Video)

blame it on Meka September 26, 2012

Directed by Mike Vargas/Nuyorktricity

Jeebus… he looks exactly like his father circa “Summetime” with that haircut. Will’s son is dropping a tape called Cooltape Vol. 1: The Cool Café , and this cut (which actually isn’t that bad at all) is the latest offering from it.

  • realtalk™

    He’s probably gonna get a lot of hate because he’s a celeb’s son and been working with Bieber.. but I can’t front this has a real chill vibe to it.. I’m actually excited he’s on Cudi’s album now..

  • DBS

    You know, this wasn’t bad at all, every time I thought “This flow is getting boring” he switched it up, only problem is that a 14 year old kid has nothing to say, he won’t have anything to say for another decade or so but it’s decent chill music I guess.

  • Frank Kennedy

    First two comments pretty much nailed it. Flow & beat were smooth as fuhh, wish the sample in the beginning was used more. Won’t find me bumping it, but good vibes.

  • cap

    FINALLY i think its all safe to say we have the next diggy. diggy was really hot for a minute but hes trying too hard. now this kid is cool, hes got the sex appeal, flow, coolness and everything . ima bump this with chicks in my car and theyre gonna think im way cooler than the hoodlums bumping stupid stuff like wayne and gibbs. swag me out doeee. Jaden is da newcool version of diggy holllaaa

  • I like it but I don’t, lazy flow, but it’s smooth as hell. I gotta hear more..

  • dev

    would rather hear Lupe Fiasco and Blu on this beat

  • J Fresh

    smooth, cant deny that

  • Wow this is actually sick. Way better than Diggy ha. But seriously, he nailed this vibe down perfectly. Almost ATCQ style.

  • morg

    yo word to the nigga from the burbs dev….
    i would rather hear lupe and blu on any beat. yaaa heeeaarrrrrrddddddddd they the best rappas. betta than parappa tha rappa otha rappas raps down tha crappa im yo papa. im the best rappa doeeee

  • DX

    That was surprisingly impressive. Never heard anything half as good from Diggy Dipshit(Not a Cole stan Diggy just sucks)

  • who cares

    co-sign DBS. I was really surprised by this, I was expecting something really different. I’m happy he’s not making ignorant music like his sister. I might have to peep the tape when it drops just to see what he does.

  • Poof

    Pretty good. Am I the only one who thinks he sounded like a more nasal Ma$e when he started his verse?

  • iLL

    since we all know about ghost writing … well

  • 123

    this whack as fuck

  • ronald46

    jaden smith a lil arrogant fk ass kid. he ain’t sayin shit. fish-scale guppy ass boy

  • King Tyrone

    Jacked the beat from the Stuyvesants

  • Clap!!!

    This tune has a nice ATCQ vibe to it. Too bad summer’s done. This is a nice bbq tune

  • Tim

    and here is the flow and song he stole.
    ‘Stoops Parks & Rooftops’ by The Stuyvesants

  • Antyon

    Crazy, I just stumbled about The Stuyvesants beat tapes and I actually watch this and they used the beat lol not bad lil homie

  • TRMT


    Do you listen to mixtapes? Rappers use the beats of other artists ALL THE TIME! And their flows are nothing alike which I’m actually a little impressed by since he’s so young and the beat is slow which can sometimes limit the rapper. Cool, chill song. F*** TMZ. Props to Jaden.

  • Mellow

    This song wasn’t good. The beat was extraordinary though, give it to someone that would murder it. This kids parents are pretty much influencing them heavily to do this and of course the sheep approve of it saying “he’s doing his thing, and anyone who hates on him is broke” -_-

  • Johnie

    this shidd nice, impressive for a young nigga. real fresh and smooth. nothing too crazy tho.

    and @Tim he def didnt steal The Stuyvesants flow, stop hating

  • DK

    Beat is fire now I need to listen to the Stuyvesants.