Shyne – Gangland (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake September 26, 2012

12 years after Shyne dropped his 2dope debut, we get… this. Damn you Diddy.

DOWNLOAD: Shyne – Gangland (Mixtape)

  • whiteboiwaztedd

    idunno about the raps but that cover is dope

  • Cen

    Im convinced now Shyne was heavily influenced by Big while he was alive, cause these unfocused wild ass rhyme styles are garbage. He is an immitator and it shows now, thats why Puffy found it ok to let this wack nigga take the case. Diddy prob set it up to get this wack nigga off the team.. Star of David 666 Dumbass

  • j

    yo I like this I dunno what to hate on, voice is abit wierd in parts but ya get used to it and it picks up a bit to sound somewhat normal and the beats sound like back then too. I dont even care that he went religous he still shot the club up, got to be realer than most.

  • koke

    These raps are weird as fuck. His voice sounds different.

  • oh

    chevy woods prolly see this tape and be like.. OH?

  • Who Ok’ed this? Who hired homie that ok’ed this? Who gave birth to the 7 folk that gave this mixtape a “dope” rating? #OnlyBarringtonLevyCanFixThis

  • SnIpEs

    @ Lubeen
    LMAO 2X!!
    Oh, I dont think Barrington can hold this down on his own…smfh

  • Chris Lee

    His rap voice sounds like he’s trying too hard but it could be dope. the mixing and recording quality ruined this for me

  • WhoaHoldUpNow

    Sounds like a handicap takin’ a shit.

  • FuckYall

    this is fuckin hard bitch niggas

  • MasteringWasRigged

    Look….ANY Listener can tell the QUALITY of the “Master” Product is below average. That said, there is a reason. Either they needed to get it out quick, or they went back to 92′ with this project.

    That is Obvious….So get past that & listening to what he is saying and tune in like we used to when an artist released an un-released joint with Clue, Slay ETC….

    Content 9.0 (Nobody goes after it with substance anymore, the beats match his flow and what he is after. The mastering of this project makes it all sound like lack luster)

    Quality 2.0 (Any self made producer or MC with any knowledge could have produced or mastered a better product)

  • i dunno how to feel about this mixt its not good and not bad quality is whack tho but well see when an album drops what the deal is h.n.i.c 3 was a dissapointment aye 2 dope can we get a non piff link

  • all$t8

    man this shit niiiiiicccccccceeeee, ya’ll done forgot what real nigga rap sound like….

  • Lex

    I’m convinced this isn’t even him. Sound like somebody doing a shitty Shyne impersonation. Somebody fucking wit us.

  • Damn, Shyne. I still cool to me. But, damn.

  • d-bo

    This had potential to be really dope if you removed Shyne’s voice from all of the tracks.

    Serious, the beats are all pretty dope. But his voice is so wack it just kills the whole thing.

  • d-bo

    Correction, beats are all pretty dope minus track 15. Sounds like a 10 year old European kid made it.

  • Krook

    Homeboys been Out the Studio for over 10 years…And he went from having a Million dollar producer to having a 10 dollar Belize producer with No name beats… And u wonder why he sounds different??
    Listen to any artist live and they wont sound the same.. Not to mention hes probably on 100$ Mic in a shitty Belize studio…SO stop hating on his damn voice and listen to the Lyrics… He still goes hard and spits real shit… And to the Lame that said he was on Biggies nuts haha How? There is no comparison even in the past debut CD…He just had a deep voice.. GANG LAND 4 Life Not that fake Chevy woods bullshit

  • DannyBrownsHair

    yo so ive never listened to Shyne before.. but i downloaded this tape cause i thought the cover looks dope. as im readin the comments its almost 100% hate… i think this sounds prety dope but i like lo fi stuff like blu and sgp.. am i missin somethin??

  • Booch


  • moop

    You guys are bugging this shit is hard as fuck