BET Hip Hop Awards’ West Coast Cypher w/ DJ Quik, E-40, Kendrick Lamar, Kurupt, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit & YG (Preview)

blame it on Meka September 28, 2012

The annual BET Fish Fry In Atlanta Hip Hop Awards doesn’t air until October 9th, but this weekend everybody and their moms is down there for the taping. Here’s a brief preview of what you can expect from one of its cyphers.

  • yo

    they shouldve put crooked I in the mix wtf!

  • Q

    A Roc Nation cypher would shut dat bitch down!!!!!

  • Throwing out random cyphers now?

    ^what about one more relative like a east coast cypher?

  • Ignorant Genius

    @Q there’s only four rappers on Roc Nation… one of them is someone no one knows…

  • Q

    Da fuck you talkin bout more relative it’s not a coast vs coast thing dumbfuck

  • Q

    @I.G. Well do you know? Cuz last time I checked it was only 3 and one owns the label

  • CecilRhodez

    The West Coast Cypher looks boring to be honest. They really should showcase younger guys with one or two legends. There also should have just been a Black Hippie Cypher because everyone in that crew has bars (aside from that Q and Ab are confirmed to be in the Cypher anyways). With that said I know X will bring something, but Kenny will probably murder all of these old dudes its just sad they didnt add Nipsey, OF or any other younger guys.

  • Yoo

    banks, budden, fab, juelz, jada would be nice from the east.

  • You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.

    @Q some UK rapper called K Koke is signed to Roc Nation too. He got a song with Wale.

  • who cares

    Take Snoop and YG out and this would have been an amazing line up. Maybe put Nipsey in there instead.. goddamn

  • WAT

    No Crooked?… :/

    Xzibit and Kendrick will come hard.

  • Just Sayin

    Yo why the hell have ya’ll at 2dopeboyz haven’t posted the Kendrick Lamar Good Kid Madd City track list as much as ya’ll ride his dick?

  • mrwhatwhat

    pro era, black hippy, and los need to be in the cypher…its a shame, los is prolly one of the best off the top freestylers i’ve heard & diddy prolly wouldnt even care to help get him in the cypher for more exposure smh

  • you

    Snoop sounds like he will be boring. But I’m still excited for this

  • speezola

    they shouldve put crooked I in the mix wtf!

    ^ Yeah, take out YG and add Crooked. YG’s buzz went cold a while ago.

  • Cash Warner

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  • Pootie Tang

    ^ Naw I’m good

  • randy

    @cash warner ill check it out and let you know what i think

  • buckets

    pffff. woulda been better with crook but he woulda killed them all so…. oh well… kendrick will take this then

  • GucciBuckets&Alpinas

    -No Dom? So we just gon act like he not killin shit c’mon Black entertainment television *drops mic*

  • MDA33

    @GucciBuckets& Alpinas,…….Dom Kennedy Was Horrible Last Time On The BET Cyhper!, He’s Not Really Killin Like He Used To, I don’t Wanna Hear All That Gun Talk & Been Thuggin BulShit He Been Spitting Lately…..

  • C:O:B:

    shit iz so damn disappointing, westcoast cypher without the god of the westcoast. lammmmmmmeeeeeeeeeee

  • asdfghjkl

    Lol at the mention of dom, dudes been wack since from the Westside with love 2

  • illicitly ill

    Prediction: Kendrick>Kurupt>E-40>Xzibit>Snoop>Quik>YG


    I wish this was a Black Hippy Cypher + Crooked I

  • niggaz shoulda put Crooked in this hoe replacin pimp ass muhafucka doggy ass

  • west coast shit nigga shit goes booom best shit ever

  • sonic

    These cats must not know much about the west coast if they don’t know the reason why snoop and crooked I cant be in the same video.

  • Where Nipsey Hustle at?

  • yo

    @Sonic obviously you dont know much about the west coast since that shit between snoop and crooked has been over for years.. go listen to there song called “Guess who’s back” and then come back

  • el rey

    No Nipsey Hussle here ??? damn :/

  • The line up is so so at very best.
    I would of liked to seen.
    HorseShoe Gang, Crooked I, Fashawn, Planet Asia, Locksmith, as well as Ab-Soul
    That would of killed anyone else cypher or
    Blu, Versis, RayClev, robertTHEallen, K Dot, Kevin Cool, TiRON

  • StodaP

    ^^^ i agree some HSG/Crooked/BlackHippy/XtodaZ/Kurupt would have been bananas.

  • Ass


  • markaveli

    no crooked smh