BET Hip Hop Awards’ Ruff Ryders Cypher (Preview)

blame it on Meka September 28, 2012

DMX is from Baltimore? What in the blue hell.

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  • CuJ

    Wish it wasnt just X, Eve, Mook and Cassidy tho..

  • Famous

    X is from Baltimore?

  • DK

    ^Yeah I had to look it up he was born there but raised in Yonkers

  • Ryan G

    Eve still got her flow

  • you

    @Ryan G

    But no music

  • Ermac

    How you gonna have a Ruff Ryders cypher with no fuckin Drag-On and Lox WTF?!!

  • Spirit Equality

    Eve was killing it in that snippet, she’s still got it…maybe she can get a Primo beat for her next album?

  • beh-beh-beh

    it’s funny because back when dmx was relevant, everyone in maryland used to be like, “y’know that he’s from baltimore, right?”

  • Jordan

    There’s a lot of rappers aren’t from where they rep: 2Pac, Kanye, etc

  • DBS

    Has it been a whole year since Shady 2.0 MURDERED this shit?

  • 1hunnit

    Eve can get it

  • Crispy wafers

    what no Jin?

  • aff

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  • kayo

    Damn seein X without NY next to his name that hurts a little, how you not gunna rep who raised you….

  • dumb niggas suck

    Where you were actually born doesn’t matter.. That’s not what you should rep.. The city that raised you is what’s important, c’mon X..

  • Mandingo

    Eve can get all of it. Damn girl

  • MuchRespect

    @Meka, they filmed it in Baltimore.

    much respect


    dmx is really from baltimore,2pac is really from NY and grew up in baltimore only ived on the west coast for like 5 years,ludacris is from chicago, knaye really from atlanta,biggie not really from bed-stuy brooklyn hes only hung out there by choice he lived ina much nicer area of brooklyn,wale not from DC hes from the suburbs of maryland,tone trump not from west philly hes from norristown PA, rappers lie b

  • mpls612

    i hope to see roc nation and wu-tang in the next bet hip hop awards cypher!

  • $$$

    whooooo’s that girl… laa la la laaa laa la la laaa.

  • what about my nigga drag on

  • ayo

    eve can get her thick ass broke off wit the swiftness…

  • dunk

    eve is hardly broke. she can rap better than any chick out now too.

  • Tru

    They pick the worst beats for this cypher shit. It makes it very difficult to get into it, smh. Get your shit together Preemo

  • iFloss

    Eve got a roach on her breast LMFAO!!!

    That shxt bugged me out; niggas need to fix that!

  • ALIBI4

    DMX is FROM YONKERS, NEW YORK BET got it wrong!! Y.O. Baby