dead prez – A New Beginning

blame it on Meka September 27, 2012

dead prez will drop their first project in eight years, Information Age, on October 16th. Here is the first offering from that project.

  • 5th

    Is this real life?

  • milkmedia

    what the fuck is this?

  • d-bo

    Da fuq?

  • BAunique

    wtf is this?

  • late

    Wtf indeed… label forcing them to do a “radio” song?




  • 2ill

    Lmao i couldnt stop laughing when i heard this….. gone for 8 years to make this garbage lol



    Why the fuck is dead prez impersonating Linkin Park????

  • the label isnt forcin them to do shit. this just da type shit they on.
    I only thumbed this up cuz its DP, n im shocked af its them. Me personally, I aint feelin da happy-go-lucky beat too much.

  • sowingseeds

    fucking awesome song. I guess most of y’all want to stay ignorant? Just listen to the damn song, man.

  • marty mcfly

    Any full project from Dead Prez >>> The J Cole/Kendrick project and btw Dead Prez has been rapping over this type of shit from day one.

  • who cares

    Holy god that was a long 3 minutes. I’ll break it down so people don’t have endure the same torture.
    Verse: They’re decent. Good content, but nothing spectacular.
    Hook: Garbage. Nah, this is worse than garbage. I wanted to pull my ears off.
    Beat: Sounds like some Flo Rida bullshit. Where’s that raw Hip Hop sound?
    3/10 – If this is what the album is going to sound like I don’t want to hear it.
    @sowingseeds – oh yea because Dead Prez fans want to stay ignorant. GTFO! If we wanted to stay ignorant we wouldn’t be listening to Dead Prez in the first place. That’s like saying the KKK listens to Public Enemy.

  • marty mcfly

    This is just ONE song from the whole album so just stop it cause you aint listening to nobody else that can fuck with this group besides other niggas that rap about the same shit Dead Prez does. If you dont like this song thats cool but if I gotta pick between Dead Prez and alot of these other cornballs that most of you listen to, im going with this type shit. Talking shit about Dead Prez is like some of the shit I seen people say about F&L2, talking about its bullshit because it has How Dare You and Heart Donor on it. STFU

  • who cares

    Ok 1) Calm the fuck down “Some of the cornballs you listen to” I don’t listen to ANY cornballs. 2) I know it’s one song, that’s why I said “IF this is what the album is going to sound like I don’t want to hear it.” Obviously I’m not judging the entire album, but that don’t take away from the fact that this track is corny as hell for a Dead Prez song. BUT the first song that gets released is usually a solid representation of the direction the artist is taking on a new album. So take your own advice and stfu.

  • sowingseeds

    people hate what they don’t understand.

  • marty mcfly

    You also had separate the hook from the verses in order to call it garbage, then you made a comparison between Flor rida and Dead Prez in order to imply that maybe raw hip hop is somehow missing from the content of the song. So basically your chopping up one song to jump to a full conclusion of saying something is garbage as if your unfamiliar with Dead Prez just because you think their verses were decent and not spectacular. Well I tell you what, go and listen to the shit you think is spectacular then because you should already know where a Dead Prez album is headed. Again STFU

  • marty mcfly

    My thing is if your one of those people that talk about hip hop sucks cause niggas aint saying shit but then you say Dead Prez is also garbage then just stop because you the type that just dont like anything.

  • sowingseeds

    i don’t know why you’re comparing kendrick to prez either? they rap about similar hardships and concepts. jcole though, i can’t speak for, my ear hasn’t picked up on him yet

  • who cares

    Wow marty you must be retarded. I separated the hook from the verses because it’s an entirely different element from the song. I would do that when breaking down any song. I didn’t make any comparison to Flo Rida and Dead Prez, I said the beat sounds like some Flo Rida bullshit, and it does. And I was chopping up the song because it is in fact garbage. You’re taking my comment and making it more than what it is. And who are you to say I’m unfamiliar with Dead Prez? I’ve been a fan for years, but the verses were decent. We’ve heard better verses from these two. You just sound like an upset dickrider because people don’t think this song is dope. I’ve said this in other posts and I’ll say it here: Not every song an artist or group drops is going to be dope. You don’t have to agree with every decision an artist makes. That doesn’t make you a fan, that makes you a dickrider.

  • marty mcfly

    @sowingseeds, you dont know why I would compare the two but yet you say they rap about similar shit? Basically im saying you have the vets of this lane who have been carrying the flag for this type of message based hip hop for a long time now so its no need to be over critical of this group cause you not over critical of Kendrick so dont be with the OGs of this lane.

  • marty mcfly

    @who cares, you can say this shit is garbage all you want but im just pointing out that you had to chop up the song and also compare it to other past material from the same group in order to do it. I could also nitpick at every single song that was ever made put that takes away from the totality of the song and of the full album. And no aint mad and nor do I need to be to see how you came to the conclusion that this is “garbage”. I hear the FULL song for what it is and have a different opinion.

  • who cares

    Well that’s all you had to say in the first place. You could’ve just been like “Yea I get why you don’t like it, but this is why I do.” Instead you went on and had a tantrum like a little kid.

  • marty mcfly

    And the Flo rida sound existed long before there was ever a Flo rida so no this aint them trying to sound like Flo Rida this is them pushing the sound of hip hop just as they always did with their music. Yes some hip hop heads will not like this and thats cool but it takes this type of group (and yes there are others), to advance hip hop forward because next some mainstream act will make their own version of this song and get all of the benefits from it because of their position on the game. When all along they probably heard groups like Dead Prez first, who actually sparked the idea. Go back and listen to the very first song on Dead prez first album and you’ll hear some electronic shit going on in the beat. Thats was way back in 1998 so yes you should already know what this group is about.

  • marty mcfly

    Correction not 98, it was 2000