Azealia Banks – Luxury (Video)

blame it on Illy September 27, 2012

Directed by Clarence Fuller.

Off Fantasea.

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  • realtalk™

    attention whore who beefs with everyone + steals other peoples work = no thanks

  • this isnt high school its music

    Shutup and judge the music..this song is dope..the girl could be a serial killer for all I care as long as the music is good, that’s all that matters

  • realtalk™

    I’ll do whatever the fuck I want and I’ll judge her for the stealing beefing ass bitch she is.. and this song is not my cup of tea, hence I’m not gonna judge whether it is good or not.. moron

  • Real Talk

    She’s so talented all the haters will just be eating their words in the long term.

    Dipshits, man, do us a favor and just shut the fuck up for once.

  • yo

    @realtalk™ so basically your opinion of her music is irrelevant..if this song isnt your cup of tea then you wont like any of her music since this is her style..thats like somebody who doesnt even like basketball saying that Kobe Bryant isnt a good basketball player lol and she didnt steal anything if she legally got clearance for the song, she just didnt let the producer know whats up..she technically did nothing wrong, she just didnt use common courtesy

  • Thinker

    the small part she rapped on was the dopest part to me. hoping she puts out a project as cohesive as the 1991 EP was.

  • DBS

    Why does she sound like she had a stroke on this one?

  • unclesam

    Look, I ain’t like her personality, I don’t really fucks with her music, but she’s hot as fuck and I smash the living shit out of her.

  • unclesam


  • jape

    this might be the worst shit ive ever heard. no exaggeration. some of yall are either dumb or deaf

  • Sam Flow (yes, im a female)

    So, this is my first time hearing/seeing her. Imma be honest…I dont know WHAT the hell this woman even said in the whole video except for her rap. How on can you guys like her and not even understand what shes saying?!?!?

  • Pops

    If some females come in here saying this shit is dope, that’s all good. But you dudes loving this chick’s music are super homo (whether you know it or not). I mean, how do you relate to what she’s saying and be a straight man? All she ever talks about is dudes. Y’all think that’s dope? Ha!