Kendrick Lamar On Delay of Collab Project w/ J. Cole (Video)

blame it on Shake September 26, 2012

During a sitdown with Global Grind, Kendrick speaks on the artwork to good kid, m.A.A.d. city (Oct 22nd), working with Lady Gaga and the reason behind the delay of his collaborative project with Jermaine.

  • KIM

    Kendrick Lamar hosted an album listening party in Chicago last night, September 24th, for his much anticipated “Good Kid, m.A.A.d City” album debut being released under the wing of Interscope records. Kendrick ended up only playing three songs before he ultimately stormed off of the stage due to intense frustration that the crowd wouldn’t quiet down and offer their complete and undivided attention to his music. Ab-Soul then grabbed the mic and gave Chicago a few harsh words for what he and Kendrick felt was disrespect towards their craft before exiting the event altogether.

  • $$$

    Cool story, Kim.

  • Mandingo

    ^Your point being?

  • dope

    kim is one of the fags from chicago that think that Kendrick insulted chicago and now are trying to destroy his career one blogpost at a time. It’s crazy that these losers think the have any power, hell im laughing just writing this .Cmon Kim how about i insult that piece of shit town right now are you going write a paragraph for me.

  • $$$

    Chicago’s falling apart. Obama did that joint well. America’s next, homie.

  • Hip-Hop

    Why the fuck did 2dopeboyz not promote Lupe Fiasco’s Album, what a fucken sham, one of the actual rappers that still rap about things that are going on in the world, I use to like 2dopeboyz key words “use to” smh

  • Tony

    We need that KL/Cole collab asap!!!!

  • KIM

    Stop sucking K.DOT dick

  • KIM


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    i agree with kim unfortunately, i check this site daily because they do hip hop updates well, but they dickride a few rappers and groups shamelessly to the point where it makes it difficult to follow them

  • First I Park My Car, Then I Fuck Your Bitch


    THANK YOU!!! You’ve just summed up the exact reason why I rarely come here anymore. Kendrick’s a good rapper, but seriously, how many Kendrick posts do we need daily?

  • RG III

    just gimme dat temptations tune in CDQ and ill be fine lol

  • dope

    i don’t understand how people still complain on the content of this website. It isn’t government or subscription , so they don’t have to have to be fair and equal to all artist. This blog for my understanding is a couple of people who come in and post what they want which explains even though he’s popular you don’t see Lupe, Tyler, or even much of Gucci Mane post. It’s a personal blog how entitled are you people that you actually think that they have to put the shit that you want.This isn’t the only blog i visit on a daily baisis because each blog has a little something different from other blogs.

    What up Kim glad to see that its soo easy to divert your attention

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  • that truth

    lol wat a faggot. guys i know youre all drunk and high but pls show some respect and listen intently to my album!! ik there arent any females here and youre all complaining about that too but i worked so hard on this! kdot and ab soul a regular siegfreid and roy

  • who cares

    1) Lady Gaga better not be on his album 2) Don’t do a project with whack ass Cole.

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    Yo. Every single comment on this post is hilarious af.

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    @Who Cares is gonna be one disappointed prick.

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    @Thakidd12 hell yeah haha